Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Seesaw , Side Effects Of Extra Caution And An Offer

Hey   Precious  Friends!

Hope    breathing  in  the  peace  and  beauty  of  present  moment    soothingly !

Without   any  worry  of  future  and    regret   of  past !

It  takes    us  almost  life   time   to   understand   though    that   our   worries   for   future  cannot  change  it  in   any  way.

And  our   regrets   cannot  correct  our  previous  mistakes   long   ago .

Both   exist  only  in   our  thoughts    and   can  be   destructive   for  our    mental   health  and  then  physical  as  well.

Regrets   are    like  dust   remained   in  way ,  left  behind  by   fast  running  horses .

They   can  only  make  the  vision  foggy .

No   positive  use  for  them  .

I  am   sure  you   took  ride  of  seesaw   at  least  once   in  life.  While  coming  up  and  down  changes  in   views   gives  amusing   feeling.

Because  we  feel  free   to  learn  two  different  aspects  of  one   scene  at   a  time .

Learning   is  always   source  of  pleasure  indeed  unless   we   use   it  to  illusion   our   mind  for  the  sake  of  false  peace.

We   often   ride   "Seesaw   of    certain   mindset    unconsciously,   and  mostly  we   prefer   to  choose  any one    side   from  both   because   it  has   " appeal   of  it's   easiness   along"   we   feel  compelled.

I  consider  one  side  as  WORRY  OF  FUTURE

And  other   side   as   SORRY   OR   REGRET   FOR  PAST

We   assume   that   may  be  somehow  our  contemplation   upon   both  sides   can   make  any  difference   in  situation  which   is  totally  wrong.

We   barely   select   the  middle  spot  of  both   sides  which  i  would  call  PRESENT  MOMENT .

Staying  in  middle  is  tough   in  beginning   but  once  we   are   able  to  stand  still   and  strong  we   find  it  BEST  SPOT  TO  STAY  IN,   because  it   opens   the    doors   towards  reality  existing  around  us   at  the  time.

Living   in   present   moment   reveals   truths   about  circumstances   we  are  in .

It   let  us  discover  our   insight  and  will   power    and  such  self awareness   help   us  to  grow  for  better .

It's  never  too  late .

You   remember  i  was  taking  medicines   for  arthritis. Doctor   asked  us  to  visit  him  when  dose  is   finished  we  did  go   to  him  twice   in  previous   two  months   but   he  was  not  available  ,staff told  he  is  out  of  city  and   his  return  is  not  certain  yet  .

After    first  visit  when  he  was  absent  hubby  asked  me  to  quit   medicine  until  his  next  advise   but  when  we  could  not  find  him  on  second  visit   i  started  taking    medicines again  though  reduced  dose ,  i  thought   it  will  be  help  to  keep  the    joints  pain  low  or  disappeared .

So  i  took  these  medicines   for  almost   8 months .I  overlooked   it's  side  effects   which  is  really  Bad .

Week  back  i  again   looked   for  side  effects   as  since  few   months   my  appetite   was  almost  completely  gone    and    certain   unpleasant  signs  appeared  in  feelings,

  And  this  time  it  was  shocking ,almost  all  kinds  of  organs  can  be  affected  negatively     if   the  use  is  long  for term.

So  i  quit   medicines  immediately .Right  now  i  have  relief  from  arthritis   but  what  will  happen  in  winters  is  question.

Now  about  an offer  of  writing  an  article  which  i  received   from  a  cooperation website .

They  wanted  me  to  write  article  of  500  words  and   show  their  keywords  as  links   within.

I  shared  it  with  my  eldest  son  and   he  tried  to  convince  me  still  i  don't  think  my  blog  type  is  for  such   advertisement   .

what  do  you  think  my  friends ?

Love  you  guys !
God  Bless  You  All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


  1. Some medication/pill are worse than the complaint itself.
    As for advertising on your blog, that is up to you.
    Never do I look at advertisements always skip them by - they are a passion of dislike for me.

    1. thank you dear Margaret for advise

      same here and this is why i wanted to share it my friends because they are most important

  2. Hi Baili - I tend to not have much problems with past regrets but I worry too much about the future. I guess that you cab say that I spend too much time on the bottom of the seesaw.

    I hope everything works out with your medication.

    I personally stay away from advertising on my blog.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you dear Brain for always kind words !

      I really hope and pray that all is well in your wonderful life as I know you as amazing insightful man
      I request not to think about time which is illusion and cannot be changed with just worries

  3. I have mild arthritis in my hip, fortunately, occasional Ibuprofen and movement helps quite a bit. I'm with Margaret on blogmercials.

    1. Thank you dear Joe!

      For sharing your thoughts I really appreciate it!

      I got almost week ago and shared with my eldest son
      He encouraged me because he knows that I was always interested in earning for myself
      And he thinks I will feel sense of achievement
      But firstly I know that earning requires constant hard work and time which I don't have specially the energy

      Secondly I love my blogger friends and if something bother them while visit I will avoid for sure

  4. Your decision about the advertising of course. I ignore it!

    The side effects of medication can be awful.

    1. Glad you shared your thought over it dear Marie!

      these side effects are only because of my carelessness and this is more hurtful

  5. I hope you stay pain free.

    I am not really a fan of advertisements on blogs either. But is your blog so it for you to decided if you like the idea :-)

    1. dear Cheri believe me it is not just my blog it is place where i share my heart with my special friends:)

  6. That's an interesting offer you got Baili...I can't advise you! What does your gut tell you? (It's always right!!!) :)

    "Without any worry of future and regret of past"...I LOVE this sentiment. It took me so long to get into that frame of mind. For the longest time, the past haunted me and hurt me daily, I just couldn't shake it. And the future scared me because I longed for it too much. One day when I realized that all we have is right here and now, I felt happier. My worries gradually lessened and I enjoyed each moment. I think it's very healthy to live for today but plan for the future as long as it doesn't overtake the current happiness.

    I'm glad you got of your meds...sometimes they are the worst for your body and you don't even realize it. I was on a medication for depression for a few years. I suffered terrible migraines, heart palpitations and shooting pain in my legs and hips...but the doctor kept telling me it was worth the side effects...NO WAY. I try to go the herbal root as much as possible now, for me, Alex and our pets. For your arthritis, have you tried the herb Arnica? I use it when my hands ache and it's pretty good. I buy it in a gel and I'm very grateful I have it some days!

    1. Dear Rain thank you so much for sharing your heart !

      how amazing that you learnt to dwell in present moment finally which is so important for physical and mental fitness

      i am sorry for your problems followed by medication ,sounds scary when it comes to heart issues indeed

      i made mistake by continuing the meds ,it was silly and childish thing to do which i thought is my caution and i am angry to my self
      how could i not focus on side effects

      two month extra medication caused me terrible pain in right shoulder and heartbeat gets faster when i do chores ,appetite has disappeared and feeling faint ,even more

      your gel seems great ,can you please share it's name ?

      i never tried herb cure since i am married though mom used to make or get her meds for me when i was young

    2. Hi Baili :) You're welcome! :) Side effects of medication are scary. When you think of it, we are just putting chemicals into our bodies when we take prescribed meds. It's so unnatural but we all do it without thinking! I still take medication for headaches, though I wish there was another way!

      The herb I use is called Arnica and I buy it in gel form. It's a bit expensive but I've found it helps me a lot. Here is an image of that product so you can see it.

    3. Thank you dear Rain for sharing the name of gel and website !

  7. I would be very, very cautious about agreeing to place a commercial blog post on my blog. I can't imagine any circumstance in which I would do it. I sometimes write something with links in it to other bloggers' websites where they are selling something (like a book or crafts) but I know them personally and have often used the product myself.

    1. Dear Debra i am happy you shared your opinion !

      you do great with putting links whom you know personally

      one of my eldest son's friend used to make quite lot of money by writing article and i feel so proud of him as he belong to wealthy family still has fondness for earning which is great i think and rare here as usually kids start earning when they complete their studies , though him my son knows about such dealings well and this is why he encouraged me when he was satisfied after be sure that doing so was safe

  8. Have had side effects enough times to make we read the warnings very carefully. Wow.

    I hope your arthritis does well with ibuprofen. Look on holistic suggestions? There are some helps there.

  9. Be careful friend. Some of the websites asking you to write for them are simply trying to get advertisement for themselves. Often they do not have good intentions. Make sure you check them out before doing anything. You know I wish only the best for you.

    1. thank you dear Emma

      i might not be as clever but as i told i shared the email with my son he visited and assured that website is real ,it deals with women clothes and footwear

  10. hi baili i am so sorry you have been on medication so long, i get mild arthritis in thumb joints and wrists - exercise really helps (I do weight lifting and swimming etc) anything you can do to keep the joints mobile is good, I hope you can stay off the meds or only use them in the Winter. The advertising - not worth the bother so you are wise to be cautious but some bloggers do posts to review products they receive free and get some very nice products to keep. I did it once for a dvd which I gave to a friend, it really was not worth the effort I had to put in so I didnt do it again.

    1. thank you dear Betty for wise words!

      medicines that i used two months more than i had to caused me enough problems to quit them immediately so i did it quickly when i realized the damage

      i agree that the money they offer for 500 hundred words article is very less and i feel sorry for who are compelled to raise money from such resources that are not satisfactory are justified

  11. Of course a lot of medication/treatment can do good … but not all.
    There is some medication that can be worse than the complaint itself.
    I've even heard of headache tablets can give you a headache!!!

    As for advertising on your blog, that is up to you.
    I liked Rain's question "What does your gut tell you? (It's always right!!!)"

    All the best Jan

  12. Yes, our mind does play tricks on us. we can overthink things. so you make a very valid point.

    1. Dear Red so glad you stopped by :)

      yes mind is something that must be tamed from beginning to think what we want him to think consciously other wise it is random ,unpredictable and dangerous sometimes

  13. I agree with Debra. If I don't know much about a company, or if it's not connecting to someone I know, I am reluctant to do it.

    1. Thank you dear Martha !

      either i think that my type of blog is not suitable for such display

  14. side effect from a medicine could be a real problem, I hope we'd stay healthy as always!

  15. Hello, it is not good to worry about the past and future. we can not change the past but we can learn from past mistakes. I stopped taking a few medicines because I did not like the side effects, they were worse than the original problem. I wish you well. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend ahead.

  16. I don't know much about writing for compensation such as you describe so I can't say anything useful about that.

    I tend to live in the moment, which is not a good thing for planning but it means I don't worry as much as I otherwise would do. I could stand to be a bit more balanced!

  17. Wise words, Baili, and so very true! Sometimes it is difficult, but with the present moment being the goal, it gets easier, I am finding. We are always learning, aren't we?.....hopefully for the best! So many drugs have terrible side-effects. It's worth doing some research about them. My daughter has rheumatoid arthritis and had to take a powerful drug to put it in remission, but it worked and now she feels better and stopped taking it. So far she hasn't had a flare up, but she has to watch her stress level and diet. You have to listen to your body, and decide what is best for you. I wish you good luck with what you decide on your blog! Blessings and hugs xo Karen

  18. I like your blog, would not change it.
    You have understood the balance of past and future very nicely, my friend

  19. nice article my friend..
    please visit my blog too

  20. living in the present teaches us of the circumstances we are in...I love it.

  21. Dearest Baili...I am so sorry that you have been on medication for so long.
    The problem with medication, is that it always brings side effects that are sometimes even worse that the original illness we are taking it for.
    That is the reason I have refused radiotherapy and drug therapy for my cancer.
    I decided to take my chances on Fate.😊
    Please do be careful about advertising on your blog. If you do decide to try it, then do check out all the details before you commit yourself. Many of these are not to be trusted, and are only out to make money from you.
    I really do hope it works out OK for you, my beautiful Friend, whatever you decide!😊
    Oh I really wish I could learn to live in the present...would save me an awful lot of needless worrying!😉

    Have a Wonderful Weekend.

    Lots of love and hugs xxx

    1. Dear Ygraine I am worried about your decision to qui medicine for disease you are dealing with.
      I hope you have found better way to cure it ?

      I have seen few women who recovered from cancer after treatment though

  22. I'm sorry to hear about the side effects of medication that you had. I hope you are doing much better now that you are no longer taking them. I have found that those wanting to advertise on your blog pay very little money for the time and effort you must put into it.

  23. I'm sorry to hear about the side affects from you medication! Please be careful and be careful about posting about this advertiser. Some of them are no good! Big Hugs!


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