Friday, June 7, 2019

Happy Eid That Became Happier :)

Hello     Wonderful   Birds !

Hope   all  of   you   enjoying   your   flights     in   the  sky   of    Life !

Each    dive   in   the  blue   Vastness   is    widen     your   vision   with    more   wisdom     and   foresightedness  :)

And   every   time   when   you    look   down   at   the   world   you   survived    in    you    feel    blessed   and   serene  :)

Struggles    you   made    to  survive   brought   you    to   this    destination    of   accomplishment !

You   Are   proud    of   yourself !

  because   you   have   grown   these   Wings   of     enlightenment    from    the   dust   of   mistakes    you  left     behind !

We   celebrated   our  biggest    yearly   festival    Eid ul fitar   on   5th   of  June !

Ramadan     was   hottest   month   so    everybody    was   expecting   a  Really  HOT     Eid   .

Specially   youngsters   and  children   were  so  disappointed   that   weather    will   definitely   spoil   their  most   important   festival   because   in  such  extreme  heat   people   stuck  inside   and  avoid    sun  sun exposures .

But    weather   took    a  dramatic   turn     right   before   one   day   before   Eid    and   all    sudden     it   was   cloudy    and   airy  :)))

It   did  not  rain   though   but   temperature  dropped   from   50 plus   to   30  plus  which  sounds  UNBELIEVABLE  miraculously!!!    

Burning    winds   turned   into   cool  pleasant   air !

Our   Eid  day   became   so   Glorious   and   sooo  beautiful   and   i  will  never   forget   this   sudden   miraculous      change   which   totally   Surprised   us !

While   cooking  in  kitchen   on  Eid   day    i   did   not    get   even   a  single   drop    of  sweat    ,instead    it   was   chilly    and   soothing !

Lord    is   so   kind    and   loving  and  if   we   even   pay   gratitude  in  each   breath    it   will  be  hard   to   submit   our  complete   gratefulness   to   him!!!        

    One   day   before   Eid   ,clouds   laid   upon   the   sun's   hot  chest   and  cooled  it  down  so   we   can   have   a  actual   happy   Eid :)

    On  Eid    day  when   hubby   and   kids  got  back  from  Eid  prayer  (around 9:30am) we  took  some  pics  to  store  memories  though  each  moment  MISSED  our eldest  baby!

          My  eldest   son   asked   for  selfie   already   so   we   can    share   with  him  our  eid  day 

    gul e dopaher  (local name)which  means  flowers  of  noon  ,they  also  love  summer  and  heat  and  the  more  sun  they  get  the  more  they   bloom

 so  sun   can  say   proudly   that   there  are  some  who   love  him   unconditionally :)

  after   a  full  busy   Eid  day  Hubby   took  me   for  the   moter bike  ride  which  became  a  best  memory   for  this  Eid

He   drove  to   the   countryside  where   weather   was   more   Cheery   and  tranquil ! though   traffic  was  passing   still   i   felt   so  relived  and   serene  while   looking  at  vast  green   meadows   around 
             Hubby   told  me  about  the  building  which   was  oldest   flour mill  of   the  city

   we   walked  along  the  fenced   canal   which   flows   within   the  city   and   add   glory   to   urban  living

             breeze   was    cool  and   soothing  ,after   sunset   scenes   looked   quite  and   profound 

             In  the   way   we  passed  by   the   Shah  Abul Latif  university  which   lies   in  miles

    for  you  may  be  it  is  repetition  but   believe  me  this  was  one  of  most  beautiful    evening  of  my  life or  my  optimism   makes  it  so  whatever  i  breath  in  the  life  meanwhile :)

  while  returning   i  was  trying  to  grab  the  stillness   and  absorbing  beauty   through  my  phones's lens

   looking   at   such   calm   sunset  is  privilege  that  is  not  often  for  woman  like   me and  may  be  this  highlights  the   value   of  it  more  and  more ...

 Hubby   was  driving  slow  so  i  can  enjoy  the  views ,i    inhaled  the  glory   of   words   that  spoke   to  me  by   them !

 My   eldest   son   called  on  Eid  day   and  made  our   day  complete   with  his  PRECIOUS  PRESENCE  AND  VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks   to  Lord   and  Thanks  to  technology   for  this   privilege !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i  am  sorry  if   i  am  little  behind   from  reading  your  precious  blogs  my  friends !

totally  my  loss!

I  will  rejoin  soon  hopefully !

Keep  taking  great  care  of  yourself  precious friends !
God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Happy Eid! Beautiful photos of everyone! Your younger sons are looking very grown up these days too.

  2. I am glad the temperature dropped for your celebration, Baili. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  3. Lovely post and photos.
    It was good the temperature dropped somewhat as 50 + deg is very hot.
    Family photos are lovely...

  4. It sounds like you had such a nice day. The pictures are fantastic. I am also glad to hear that the weather was good.

  5. Oh how utterly stunning these photos are, dearest Baili...thank you so, so much for sharing them with us!😊😊 It is almost as if I am there with you and sharing in your celebration!
    So glad the weather cooled down for you. I can only imagine how such high temperatures must feel...30deg C just about kills me! Lol

    Always in my thoughts...

    Sending you much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. How lucky that the weather cooled off so all could enjoy the day fully! I'm glad you got out in the evening and were able to enjoy such beautiful scenery and sunset. Thank you for sharing your photos. Your country is beautiful!

  7. I always like the load of metaphors you use to describe life.

  8. It is hard to tend to anything when it is too hot. When it becomes cooler you have holidays, family, and other things to take care of. We all do things in our own times. I;m glad you has a nice holiday.

  9. Happy Eid, sweet friend! These photos are lovely. I especially love all the family images, especially the one of you and your husband. What a great shot that is. So much love in it xo

  10. Beautiful photos and sweet memories of a wonderful day! I enjoyed seeing your photos, Baili. Such a lovely family photo of all of you together.

  11. The photo of you and your hubby is SO DARN two are so sweet together! I'm glad your weather broke, 50 is just too unbearable! I'm so glad you had such a beautiful, romantic and memorable day! :)

  12. Such a happy, uplifting post.
    Your joy clearly comes through in your lovely writing and beautiful photographs.
    My good wishes to you and your lovely family.

    All the best Jan

  13. So glad you and your family had such a blessed Eid, dear friend! It looks and sounds as if it had been the perfect day. Abundant blessings to you and your family! Enjoy the respite from those nasty temperatures.

  14. You have only sons, my father in law wanted a son and kept trying.
    He has 4 ... girls :)))
    Have a great week

  15. I am so glad your Eid was so great, there is nothing better than spending time with family during celebrations.Have a lovely week☺

  16. What a beautiful and proud family ! What a blessing! I am happy you had such a wonderful celebration!
    Take good care of you my friend!
    Thank you for sharing all the amazing thoughts and photos with us!
    Best wishes and greetings from Austria


  17. Happy Eid! What a beautiful evening you captured, the photos are beautiful, you have such a handsome family, such happy faces!

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed that you shared your Eid celebration in words and photos, Baili. It was so fortunate that the skies cleared so you could cook more comfortably. How nice that you and hubby went for a ride together and that you took such lovely photos to share with us. Selfie photos are always fun and the last one of your family is so special. Thank you for your comments on our blogs and never be concerned about not being able to comment because spending time with family is most important.

  19. What a wonderful day, and what a fabulous evening! Your sunset photos are amazing! I love to see your family photos! They are so lovely. Your sons have grown so much! You and your hubby are such a great couple, and you look so sweet in that photo... I always feel, from your words, how deep your connection is, how much you care about each other... and I see that in that photo too. :)
    It's 30°C here now... and it's already too hot for me... :-) I'd be glad, if I didn't sweat in 30 degrees! :-)
    I wish you a beautiful week, my dear friend! I hope the weather is still pleasant! Big hugs!

  20. Eid looks to have been a perfectly lovely day for you. The nice photo of the beautiful family made me happy. To be absorbed in such serene sen-set scenes is a blessing to complete the day. Have peaceful and happy days ahead, Baili.


  21. OH!!!! That is wonderful about the weather! I believe it is miraculous too. :)

    "Hello Wonderful Birds !"

    I like this!

    I am glad you got to talk to your son. Speaking of the miraculous, that is also a great wonder. From miles away you can talk to your son like he is in the same room and someone (me) sitting on her couch in America. Who would have ever thought?

    I like your idea of doing laundry the simple way.

  22. Lovely photographs of your day, I love all the greenery.


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