Saturday, May 18, 2019

My World Without Woman

 I   was  a  man 

A   hunter  ,a  worrier

An    invader   ,a  conqueror  

Proud   of  my  physical  power

Spoiled   by   privilege  and  freedom   to   do  Anything  

I  thought    this   world   is   place  for  me

To  play   according   to   my   Own   rules

That   change   shape    with   My   benefits 

War   Was    game   to   display   my   passionate  strength 

A   Way   to   calm   my   wild   instincts 

A   source   to    sooth    my  untamed   desires 

Lost    ,adrift   , distorted   in    quarrels   

Intoxicated    with   lust   and   filthy  

I    was   looked  down   by   life   and   Earth 

My    solitude   offended   me   with   questions 

Was   that   all   i  meant    to    be 

Sustained     desperation   with  No  Peace ?

How   long   i   will   have  to   fight   ?

For   land    that   will   stay   when  I  AM   DIED!

My     restlessness   will      ever   calm   ?

Will  i  ever   find   way   to   home !

Something   inside   me   kept   saying  

There    is    way   to  put   Curse  to  an  End 

If   i   be   Soft    and   learn   To   Bend 

My    heart    longed    and   was   bestowed 

With   her   divine   beauty   and   Grace ! 

Which     was    made   to   embrace  

I     took    off    the  Garb   of    feral  

To   surrender     before    her   soulfulness  

When   i     recall    her    very   first   sight   

Everything      around    me   turned   so  Light!

After   long   darkness   i  saw  Light 

It    was   not   her   body's   curve   

Enthralling    my    every   nerve  

But     the    shine   of   sprite   through   her   eyes  

Promising   me   that   My  day   will   Rise  

When    i    found   myself   Home  

That    will  hold   my   happiest     world    inside 

Where    i    will   find   Love   and  Peace  

Finer   Aims    and   Better  Reasons    to   Live 

She    has   drawn   Man   out   of   Beast 

She    is    Inspiration    to   my  action   each 

Earth      is   fit    for  life     because    of    her  presence 

"She   is   Must    as  Oxygen"    is    Essence 


  1. Beautiful, fills us with thoughts. Appreciated!

  2. You never met my first wife, but otherwise...excellent and well done!

  3. I LOVE this!!!! Very very good poem Baili! (clap clap clap!!!) :)

  4. A fascinating poem, Baili, as you have written with insight from the perspective of a warrior male, so different from you! You are an amazing poet, my friend. I long to see Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence! I didn't get to see it on our trip there last fall. If I'm fortunate enough to go back to Florence, I will. Hugs to you!

  5. I enjoyed reading this :)

    All the best Jan

  6. Beautifully written !

  7. Great verse. It is also insightful verse. As others have pointed out. You have gotten into the head of someone very different.

  8. Dear Baili, I love this picture, and I have used it on my blog before. It reminds me of Jess cause she has long blonde hair. I like your poem, and Yes, a woman gives softness to the world, with knowledge and wisdom and kindness as well. They are many things. It's always a pleasure to read your poetry, Baili.


  9. This is lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us xo

  10. This is amazing Baili! Wow! Beautiful read!
    (I apologize for not being around! I am so behind in blog land!)
    Big Hugs!

  11. I always enjoy your poetry, baili. And again I wish I could read it in your native language! I know that not all men are aggressive, just as not all women are peace-loving, but I think you've captured the general nature of the two genders very well.

  12. What an imagination, baili!!
    Have a great week

  13. Very nice poem, different and lovely.

  14. Muito poético e belo. Gostei imenso de ler.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  15. Lovely poem, Baili! So expressive.


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