Tuesday, May 7, 2019

My Mom And All That I Wanted To Say This Moment

Hey   Wonderful  Farmers !

Hope   and  pray  that  all  of  you  enjoying  the   harvesting   season   of  your   beautiful   lives   with   gratitude   and   joy :)

You  sowed   ,watered   and   reaped   magnificently !

Plowing   throughout   the   life   while  facing   various   kind  or  unfavorable   weathers   make   us  learn   and  grow  for  better.

Each   time  we   celebrate  the   harvesting    season   ,it  gives  us  peace  of  mind   and  sense  of  achievement .

Which   empower  not   just  our   being   but   strengthen   our  faith  in  our   Maker  and  in  ourselves.

As   i   told    summer  vacations  are  declared  earlier  in  our  Sindh   province   due  to  month  of  Ramadan.

My  both  sons   are  enjoying   their  holidays   by  playing   x.box  games   or   reading  story  books  they  brought  from  Islamabad  last  summer .

My  youngest  son  is   more  interested  in  reading  encyclopedia  which  is  quite  heavy  and  thick   and gifted  by  their  eldest   brother .

I  often  like  to  help  him  in  his  readings    by   making  him  understand    it  in  easier   language . We   both  are  having   fun  with  this  activity   which  reminds  me my  passion  as  child   for  atlas ,calendars  and   bits  of   knowledge   i  could   found    through  books  or   radio  ,t.v  or  even  pieces   of  papers   i  picked  up  from  paths  or  get  as  wrappers .

I  loved  all  stuff  that   revealed   something  about  the  planet  earth   as   being  from   small  village   it  was  such  fantasy    to  know  more  about   world  where  i  was  sent   to  live.

The  excitement   and  enthusiasm   was   indefinable. I  was  kind   of   alien   for   people  of  my  age   and  even  for  elders.

But   still   i  was  happy  with  my  little   different   attitude.Today   i  realize    that   if  my  mother  would  have   not   supported   me   in  my  quite   different  hobbies  i  might  have   felt   so   caged   and  lonely.

She   gave   me  wings  and  freedom   to  fly ,To  dream   and   to  make  choice !
She   used   to  take  one  hour  walk  just  to  post  my  letters  which   i  used  to  write   for  favorite  radio  program.

When   very  first  t.v  came  in  a  house  of  a village  she  would  took  us (me  and  younger  sister)  there   so  we  could   watch  cartoons. Micky mouse  and  pink panther  were   first  cartoon   we  watched .

Later  she   beard   arguments   of  our  elder  brother  and  bought  us  a  small  14  inch  black   and  white  t.v  against  his  will.
                          image artpaintingartist.org.com

She  could  have  choose  easy  life  if  she  would  have  agreed  to  not  send  us  school  or   marry   us  in   young  age  as  brother  and  our  uncles  asked  her  to  do.

I  was   so  blessed  and  so  lucky  to  have  her  as  my  mom!

Now  when   i  give  my   children   freedom   to  dream  to  make  choice   it   straight   comes  from  inside  where  i  inherited   this  treasured   habits   from  my   parents  specially   my  Mother!

My   husband   is   also   at  home  these  days   as  we  have  decided to   spend   vacations   at  home      this   year   so    sometimes  of  the  day   we   spend  in  chatting ,  reading  ,doing  due   chores   or ,

  having  fun  with   our  kids   who  make  us  laugh   by  mimicry   or   sharing    fun   or  informative   stuff  they     learn  online  .

  It  mostly   occurs   specially   on   dinning   table   and  is  there  need  to  say  that   we  miss  our  eldest   son  more  meanwhile !

   His   calls   on  weekends  recharge   our   batteries :)

We   often  tease   him   that  when    he  is   going  to  get  married    or   is  there  any  special  girl  in  his  life  ?

But  he   laughs  and   says  everything  will  be  done  on  it's  right  time   and  right  now  i  don't  have  time  for  commitment  Because   commitment     requires    lots  of  time    as  time   is  essential   to    make  any   relationship   work  .

I   pray   from  the  bottom  of  my   heart   that  may   Lord   bless  him   with   as   caring   and   kind   life   partner  as  he  is  himself,amen!

Our   weather   is  swinging  around  30s   Celsius  which  is  pleasant   for   us  as  usually  May   is  moth  that  attacks  with  50 plus .

Life  is  beautiful   if  we   are  capable  to  keep  it   simple .

Ugliness   comes   with  complications   that  we  often   create  to   prove  ourselves   superior .

No   matter   how   much   knowledge   we   gain  through   twisted   views   and   difficult  vocabulary   it   cannot  change   the  basic   laws   of  nature   and   simple   rules  of  life.

And  all  the  peace  and  beauty  lies  beneath  this  origin  of  simplicity  !

So   keep  it   simple   to   find  it  beautiful  my  dear  friends!

God  Bless  You  All!!!



  1. Glad you are enjoying this vacation in such meaningful ways.

  2. Baili I cannot imagine life at 50 C. God bless you my friend!

  3. Another wonderful post Baili. Parents that encourage their children to grow and learn are marvelous.

    Interesting that your son is reading the encyclopedia. I remember dong that myself when I was very young.

  4. Since I was raised on a farm your farm comments make good sense to me.

  5. Your mother must have been a remarkable woman. She was strong enough to go against the wishes of the males in the family and she made sure her daughters had all the experiences she could provide.

  6. Baili, it sounds like your Mother taught you the importance of freedom, and in return, you have taught your children the same. It sounds like you had a close relationship with her. My Mother was a wonderful person, so creative and always doing talented things, and I miss her dearly. I especially think about her around Mother's Day. I love this photo that you chose for your post, as it reminds me of the Pioneer days, which I feel a strong connection to. Your sons are still young enough to enjoy xbox games and read story books, so enjoy them as much as you can.

    The first line that you shared is so special and says it all........Hope and pray that all of you enjoying the harvesting season of your beautiful lives with gratitude and joy :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you, dear Baili. I hope you have a day filled with so much love.


  7. Your son sounds like he will make a wonderful husband, a caring man. Your Mom must have been very brave and loved you very much, what a wonderful influence in your life. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  8. So sweet the things you say about your mom!

    "No matter how much knowledge we gain through twisted views and difficult vocabulary it cannot change the basic laws of nature and simple rules of life."

    So true.

  9. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.

  10. A mother is always a big and strong influence in our lives.
    Have a great week.

  11. There is no one like our mothers, she teaches us so much without us always knowing.
    Lovely to stay at home for a holiday once in awhile instead of gallivanting around the countryside. Laughs around the dinning room table, how wonderful. Brings back lovely memories as we used to do the same when family was all living at home...always time to laugh and talk.
    Enjoy your precious time together, and let's hope the weather doesn't get too hot as 50 degC is very hot.

  12. Baili, thank you for your dear comment on the Mother's Day post. It was so special to me. I know you understand all the emotions we have as a Mother, and your grateful heart shows how much you love being a Mother. I just wanted to come by and tell you how much I appreciated your precious words to me. Have a beautiful day, dear one.


  13. Your mother sounds a wonderful person.
    I think it's nice to spend time in and around the home together …
    Enjoy your vacation or as many call it now staycation!

    All the best Jan

  14. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman! She was such a great support to you.

    Sometimes the best vacations are right at home!

  15. I'm so glad your mother was a strong lady who protected your freedom of choice as much as possible.

    I always enjoyed it when our children were home from school. The pace of life slowed down and we all enjoyed time together. I'm sure you and your husband miss your oldest son, and I would guess that your other sons miss him too. He is wise to understand that a relationship takes time to make it strong - good for him!

    I hope your cooler weather continues for awhile, as 50C is far too hot for man or beast!

  16. This post filled my heart, Baili! Thank you for sharing. There is nothing better than sharing family time together! Your mother was an amazing human being, and so are you! You may have felt like an alien as a girl, but you were just unique. One of the great things about blogging is that you can meet people who are kindred spirits, who get you, who don't think you are weird or "different." You and I are kindred spirits in many ways, and I'm so glad I met you! Big hugs to you!

  17. Dearest Baili, your Mom sounds a wonderful woman...and I can understand how you came to be the amazing person that you are.
    Yes, you are unique - but definitely not weird!
    I, too, felt "different" when I was growing up...so can relate totally to all you say here. I guess you could say that people like us are the thinkers. We think out of the box, and so others often fail to understand us.
    Oh how privileged I feel to have found you...I no longer feel so ostracised, because I feel we fully understand each other...such a wonderful feeling of belonging!😊😊

    Lots of love and hugs xxx

  18. Hi Baili !!! :)
    I love this: 'Ugliness comes with complications that we often create to prove ourselves superior .' This is SO TRUE...very well said!!! I'm glad you're enjoying your "stay-cation" with your hubs and kids!! 30 C??? I have to say I'm a little envious!!! :)

  19. What a lovely tribute to your mother, Baili, and how wonderful that you are so much like her in your caring for your own children. Both of you are amazing women and good role models for your children.Spending time together at home is often the time people get closest because they do not feel pressure to be doing something all the time. This Sunday is celebrated as Mother's Day and even though you do not observe this day as such, you do so every day.

  20. Sweet stories about your mother, Baili. You were indeed lucky to be her daughter.


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