Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Photos From Visit To Islamabad In Summer 2018

Hey   Sweet   Blooms !

Hope   and   pray   that   enjoying    the    present   season    with    power   of   your   existence     and   spreading    the    colors   and   fragrance    of   your   being   around   you   majestically :)

We   are   celebrating   these   summer  vacations  at  home  in  our  hot  hot   city   though   but   still  so  grateful   to  Lord   that   weather  has  not  reached  to  it's  extreme  points  until  now .

40  Celsius  is   not  bad   if  we  avoid   outdoors    
,  so   ball   of  temp  is  jumping   between  30   and  40  with  partial   cloudy   and  sometime  windy  weather .

Sharing   some  images  from  our  previous  visit  to  Islamabad   where  we   spent  two  months   of  vacations  and  missed  our  home  so  much ,but  rent  was  paid  in  advance  so  we  had  to   stay  there  .

So  this  year  being  at  home  is  much  fun  and  pleasure   and  we  are  thoroughly  enjoying  vacations  together .

This  is  grace  of  Lord  that  technology   makes  easy  to  stay  in  touch  with  eldest  son  as  well,still  i  wish  for  day  when  we  all  be  living  together  again   hopefully!

Hope  you  enjoy  the  glimpses 

  shakar pariyan  park  islamabad   is   higher   and  expended  at  large  area  with  cherishing  plants  and  trees

               Murree's   splendid   way  to  uphill  ,loaded  with  stunning  sights  each  turn  !!!

   of  course  the  heart  beat   was   not  away  from  us though   physical  distance   was  obvious ,  our  first  vacations  without  him  still  with  him  somehow :)

               Centaurus   shopping  mall  one  of  the  highest   mall   in  the  capital  city

    view  from  balcony  of  apartment  we  stayed  ,rains  were  often  and  weather  was  pleasant  most  of  the  time  in  capital  city

        shakar  Pariyan  park  Islamabad is  also  at   higher   place  and  delightful  to  roam  around

    When  we  reached  monal   it  was  still  some   light  after  sunset  and  breeze   was  cool  and  soothing, we  selected  tables  from  where  view  was  more  elegant

          Monal   restaurant   at  the  highest   point  of   the  hill  ,view  from  it  is  magnificent

                                                    Ayoob  Park  and  Zoo   Islamabad

  you  can  see  the  youngest   member (ME  on  left ) of  the  family  swinging :) , yes  i still  enjoy  swings alot!!!

 below  the  Monal  restaurant  Damn e koh  is  point  where  people  come  to  enjoy  the  panoramic  view  of  the  capital  city

 Faisal  Mosque  is  placed  in the  lap   of   Margala  hills , it  is  always  filled  with  tourists  who  enjoy  not  just   the  unique  beauty  of  structure   but  the  magical  surroundings  too

                                           one  of  the  largest   mosque  in  our  country

during  our  stay  in  islamabad  we  visited  there  three  or  four  times as  it  was  not  much  far  from  us

                                                               Shakar paryian  park

    still  can  feel   the  foot ache  got  by  long  walk  on  the  highest  point   of  Murree , this  was   overwhelming  experience ,woods  were mysteriously   beautiful

  riding  the  cable  car  was  exciting  experience ,specially  for  kids  ,i  enjoyed  the  open  chair lift  more  than  this   though

                        captured  from  chair   lift ,serenity  and  beauty  was  indefinable

          how  can  i  forget  the  walk  in  rainy  day  on  murree  mall  road  to  kashmir  point

   Shakar  pariyan  park ,this  portion  is  fixed  for  foreigner  political  visitors who  plant  here  in  to  keep  their  visit  in  memory 

         Taken  from  running  train  while  crossing  Punjab's  lashing  green  fields  and  meadows

I  think  this  is  enough  for today!

Wishing   you  precious   people   a  healthy   ,happy   wonderful   life  ahead !

Please  stay   blessed  with  faith hope  and  positivity!!!

God   Bless   You  All!!!


  1. Hi Baili :) Those are some nice photos, thanks for sharing them! Home...I never want to leave!! I feel as though every day is a vacation here, it's only when I leave home that I don't feel balanced! :) 40C already, geez...I kind of wish it was hotter here, we're at about 13 each day now. I love hot humid days, but I guess it's because our winters are so cold!! (I still complain about the heat though ha ha!) The mosque is really cool looking, I love the architecture, very nice! And I love the mountains behind too. Oh that forest walk looks like a lot of fun! Did you see any forest animals? I think you are very brave for riding that mechanical swing! The last time I was at an amusement park was in the 1990's and I rode a swing like that and I got SO DIZZY...I kept my eyes closed most of the time!! :)

  2. Such beautiful photos, what an amazing place, it looks like you really enjoyed yourself. You’re so brave to go on the swings! I would be terrified lol. The forest is beautiful, the views from the restaurant, oh my gosh it’s all amazing. The photo of you and your husband is lovely, you dress so beautifully, you really do. Thank you so much for sharing this today.

  3. Hi Baili. Wonderful pictures as always. It looks like you had a great trip.

    Here in New York it is still a little cold. The height of summer seems a long way off. Stay cool!

  4. Such nice pictures. I am happy that you are enjoying your vacation at home. It is fun to go somewhere else but also satisfying to be at home.

  5. It's like another world. Some things look the same-- flowers. Some things look just a bit different-- architecture, clothes. Also the same-- smiles! :) Have a good day, Baili. Blessings.

  6. Oh, what fun! So many beautiful sights and so many delightful activities. I love that photo with you on the swings! I also still enjoy swings, especially at the park. Our body grows older but we are always young inside :)

  7. You live in a beautiful land.

  8. Beautiful scenes, baili! It is lovely to capture those moments and bring them out to enjoy again at a later time.

    We often spent most of our vacation at home, perhaps taking a car trip for three or four days to places nearby. I am not a good traveller and our daughter generally did not travel well either due to motion sickness. We enjoyed the relaxed pace at home just as much as going to new places.

    I hope your weather continues to be cooler than usual, although for us 40C would be extremely hot!

  9. Just wonderful photos - the trees and the path, just lovely.
    Family photos also enjoyable to see..
    Keep cool in your hot weather.

  10. No matter where, vacations in family are always a breath of fresh air, baili

  11. Family vacations are the best!

    Your country is so beautiful!

  12. Dearest Baili...oh THANK YOU for these stunning photos!!
    Oh what a treat it is to be almost there with you...such an incredibly beautiful country you live in!😊😊
    I totally sympathize with your feelings of missing your son. When mine no longer accompanied us on holidays, I felt his absence so dreadfully. It is like a part of yourself is missing, isn't it? But we know they are still with us in spirit, don't we!
    Have a fabulous day, my beautiful Friend!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤

  13. Hi Dear Baili, I enjoyed all the glimpses into your trip. That is beautiful country. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Best regards from Seattle, WA, USA. John

  14. I so enjoyed these photos, Baili! They bring your country alive to me. You are so brave! I would never have the guts to go on a swing like that! I do hope that you will get to travel with your whole family again when your eldest son returns from Germany. It has to be so difficult with him far away. Every day is one day closer to his return!

    Islamabad is a beautiful city, day or night. Its mosques and parks are lovely. Murree immediately made me think of the British Raj and how the British would escape the heat of the Indian subcontinent by spending the summer in hill stations like Murree. I can see why ~ the hills are glorious, green, and misty. The forest is beautiful and tall. How I'd love to walk there.

    My high school chemistry and physics teacher was from the Punjab. I often wondered what he thought of being in a small fishing village on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia, especially in the cold, raw winter. Such a difference!

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  15. Such a wonderful collection of photographs, they are all so lovely. I especially like the colour of the blooms in the park. So pleased you are enjoying your staycation.

    All the best Jan

  16. Truly glorious! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! I hope your feet are ok! Big Hugs!

  17. I enjoyed seeing thee photos from a previous vacation, Baili. Staying home this year it seems you are also enjoying time with family and that's what matters most.

  18. Thank you for sharing these photos of your vacation. I really liked seeing all the sights that you saw.

  19. Lovely photos, I especially like the one of you and your hubby :-)


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