Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Song Of Spring :) poem


       Makes   my    heart  dance   and   sing :) 

        Jinga  Jinga  ling,  Jinga  ling,  Jinga   ling

                         image  Innocence painting pinterest .com

        Nature's   joyous   colorful   smiles  :)))

        Gardens     look    like   cheering   piles!

        Every     face   is   shining   with    joy

        Every    soul    wants     to   fly   

        Oh   how   much    pleasure   bring 

         Jinga   Jinga   ling   jinga   ling  jinga   ling

         Sky   is    showering     peace   like   rain!

         Which    released     hearts   from   pain 

         Ah  !   this    refreshing    smell.........

         What  a   cherished   serene   dwell !

          Listening    gleeful   bell    that    ring 

          Jinga jinga   ling    jinga   ling   jinga  ling :)

         Sun     is    glowing    radiant    ball 

          want   to   hug   it ,  but    not   as   tall :(

          Cheery   ,vibrant    joyful     town 

          Worn     lashing   greenish    gown 

          In   the   meadow      playing    sibling 

          Jinga   Jinga   ling   jinga   ling   jinga  ling 

          Songs    of    birds    have   certain   delight 

          Look    at    these    amusing   flights  :)

          Overwhelming         butterflies  .....

          Don't   get   caught    though   child   tries  

          Trees    are    waving    with    beaming  bling 

        Jinga   jinga   ling   jinga   ling   jinga   ling

         Oh     please    don't   sit   like   "sad"

         In   spring   such     attitude   is   bad 

         Hold    my   hand   go   round   and  round 

         Touch    the    sky    embrace   the   ground :)

         Life    is     uncertain    and     short   

         Wasting   time ?  No, You    must    Not !

         Count    blessings    and     pay   gratitude  

         Lord   is   gracious  ,  you   also    be  Good :) 

         Have   this    attitude    to  cling 

         Jinga    jinga   ling    jinga   ling   jinga   ling :)))

More   and  more  blessings  to  all   of   you  my   very  sweet   friends!

Please    stay   happy  strong  and  undefeated :)

You   have  your  creator   so   what  is  the  worry!

Your   faith   is   seed  to   grow  all  the  hopes  and  happiness  in  your  garden  of  life!

This    song  of  spring  jumped  in my  head  just   while  ago when  i  was  sipping  my  tea   while   looking  at   my   beautiful  small  garden ,  hope   you  like   it !


God  Bless  You  All!!!



  1. Everything connected to Spring is beautiful, baili

  2. Nice verse as always.

    Happy spring!

    Have a great day.

  3. I love what you said about faith, very well written!☺

  4. Your joy is contagious! Welcome, Spring!

  5. Beautiful.

    "happy strong and undefeated"

    Love this!

  6. Beautiful writing! Wishing you a lovely week!!

  7. Spring is thought of a re-awakening of the earth. New life appears in leaves on the trees, colorful flowers, and warm weather. It is indeed a time to dance and rejoice.

  8. It made me smile.😄
    Thank you.🔆

  9. So lovely to read …
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    All the best Jan


  10. sweet sweet painting! Lovely poem.

  11. I love the Spring, it is one of my four favorite seasons!

  12. I like your little jingle, Baili, but your words at the end really spoke to my heart. It's been an exhausting few days, as my son got into a car accident. He is home now and healing and doing better, and so thankful he is Ok. Blog friends like you make everything better just by being there when we need it the most. : )


  13. WOW...such a beautiful and inspiring poem, dearest Baili!
    And I totally agree with Red Rose Alley...people like you really do make everyone feel better just by being there.
    You are amazing!!!😊😊😊

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Lovely, joyful song of spring, Baili! Reading the words made me smile. :-)

  15. Spring is such a wonderful part of the year!

  16. So much joy in this post! Sending you lots of hugs xo

  17. Beautiful spring poem! Now, I'm humming too. :-)

  18. What a lovely post! I feel like skipping :)

  19. Beautiful poem. I love spring :)

  20. Spring comes with colour and fragrance for you, for you can rejoice with it aplenty. Nicely worded poem, Baily.


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