Monday, March 11, 2019


Hello  ,    my    beautiful   friends  :)

Hope   all   is   well   at   your   lovely  ends!

Health   is    fine    and    heart    is   Joy 

Though   to   be    happy   no  need   of  

"Why"  :)

If     your   soul    is   free   from   negative   Heat 

Throuhg   Each   breath    true  happiness    meet  :)

Hope   your   SPRING  is     knocking   on  the   door  

And   to   open   it   just   Few  steps  more :)

  Health    is    fine   and    mind   at   peace  

 As     you    try    your   Best    at   least! 

Weather    is    lovely   as   snow    is   gone  

So    excited    to   welcome     March   Sun  :)

Enough   cozy     sofas   , books  , fireplace 

Colourful    blooming    season 's  time   to  Embrace : )

If     you     ask    about   my   day   

It   was     Amazing !     I  must   say  :)

 Lost    day    Lord    was    generous   again 

Clouds    passed   by   and   Showered   some   Rain : )))

Hope     it    makes    summer    little   Late 

We    are   in  mode   of   "watch   and   wait"

  We  installed   new  roofing  under the older cement roof  to make it  look pretty. It is quite popular here

Have    to    make    lunch   so   Time   to   go

You    please   TAKE CARE   AND  STAY   STRONG   THOUGH  !!!


  1. Thank you Baili, it was just what I needed! Wondwerfull flowers and words made me feel good. Let`s "watch and wait"!

  2. Lovely flowers , I can't wait for the Spring here ☺☺

  3. A Primavera está quase aí. E espanta-se o nosso olhar e a nossa alma com todas as maravilhas que a Natureza nos concede.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  4. Hollyhocks always take me right back to my childhood! Yours are beautiful. And those roses!

  5. what a lovely poem and what a fabulous hollyhock! I like the ceiling tiles, I would like some for my house!

  6. I enjoyed your poem and blooms, Baili.

  7. How lovely your flowers are!! Flowers brings me so much joy!! I can see that you take good care of your flowers, they look healthy! Lovely words you have for us!! Thank you.

  8. I'd very happy if I had those flowers here!

  9. What a sweet, happy poem, and lovely cheerful flowers! You put a smile on my face!
    I wish you a wonderful week, with sunshine and light showers! Hugs!

  10. Beautiful words and pictures!

  11. Very nice pictures. It is starting to warm up a bit here. We will have flowers in about six weeks.

    Have a great week!

  12. What a beautiful and upbeat poem, dearest Baili!!!
    Oh I so love this...and your gorgeous flower photos.😊😊
    And, WOW! I just adore your is truly amazing!!!!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤

  13. Dear Baili, happy, happy, happy Spring soon to be here! Peace.

  14. Your happy poem with the beautiful flowers are perfect for this gray day.
    Thank you, Baili!

  15. I enjoyed reading your poem, it had such a happy feeling about it.
    Like your new ceiling, and your flowers are very pretty.

    All the best Jan

  16. Your poem is an ode to spring. Beautiful. I really like your new ceiling.

  17. You are really in the mood for Spring, baili.
    Glad you're happy.

  18. Oh, those flowers, Baili! They are so beautiful. Your images make me excited for the spring flowers that will rise here within a few weeks!

  19. What a lovely, upbeat poem, baili - I loved your word picture in these lines: " Hope your SPRING is knocking on the door

    And to open it just Few steps more :)"

    It's a perfect description of where we are in the seasons right now.

    Thank you for the photos of your beautiful flowers. You must get so much enjoyment from seeing them thrive! Hugs, my friend

  20. Wonderful words and lovely flowers, Baili. Congratulations on installing your pretty new roofing too.

  21. I was wondering, Baili, if the flowers or the new ceiling have put you in such a happy mood or maybe it's just the wonderfulness of warm weather?
    Thanks for your recent visits to our blog and your comments, which are always appreciated. I noticed that you called me "Cathy" and my name is really Dorothy; Beatrice is just a blog alias, but either name is OK with me.

  22. Love your poem, Baili, and your beautiful flowers. I was trying to remember what the purple ones with the yellow centers were, and then I read Debra's comment saying they were hollyhocks. Hollyhocks are an old-fashioned flower that many people grew in our part of Nova Scotia when I was a child. Your new ceiling is cheerful and goes beautifully with the color of your walls.

    We are hunkered near the fireplace, Terry on the sofa with his feet up. No March sun for us tomorrow. We are expecting a blizzard with 6 to 8 inches of snow (15 - 20 centimeters) and wind gusts up to 70 miles/hour (112 kilometers/hour). I've got everything ready to put a pot of baked beans on early tomorrow morning ~ as long as our power doesn't go out. All the school districts around us have already canceled school for tomorrow, a sign they think the storm will be bad. I'm so glad that I'm retired!!! Terry and I don't have to go out tomorrow for anything!!!

    Sending you a big hug, my friend!

  23. I like your new ceiling!

    And the sunflowers are beautiful. :)

  24. Baili, how lovely of you to re-visit my blog and apologize for not using my correct name. it wasn't really necessary, but Thank You.

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  26. I liked your poem today, Baili. It was delightful, and the red roses are just for me, right? hahaha


  27. I love your new roofing and I love your flowers! Big Hugs!

  28. Lovely poem accompanied by beautiful blooms :-)


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