Monday, March 4, 2019

Walk ,Talk and Few Blooms

Hello   Precious  Friends!

Hope  and   pray   that   no   matter   what  season   has  surrounded  your   physical    being  ,  Your   soul   has  preserved   an  Eternal   spring   inside   beautiful  you :)

Weather   was   surprisingly   gorgeous   last  few  days   and  our   northern  ares   been  having   quite  heavy   snowfall as   well   as   Quetta   the  capital  city  of  our  south  western  province   has   been  also   receiving   lots   of  snow  .

Weather   conditions  of  Quetta    influences   our   small  city  weather  greatly   so  we   been  floating   with   joy   of  little  late  summer   by   recent   rains  we   been  having  here :)))

I   am  enjoying   this  weather  so  much    with  gratefulness   and  hope   that   (PLEASE)  summers  be  late  little  more  ,  as  from  May   our  extreme     summers   starts   suddenly  :(

No  matter    what  come  next   my  heart   is  storing    these  absorbing   memories   of  present   glorious   days  for  heated  weather  ahead :)

Sharing  few  new    entries  to  my  yard  garden   and    glimpse   of  our  evening   walk in  surroundings   for   which  specially   we    took  on  insistence   of  my  precious  eldest   son :) 

                                         Daises  have   started  to  open  their  elegant  eyes 

blured   but  promise  will  capture  it  better  next  time ,my  eyesight  help  me  less  without  glasses  which  i  use  only  when  i  read   or  watch  t.v

don't  know  the  name  of  this  gorgeous  beauty ,any  one ?
and  this  one  is  also  familiar  but  don't  know  the  name 

                  two  days   earlier  when  sky  got   clouded   and   rain  start   pouring

         last   day   when  sun   rays  kissed   clouds    for   the    last   time   before  leaving

      road  beside  the  colony  ,we  walked  while   hubby  kept  telling  me  everything  around

               turn   to   next   road  that   led  us  to  highway ,both sides  have  govt  offices

 deputy   commissioner   office ,building  was  magnificent  but  i  hesitate  to  capture  because  of  many  guards on  both  gates

 a    small  shopping   mall   of  our  small  city ,this  one  is  out  of  market  where  are  many  like  this 
                          new   scout  park     is  under  construction  near   our  colony

i  am   fondly  waiting  for  all  these   sunflowers  who   seem   to  smile  together  at  once   soon :)

Love   Life , you  have  it  for  while !

Love   yourself   ,you   are  miracle  of   your  Creator  !
You  are  not  what   others  tell  you ,
You   are  what   you  Believe  You  Are !

A   beautiful   creation   of  Lord  who  love  and  harmonize   with  all  other  creations  of  his  Creator!

God  Bless  You  All!


  1. I always enjoy the beautiful flowers you have around you!

  2. The blossoms are so pretty. Glad your weather is so beautiful!

  3. Love your spring flowers, thanks for the tour!

  4. Great pictures as always. We will be planting flowers in a few months. In the meantime it snowed last night and we are expecting temperatures to be about minus 15 degrees centigrade one the next week or so. This is unusually cold and wintered for this time of year. It had been a mild winter previously so I guess that we need to get our share of the cold!

  5. What beautiful blossoms! The pink one (no 4) I think is cosmos.The other one might be a carnation? But perhaps wait and see what other people say! I am SO glad you are enjoying Spring!!

  6. So glad you are enjoying your glorious weather, Baili! Thank you for the garden tour :)
    And, as always, thank you for the good advice. God bless YOU.

  7. I enjoyed seeing the sights of your walk. And the flowers are just too lovely.

  8. God's messages through His creations are timeless.

  9. Soon it will be Spring where I live.

  10. It's always nice to see the flowers blooming where you live, Baili. It's been raining a lot here, so not many flowers yet. It's good that you have received rain as well.

    Happy March days!


  11. Spring is arriving in Macau.
    Pretty soon the flowers and allergies will start.

  12. What pretty flowers! When I was a little girl, I made wreath, bracelet and necklace from daisies. :-) Still I have to wait for them, but the snowdrops, crocuses, and the first violets have popped up in our garden.
    I love the clouds blushing from the sun's kiss, and I enjoyed the evening walk with you…
    Have a happy, cheerful March! Hugs!

  13. I love those beautiful flowers!! The one you weren't sure about looks a lot like a carnation, only in an unusual colour?
    What a coincidence...we have been out walking in our neighborhood recently, and I am just preparing a draft, with photos, to post shortly!
    Thank you so much for sharing your walk with us. It is so good to see the area you live in. It looks really nice!😊
    Have a fabulous day, dearest Baili!!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤

  14. Such an enjoyable walk full of beauty.

  15. I think the first unknown flower is a dianthus (commonly called carnation) and the second may be a cosmos, although without seeing the stem and leaves it is hard to tell for sure. We have both of those flowers here in Canada, and I checked the internet to learn that you have them in Pakistan also. They are beautiful, and the daisies are, too. I'm glad you were able to get out for a walk. It refreshes the senses to get out and about! Enjoy your spring, my friend!

  16. Dear Baili, thank you for the encouraging words. I'm trying to let go of my obsession with getting things done each day and instead be gracious to myself. I think you truly know how to do that.

    By the way, one of the flowers looked like a carnation, the other, like as aster. Peace.

  17. I always enjoy these posts, Baili. It's fun to get a glimpse of your part of the world. The flowers are so beautiful. Spring will be here soon and I can't wait to see blooms here!

  18. I do love seeing pictures of your happy flowers, Baili, especially since we are in a flowerless time here in Colorado. I think your mystery flower is a variety of carnation. At first I thought it was sweet william, but immediately realized it wasn't when I saw the photos. I had to laugh when I googled sweet william, because the first thing that popped up was a photo of Prince William of the UK.

    It's good that you are enjoying your cooler days. I know that your summer heat is oppressive. I don't know if I could handle such heat. Terry wants to move to the Arizona or Nevada desert, but I have reservations because of the heat. But where he goes, I go ~ So we shall see!

    I love the beautiful words you wrote at the end of your post. I am grateful for the gift of life every day. Take care, my friend!

    1. I wish spring can reach your area soon dear Louise!

      Haha it happens to me either that Google line up all the relative results when we write something in search bar.
      It's efficiency is sometimes funny and sometimes annoying

      There must be strong reason to move lesser cold area for your dear Husband and how lovely of you to follow his will happily :)

  19. So lovely to see the flowers, pretty colours.

    All the best Jan

  20. Beautiful flowers my friend! Big Hugs and Many Blessings!

  21. I enjoyed seeing your many photos, Baili. My favorites are the flowers. I am eagerly waiting for spring to arrive here. It will be here soon.

  22. i love the flowers in your garden and the walk with your hubby :-)


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