Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Frequent Dream ,First Drop Of Faith

 Hey   Hardworking   Gardeners!

Hope   your   sowing  is  in    healthy  and  pleasant   process :)

And    you   are  putting    all   your    strength   and  positive  energy   to   bring    so   many   blooms  and  fruits   to  your  garden   of  life!

Our   lord   never   wastes  the  anybody's   hard   work   ever  .

All  he  need   is  faith     not  only   in  him   but   in  Yourself   too!

Each    seed    you   will  sow  will  bring   you  success   no  matter  what.

What    we    sow  is   action   that    follow  our  attitude   towards   garden   of  life  itself .

Our  intuition  provoke    us    to  act   accordingly ,So   we   make  free  choices .

Our   brain   is    amazing   miracle   of  Lord!

It   can  be    both  ,  the  most    destructive   or  most    constructive .

Thoughts   and   dreams   that   he  absorbs   from    it's  observations   and   experiences   shape   our    attitude    and   personality   consequently !

If   we   flow   with  it's  spontaneous  actions   or   reactions   it   may    create   a  complexities   in   our   way   of   living.

But  if   we   learn   to  sort   out   and   rearrange   our   intuitions   in  suitable   and   better   order   same   brain   will    work   more   properly   and  reasonably .

Taming    our  brain   is  just   like   training   your  pet .

It   is  tough   but   not  impossible .

This  will   revolutionize   your   life   for   Better!

Okay    i   should   also   train   my   mind   to   listen  to  me   and  write   what  i  want  to  share  today.

When   i  was   a   little   girl   i  was   a  content   child   basically .

Always   had   feeling   to  have   someone  with  me (could  be  my  desire  for  a  true  SPIRITUAL  friend may  be)

In  my  very   first   old  diary   (in  native language)   i  have   mentioned  this SENSE of  " second  presence"   many  times .

I  had  written   many   times  in  my  diary , (translation)

 "WHO   ARE  YOU?"

Are   you  papu ?  (nick name of my brother who died in age of 13 with t.b)

Or   are   you  my  friend   from  another  fantasy   world  ? ,which  i  believed   was  more  true  then  one  i  lived  in.

Anyway  i  was  mostly   called   " dervaish"  by    my  elderly  friends (60 to 80 plus)   which  means  saint .

Kids   of  my  age  or   younger  people  called   me  weird   or  duffer .

I   was   carefree   and   happy.

Friendship   of  people   6  to   8  time  older  than   me  was   really   weird   for   kids   of  my  age .

Even   for  my  own   mother .But   she   had  no  objections    because   it   was   not   a  bad   thing  to  sit   with  or  serve   elderly    people  neglected  by  families.

When   i  reached   in  14th    year   of  my   life  mom  starting   to  ban  me   for  going  out  much.

From   here   started  and  developed    my   reading    habits,   as  i  turned   books  my  best  friend .

This   was   the   time   of   my   life  when   i  saw   a  dream  that   influence   my    thoughts   and  feeling  to  great   extent!

That  particular   dream  gave  me  clue   of   my  secret  friend   that   i   had   always  felt   around !

In   my   dream   i   was   wandering   in   slightly   foggy   environment   slowly..

                                       image  source  Prana

My  eyes   could   see  only  the  green   fields   laid   around me!

Sky   was  cloudy  but   a  mysterious   light   was  reflecting   through   them...

Silence   was   soothing   and   wet....

I  had  no  idea   what   i   was  doing   there  but    i  had  little  feeling  of   looking   for  something  ....

Though   there   was  no  desperation   or  restlessness...

Only   just  peaceful   wander   with   serene  un  realizeable  desire....

Each   step   i  took  was  like  a  smooth   leap   in  the  air   which   was magical   and    unforgettable....

I   could   feel  the   fresh  dewy    grass   under    my   feet....

It's    Soft   soothing   touch   was   comforting  my   soul  deeply ....

Then   suddenly   i  saw   a   green   transparent   scarf   laying   in   the   lashing   field .....

I   could   feel   a  serene   smile   that   grew   in   my   soul   and    made   it's   way   to  my  face.....

I  leaned   gently   and  picked   it  up  with   undefinable   delight !

I  have  no  words   how  that   beyond   beautiful   scarf   i  felt  in  my  hands!!!

It  was  delicate   and   felt   like   something  from  heaven!

I   wore   it  in  my   neck   and  stepped  ahead ...

After   moving   little   forward   ,i  saw    a  shirt   of  same  green  color  ....

And   then   trouser   and  shoes ....

I   grabbed   them   with   joy   and  sense   of   fulfillment   roamed   in   my  soul   overwhelmingly !

I  saw   that   same   dream   three   or  four  times  in  my  life  with  gape  of  years.

That   dream   poured  in  me  a  First   Drop   of  Faith  in  my  Creator !  though  i  don't  know  how   but  IT  DID   CERTAINLY !

Over   the   years   i  realized   that   it  was   sign  to  my  

                      "WANT   FOR   FRIEND"   

Which   i  had   unknowingly  since   i started   to  think  i  guess.

"HE  IS  WITH  ME"  he  revealed  through  that  particular   dream  i believe .

He   kept   making  me  realize  his    presence   and  support   throughout   the   life   and  made  me  say   it  powerfully   that  ,

              "HE   IS   MY  TRUE   FRIEND "

Baili   means   FRIEND   in   our  native   language   and   i   named  my  blog

     "Baili    and  me",    

but  this  is  also  truth  that  when   my eldest   son   made  me  this  blog  in  2009   and  asked  what  name  you  want  to  give  it   my  answer    was  unconsciously  abrupt .

Latter   in  years   i   realized   that  HE  MADE  ME  DO  THIS!

I   wanted   to  see  that   enchanting   dream   again    but   since  more  than  26   years   i  never  saw  it  again.

But   i  really   want  to  live  that  magical   moments   once  again   through  my  unconsciousness    before  i  die !

Did  you  ever  saw  a  ream  more  than  once  in  life ?

God  bless  you  my  precious  fellows!



  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and personal spiritual experience.

    1. Thank you dear Betty!

      It really was an enchanting experience :)

  2. They say that eccentric people are the happiest people, if they accept who they are. It's very freeing, apparently.

    1. I was always weird in some ways dear Debra!

      And I happily accepted the epithets from people like

      "Allan Miyaan ki gaye" which means God's cow
      MY sister put this name for me and many my cousins joined her
      But I never felt uncomfortable because they really didn't bother me
      I don't know why but I was happy with what I was, a harmless living thing!

  3. I thought Baili was your name! I have been calling you Friend all this time. :) It fits!

    I think I know your friend too, your baili and my baili. When you talk about Him I feel it in my heart. You have not been alone and neither have I... "I will never leave you or forsake you."

    1. Your kind words are so overwhelming dear Sandi!

      What makes me little sad about earlier years of my life that I could not figure out the truth that I was not alone!

      I had him UNKNOWINGLY all those years my friend just like you did

      But May be you were luckier to realise him soon !

      Either I will always be with you dear Sandi through all the goodness and ENLIGHTMENT I find in your touching posts !

    2. Thank you, Baili. :) The quote "I will never leave you nor forsake you" is from the Bible.

  4. What an interesting vision. Since you had this dream more than once, I can see why it feels important to you. Thank you for sharing it. It sounds like a beautiful and magical spot.

    1. I saw this dream between the age of 14 to 22 dear Connie and each time it felt like spiritual experience
      And spell of enchantment lasted for so long.
      I find it"recalling still overwhelming

  5. Beautiful experience Baili!! I also thought that Baili was your name. He lives within our hearts! May he always be with you.

    1. So true dear Angela he lives within us and BIGGEST FEAR OF MY LIFE IS TO NOT HAVING THIS SENSE OF HIS PRESENCE WITH ME

  6. Some religions might call that a "born again" experience. It was the beginning of a personal relationship with your creator. It sounds peaceful and loving.

    1. Yes dear Emma it was the very first spiritual connection with my Creator!

      After that this realization continuesly grew by the time which ĺ changed my life slowly

  7. Thanks for sharing this experience Baili.
    Like many others I also thought that Baili was your name... you are a very dear blog friend :)

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you dear Jan!
      Either I am lucky to have you as my friend !

  8. Wonderful story of a secret friend today!

    1. Thank you dear Christine!
      He is friend of all his men though only appear to them who look for him!

  9. A beautiful journey, baili.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. How wonderful that you had this beautiful dream my dear friend Baili! (I thought that was your name too, and it fits you, you are such a special friend!) I imagined I was with you, and the joy in your heart at finding the beautiful scarf. How wonderful that you have known from a young child that the Lord is with you! And as Sandi said above, He will never leave or forsake you, you never have to worry about that! Thank you for sharing this beautiful dream and your happy thoughts about spring and gardening! May the Lord bless you :)

    1. Thank you sooo much dear Marilyn!
      I am so overwhelmed and honoured by your kind sweet words!

      You have a beautiful heart filled with love and goodness my friend!

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  12. Dearest Baili, oh how honoured I feel, that you have shared this beautiful dream with me.😊😊
    And finding that lovely scarf was both poignant and significant!
    Oh what a wonderful story about your awareness of being spiritually guided from such a early age. You are indeed an exceptionally special person...and such a precious, precious Friend.

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤

    1. Dear Ygraine thank you so much for generous response this is so honouring for me!

      It is true that that repeated dream was first thing to evolve faith in me
      Faith in someone excepoitnally mighty yet inexplicable close

      But that is also a fact that it took me years to recognise his presence around and within me so far


  13. Such a beautiful, personal spiritual experience! Thank you for sharing it with us, Friend :)

  14. I think it's a wonderful thing to be different. That is not being weird. That is being unique! Thank you for sharing this lovely experience. I also thought your name is Baili, but in a way it is, because when I say 'Baili', I am referring to a friend :)

  15. Hi Baili! Love the meaning of the word; a friend. The name suits you very well, even if it's for a blog. Thank you for sharing your wonderful spiritual journey.

    I'd also like to thank you for the kind comment you left at MagicLoveCrow. Much appreciated!

  16. That sounds like a very comforting dream, and how wonderful that you could experience it several times during your life!

  17. What a unique experience, my friend, thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. I always was curious who Baili was. I have even read your very first posts, hoping you wrote something about it. :-) Finally, I thought that perhaps she was your alter-ego, or your inner self... :-)
    Big hugs to you, my dear friend! Have a happy Sunday and a lovely new week!

    1. Dear Edit either I didn't know who is Baili when I chose the name to my blog


      And it was not that his presence was not proved over and over but it was because I was not enlightened enough to RECOGNISE HIM AS CLOSELY

  19. Thanks for sharing your dream, Baili. It was so interesting. I also have dreams as well, and I feel sometimes they are messages for me. It's so good that your son created your blog for you ten years ago. What a thoughtful thing to do. I always wondered why you named your blog that, it's good to know. Your son made a space for you to share your thoughts, happenings, and your great faith. The picture you chose really fits well with your dream.


    1. Thank you for precious words dear Sheri!

      i don't know much about the connection of dreams with our life's realities but i have realized that they do have signs for us sometimes

      My eldest son is person who knows me so well and always was concerned about the spiritual loneliness i had in me

      He created this blog when i did not know how to use computer at all
      he taught me basics and since then the process of learning has on quite slowly

      i always be grateful to him for his such kind effort for me as to meet with friends like all of you through blogging was blessing beyond my imagination !

  20. You are a unique, beautiful soul! Thankyou for being you! I have always been called different, and that is fine with me! I love your dream! Big Hugs!

  21. Thank you for sharing such an interesting and creative blog post. Keep it up.
    Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab

  22. Thank you for sharing such a profound and beautiful dream, Baili! I feel that God gave you a glimpse of Paradise and let you know His love was wrapped around you always with the scarf as a symbol. I have always been considered different. It used to bother me, but now I am happy and comfortable being me. Each of us is unique, some of us more so, just like all the beautiful kinds of flowers in the world. The smell of roses is divine. I love their heady scent too!

  23. Your account is beautiful, it brings warmth to my heart.

    I believe we have to see the messages we are given from our creator. He might not give us the same vision again, but maybe a different vision/message...

    I know I have ignored some of the messages/gifts that were left for me. After I missed them I regretted my doubtfulness but also had a smile because the whole process brought me closer to our creator xx

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