Monday, March 25, 2019

A Talkative Painting And Blooms

Whenever    i   lay   down   for   rest   a  while   after   house  chores  ,
My  eyes   straight   land    upon   this  beautiful   painting.

Sometimes   it  start   to   spread   around  and   cover   all   surroundings .

It  just  grab   me   in  his   enchanting   world!

I   feel  i  stepped   in   it   with   child   like   wonder   and   happiness !

I  roam   over  drenched   steepy   hills,  hang  on   with   tall   gorgeous   trees  which   remind   me  of  trees   that  i  used   to  swing  in  my  childhood .

Sometimes   i   just   sit   beside  the   water   while   peeking  on  waving   fishes  of  so  many  colors .

And   sometimes  i  start   to  swim  with   gentle   flow   of   Crystal   clear   water .

I    feel  light   like  a   feather ,free   like   a  bird   and  serene   like   a   butterfly :)

But  then   suddenly    when   my   eyes  catch   the  old    man    sitting   on  rock   beside   the  stream    a   undefine able   sadness   grip   my  heart .

The   way  he  is  looking  at   the   young   happy   couple   in  the    cabin   front   of   him   across  the   stream   makes   my  heart   heavy .

    His   eyes    have   overwhelming   melancholy!

As   this   sight   is   sinking   his   heart   with   thoughts   of  past .
When   he  was   young   and  happy    and   life  was   beautiful   and   full    of   health   and     so  many  joys  .

He    had   family    and   so  many   blessings   among  which   most   were   gifted  by   the  generosity   of  his  creator  and  many   of  them   were   earned  by  his  hard  work.

Ah.....then   he   never   thought   of    life   that  he  owns   today.

He  thought   he   will   always   be   young  ,handsome  and  powerful.

Center   of  the  eyes  of  so  many  people   around  him.

Ah....he   thought   life   will  remain   same   forever , so   he  cared  less  for   so   many   things   and  relationships .

He   took  them  for   granted.   when   he   is   old   and   his   body   is  weak  and  shaky.
And   his  mind   cannot   work   properly .

Life   that   he  had   lasts  only  his  memories.

He   wishes   desperately   ,may    he  can   go  back   and  live   that   life  of  joy   and  excitement  again

Just  like   this  young   couple!

But   finds   no   hope  to   fulfill  his   desire .

His  disappointment  dissolves   in   the  whole   environment  deeply.

The   magical   beauty   of  scenes   and   joyous   presence  of   young   couple   cannot   defeat   the    strong  hold   of  his  grief !

All  i   see   in  this  painting   is   dejection   and  despair   at  the  end   of  the  day!


hanging  on  the  front  wall  of  our  veranda  this   paint   is   so  talkative!

                          last   day   ,cloudy  evening  look  like  this  from   veranda

                 so  pretty   so   cheerful pink  little  flowers  for  the  first  time  in  my  yard


                                           carnation  ,thanks  for  sharing  the  name  friends !

  these  purple   beauties   has   beautified   the  garden  so  far ,they  are  peeking   through  green  leaves  mischievously    :)

                                                          tiny   yet   cutely   charming

               don't  know  the  name  but  know  that  i  am  loving   the  gorgeous   tiny  blooms!

Again  it  rained  last  evening  and  we   got  few   more  less hot  days   by  the  grace  of  Lord!

Hope  you  are  enjoying  your  early  springtime   enthusiastically :)


More  and  more  blessings  to  all  of  you!


  1. Uma pintura muito bem descrita neste seu texto. Muita melancolia, é verdade, mas depois as flores alegram este seu espaço…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  2. Marvelous post. I love the painting and I love your interpretation of sometimes bucolic scenes really contain a lot of melancholy.

    That is a really nice painting to have hanging in your house.

    Have a great week!

  3. I love how much that painting speaks to you! Those purple flowers look like petunias.

  4. Such a beautiful post, dearest Baili!!
    Yes, that painting really does speak to me...I am mesmerized by it and could just sit and gaze at it for hours on end!😊
    The flowers are utterly stunning too, especially the spiky-looking white and pink ones. They are gorgeous!😊😊

    Have a wonderful day, my dear Friend!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤

  5. I love your flowers, so cute☺ And the painting is also really pretty, I should buy one to my living room☺

  6. Interesting how the painting speaks to you. I too have a favorite in the house. Lovely flowers.

  7. I see something else in the old man. He is looking on with interest at what is happening around him. Perhaps he is recalling happy times with a loved one and smiling inside. Your flowers are so pretty.

  8. I would look at this picture too. It's a mixture of many different whimsical Ideas. A house beside a stream and mountains that are very imaginary. One has to try and make sense of it.

  9. The old man could be looking at the young couple with a smile, remembering what young love was like and wishing them well.

  10. It's an interesting painting, isn't it? I don't see melancholy in the older man's face, though - I just see his interest in the scene before him. It's funny how we can all interpret things differently!

    Your flowers are lovely - bright and rich in colour. Thank you for sharing them.

  11. A lot to see and think about in that painting.
    Your flowers are beautiful and so lovely to see.

  12. What an important reminder, Baili, to never take people for granted! I enjoyed seeing your painting. It's easy to get lost in a scene like that. As always I love your beautiful flowers! Take care, my friend!

  13. Such a beautiful and interesting painting, Baili! Yes, the autumn colours (?) and the evening light (?) give a little bit melancholic atmosphere, but I too think it may also be sage and serene melancholy...
    Your flowers are wonderful.
    Our temperatures are around 0 C now... and it's snowing, so we still need to wait for spring. :)
    Thank you for your comments! Warmest hugs to you!

  14. Interesting to read how the painting speaks to you.
    Your yard flowers are beautiful, such lovely colours. I do like the Spring season.

    All the best Jan

  15. That is such a beautiful painting. And your flowers are so pretty! What a joyful sight they are. We still have snow here but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be long before the flowers arrive.

  16. Yes, the painting has much to offer - especially the reminder that we should not take precious people and precious moments for granted. If only we could go back...
    On a happy note, your flowers! Ah, they make my heart sing, my friend :) Spring is here!!

  17. It was so interesting to read how much you enjoy the painting, Baili. Art can move us in so many different ways it's true. I have several framed pieces in our bedroom which I always enjoy looking at. Also, thanks for sharing your lovely blooms as there are none here now that I can see from my apt window...but hopefully soon, the trees will be budding.

  18. Your cheerful flowers are just what I need today, Baili. Spring has arrived in your area, and everything is blooming brilliantly. Those pink flowers look like stars, so unique and delicate. Enjoy your garden, Baili.


  19. Baili, I liked hearing your perspective on the painting. When I looked at it, I didn't think of the old man as sad or melancholy, though. I thought that perhaps he was the father of the young man across the river. I thought that maybe he was thinking how blessed he was to have a son and daughter-in-law who live so close and who are doing well. I can see how you interpret the painting too, though.

    Your flowers are so pretty! Thank you for sharing the pictures of them.

  20. Your words brought tears to my eyes, and your joyous flowers put a smile on my face. :)

  21. I see only joy in this painting. I see no sadness.

    I am thinking along the same lines as Emma Springfield :-)

  22. I love the painting and I love your flowers! Big Hugs!


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