Monday, September 30, 2019

Aqiqa Event

Hey   Precious  Friends!

Hope  reading the  best  pages  from  the  beautiful  book  of  your  lovely  life :)

I  am  fine  and  weather  is  gorgeously   pleasant. My  garden  is looking  splendid  with  much  grown  grass  which  i  could  not  cut  this  year  due  to  extreme   hot   weather .

And  now  i  am  happy  about  the  look  garden  has  with  thickly  grown  grass .

Last  day   i  attended  the  Aqiqah  ceremony . One  of  the  niece   of  my  husband  arranged  it  for  her  first  baby  girl.

I  first  time  visited  her  home  since  she  got  married  one  year  ago   and  moved  to  live   with  her  husband  and  inlaws.

Aqiqah   is  event  that   Muslims  celebrate   as  pay  gratitude  and  to  introduce  the  baby   to  family .

There  is   feast  and  refreshment   with  happy  family  gatherings  . 

 When  i  arrived  though   i  was  considering  myself  late but  i  saw  only  few  guests  reached  till  then. It  annoys  me   when   events   are  not  starts  at  time  given  but  i  am   still   trying  to  be  get  used  to   it , Lady   sitting  beside  me  was  from  village   near  our  city .I  found  her  so  quiet   so   i  started  to  talk   to  her . she  was  married  for  ten  years  but  she  had  no  child . Each  time  her  baby  was  born  dead   and  she  told  it  happened  six  times .Her  story  made  me  sad . but  i  was  glad  i  met  her  . I tried  to  cheer  her  up  with  words  of  faith  and  hope.

  This  room  belonged  to  the  wife  of  the  brother of  niece  's  husband. Room  was  big  and  cooling  system  was  good. everybody  was  in  hurry  to  get  dress before  event  starts .Event  was  going  to  take  place  at  home  instead  rented  hall,it  was  decision  of  the  inlaws  of  niece

 the   little   girl  was  totally  unaware  of   people's  worries   and  was  sleeping  peacefully :) She  looked  just  like  her   mother  :)

 Slowly  family  ladies  were  getting ready   along  with   chat  and  search  for  their  things  that  sometime  seemed  to  lost  and  were  needed  urgently so  they  can  be  ready :) I  kept  smiling   on  these  moves  and  talks  and  snapped    once  in  while 

  Little   girl   opened  her   eyes   and  looked  around  for  while  but  i  swung  her  smoothly  in  my  lap  and  she  went  back  into  her  dreamy   world :) she  was  so  adorable by  the  grace   of  Lord !

   chatter   and  laughter  are  best   part  of  such  simpler  gatherings , i  find  hall  gathering  bit  boring  where everybody  stay  firmly  straight   so  everyone  can  see  clothing  and  jewelry . people  hardly  mix  as  freely  with  each  other  but  not  not  necessarily all  time  it  happens .if  one  is  lucky  to  get  seat  with  close friends  or  relatives  thing  are  different . Fortunately  i  never  found  hard  to  be  friendly  no matter  who  is  front  of me :)

  in  the mid  another niece  of  my  husband ,she is   sweet ,caring  daughter ,loving  wife and  responsible  mother ,i am  fond  of  her  attitude  and  the  way  she  thinks  about  the  education  of  her  kids

   when   ladies  of  family  got  ready  we  got  down  from  the  upper  story  and  came  to  the  room  that  was  given to  niece .there  were  lots  of  guests  family   friends  and  relatives  ,number  kept  increasing  but  many  left  soon  after  sitting   for  while who  were  from  surroundings .
Girl  sitting  with  me  is  sister  of  one  of  the  wife  to  hubby's  brother .she  reminded  me  that  we  met  two  times  before  and  i  was embarrass  that  i  took  time  to  recall it .

  on  left  a  wife  of  my  husband's  brother on  right   eldest  sister  of  my  husband .she  was  not  well  but still  she  came  from  village  quite  far

noise  awake  the  baby   and  she  did  not  look   much  happy  at  first  sight   but  thankfully  she  was  content  with  feeding  and  then  played  in  her  rocker quietly

  niece   and  her  newly  wed   sister  in  law (wife  to  her  brother)

   all  cousins  were  happy  to  be  together  , on  right  the  wife  of  niece 's  second  brother  looked  sad  though ,her  husband   has  gone  to  Saudi Arabia for  earning  purpose  but  she  did  not  seemed  agreed  to  this  decision as  he  was  having   good  earning  here   too  and  time  for  family according  to  her . i  hugged  her  and  tried  to  give  her  strength  with my  words  which  were  only thing  in  my  control .the  smiling  girl  in  grey  beside  the  sad  girl  has  recently  survived  from  cancer . i  was  glad  to  see that  her  well as   treatment  was  over  and  she was  perfectly  fine  by  the  grace  of  God !

 i  sat   there  for  almost  three  hours  and  then  came  back  though  there  was  part  of  event remaining  in  which  baby  was  taken  under  different  happy  rituals  .All   guests  gave  money   to  mother  of  baby  as   gift including me .

I   am   not  fond  of  being  among  much  people  but  when  it  comes  to  family  i  love  to  attend   their   events   and  enjoy  their  company  thoroughly :)

Specially  when  it  happens  after   long  break  i   have  fun  to  be  with   familiar  faces  glowing  with  happiness   and  cherishing   sense   of  friendship :)

I think   our  Creator   want  us  to  be  close  to  each  other   once  in  while   so  we  can  know  each  other  well  and  share  love   for  each  other   and  such  traditions   are  way  to  do so .

Thank  you   so  much  for  bearing  always  with  love  and  responding   with  kindness   and  sweet   words  , i  am  thankful  as  it  means  lot  to  me !!!

wishing  you  all  a  happy  ,healthy  peaceful  life  my  dear  friends!
Stay  strong  and  positive  always !


  1. how very pretty you looked in pale pink robes, the other ladies too, very elegant. The baby is beautiful, blessings to her. It is good to keep traditions and ceremonies going and to have gatherings Baili, your strength and wisdom to these other ladies is likely to be a great gift for them.

  2. Great time to get gathering together, Baili.
    Happy Monday

  3. Gostei de ver a sua família linda na celebração do "Aqiqah". Muitas felicidades para todos.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  4. It's always wonderful to welcome a new baby. And what big, beautiful eyes she has!

  5. Thanks for sharing this celebration, the baby is lovely! Sorry to hear of that lady who couldn't have children, there must be some medical problem.

  6. These are wonderful pictures and it looks like the ceremony was something special. The little one is so cute. You raise a very good point about her sleeping and not being aware of all the adult concerns floating around her.

  7. It is a beautiful baby. The gathering looked so warm.

  8. What a sweet baby and such a delightful gathering of family and friends. So glad you shared. Hugs!

  9. Such a lovely tradition for a baby!

    There is a story behind every face. We all have our trials in this life.

  10. What lovely pictures. I enjoyed seeing this happy family gathering. Such a sweet little baby too. Wishing the baby and her family many blessings.

  11. Such big eyes!I will pray for the sad woman who wishes for a baby but has lost so many.

  12. What a beautiful child! I always enjoy family get-togethers even though they make me tired. It is worth it.

  13. May God Bless you All. Akiqah is also done by most people in my hometown. It is Sunnah.

  14. What an incredibly beautiful baby - and a wonderful reason to celebrate.

  15. Dearest Baili...oh thank you so much for this fascinating insight into your customs. I found it really illuminating!😊😊
    Gosh, such a beautiful baby girl...and all those beautiful ladies!!
    I just adore your dresses...and wish we wore such stunning clothes here.
    Oh please do relay my love to that poor lady who has lost all her babies...having lost my baby daughter and miscarried eight other babies, I know exactly how she feels. Please do tell her she is not alone.❤❤❤

    Wishing you a lovely day, my beautiful friend!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs, so nice to see the family gathering. The baby is so sweet, my good wishes to all.

    All the best Jan

  17. Dear Baili - I like the warmth of families getting together, though I’m not a party person like you. The sight of a baby sleeping peace is a precious thing, it always makes me happy. The ladies are all so beautiful in their ethnic clothes. Thanks for this glimpse into the custom of your country. Wish the baby healthy growth.


  18. Such a lovely tradition. Very generous of you to share such a happy occasion with us:)

  19. Pretty girl!

    You are blessed with a huge family.

    I like how you tried to reassure those you talked to who had difficulties in their lives and rejoice with those who had happiness.

  20. Such a beautiful baby! A great event! Big Hugs!

  21. I loved this post, Baili!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and sharing the stories of your family and friends. The baby is adorable ~ There is nothing more hopeful than a the wonder of a new life. And what a darling dress she is wearing You look beautiful in your lovely dusty rose, white, and gold finery. I really enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous, colorful raiments the women were wearing. I must look up the names of the garments.

    So many cultures have traditions that celebrate the birth and survival of a new baby. I think that a commonality that connects us all around the world. May this sweet child have a good, healthy, fulfilling, and long life filled with love!

    Hugs to you, my dear friend!

  22. Lovely photos of your family gathering.

    I know what you mean about turning up late for an event. Give or take a few minutes I am punctual, unless unexpected circumstances put me off track.

    I recently attended a wedding where the bride was 50 minutes late arriving. This is not usual for Weddings in my country and everyone was stressed out due to the lateness of the bride.


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