Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Planned Or Unplanned ?

Hey   Lovely  people  !

Hope  and  pray  all  is  going  great  at your  part  of the  world  and  you  are  enjoying  each  moment  with  complete  gratitude   and  lots  of  positive  energy :)

I  am   so  happy  about   weather's  smooth   change  though  it  is  slow  but  really  desired  and  appreciated  by  people  of   hot  part   of  the  planet :) 

Yes  Temperatures   are   spinning  around  thirty  to   forty , i  know  it  sounds  bad  to  you  friends  from  cooler  area   but  what  about  us  who  find  it  comforting   after  bearing   50  plus :)

Days   are  hot  and  airy   though nights  are  cool  but  humid. Sun   has  started  to look  kind  and friendly  again  and  i  was starving  for  his  this  kind   of  look :)

I   am  fine  health  wise  too  as   my  throat  bleeding  has  ended   completely. It  was  so  minor  since  months  though  it  was  there  but   now  i   am  free  of  it by  the  grace of Lord!

Last  day  i  was  reading  a  post  by  my  very  dear  friend  Louise  from  STANDING  INTO  DANGER  blog (at side bar).

Along  with  her  adventurous   day   she  mentioned   that  she  was  making  her  monthly   budget   for  September .

And  today  when  i  sat  to  write  post  i  had  question    springing  in  my  mind   which   became  title  of  the  post  today .

My   late  mother  never  attended  any  school  in  her  life  but  she  was  one  of  the most  wise  woman  i  ever   saw .

Her  sensibility  for  house   management  and  her  caution   for   upbringing  of  her   children   was   reflection  of  her  wisdom  and  i  can   say   it  now  as  grown   up or  old  lady .

She   always  got  little  amount  of  money  from   our  father  yet  she   was  managed  to  save  bit  from  it. I  still  remember   how  she  would   ask  me  to  sit  and  write  the  budget   and  all  monthly  expenditure  no  matter  how   tiny  they  were .

We   hardly  needed  any  debt  to  fulfill   our   necessities . I  wonder   if  it  was  so  because  she  planned   her  expenses  and  set   her   priorities ?

I  am  not  that  wise  nor  i  ever  planned  anything. Not  for  life   nor  for  house  chores   and  neither   for  monthly   or  yearly   spending.

Hubby  does  not  plan  his  such  stuff  visibly  though  i know    he  keeps  in  mind  how  to  make  things  work.

I  have  a  friend  from  school   who  plan  her  monthly  and  yearly  budget .Husband  and  wife  both   work  at  good  posts  and  they   are  constantly  improving  financially. I  wonder   if  because  they  plan  or  only  they  earn  more than  they  spend?

What   do  you  prefer  friends ?
Did  you  ever  planned  for  your  life  or  made  budget ?

Please  let  me  hear  your  thoughts  on  topic.

wishing  you  all  a  happy  ,healthy  prosperous  life ahead :)

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  1. Thought provoking post as always Baili. I think that it is a balance. Not enough planning can get one into trouble as one can go into all kinds of unplanned directions. Too much planning can lead to rigidity. With that, I think that I also do not plan enough.

    Have a great day!

  2. My Mom was good with handling money too and could make a little go a long way. I learned a lot from her example and teaching.

  3. I am a planner. We plan for major expenses, save for unexpected things, holidays, etc. I enjoy the process of such planning too. I like to see how we are making progress with our money.

  4. I am a completely random chaotic person. Of course I don't plan. However I do run into problems from time to time. Mostly I'm not ready for things that come up.

  5. Great post!
    I embrace the old saying, "We plan. God laughs." With that in mind, I plan but try to remain flexible.
    Getting what you ask for or getting what you are insistent upon is not always a good thing:)

  6. For the first time in my life I am now planning my budget. I never had enough money for necessities much less for saving. I did what I could with what I had. My yyoungest son does sit down and plan. He writes down weekly, monthly, yearly, and life plans. He change3s things when situations change but basically the outcome is the same. He has paid off the mortgage on his home a few year early. Because he now has five grandchildren he has re-organized some of his expenses to include entertaining them. He has a good retirement fund and hopes to retire early. I envy him and am so proud.

  7. The first quote is so true, dear Baili, as not everything we plan turns out the way we want. Yes, I do try to stay on budget every month, but some times we run short and other times we have our fill and more. I smiled when you were talking about your mom and how she was so sensible with house management because my mom was the same way. She was actually never late paying her bills. I'm not that disciplined, but I try. The Lord's prayer is important to me, as I know God will take care of me and family. Such a lovely and wise post, Baili.


  8. I pay attention to finances, but am not a budget kind of person.

  9. My wife has a discipline that I can't have.
    She takes note of all the expenses we have.
    That way we always know how we have spent.
    And can take decisions accordingly.

  10. I am not really good at budgeting and planning.

  11. While we do not keep a written budget, Baili, we also do not spend unwisely or needlessly. Although, we are both retired and have money saved so that we can have some pleasures, such as travel, our upbringing which was in thrifty households has taught us well. We always think carefully and sometimes long before a purchase and have no debts now. Too many people today, young and older, think nothing of buying on credit and paying interest charges monthly. Budgeting and planning are definitely two things more people should do.

  12. since I met my husband age 19 we kept a budget and wrote down the cost of every little thing weekly (food, rent, etc) we still do this. It enabled us to save for holidays and not every have money we could not account for. It is impossible to plan for everything but I have always tried to plan that we have enough to manage for three months in case someone loses their job (which has happened over the years!). I am an organiser and a worrier, my motto is 'it won't happen unless you make it happen' so I try to make things go the way I want by planning ahead. This sounds very perfect and I am not I assure you but it makes me feel better knowing I am 'in control'. we don't have credit either, if we can't afford something we dont have it until we save up - that goes for carpet, a new cooker, anything! Nowadays in the west of the world many people have huge credit debts and I think this is very sad.

    1. thank you for kind sharing Betty !

      what an incredible person you are to have such wonderful and organized lifestyle :)
      i can imagine how peaceful one feel when he is done whatever in his hand at least :)
      my husband does written only when he gets into some big work like construction of house or buying vehicle
      yes we too keep the carpet in mind if there is chance to do so
      when my younger sister was in usa she told that once you have job you can get everything with loan
      but we always try to avoid because it is burden on nerves until paid off

  13. We do a certain amount of planning but it is impossible to plan for everything …

    All the best Jan

  14. I do keep a budget for our household spending, but sometimes there are unexpected expenses. We do the best we can.

  15. Lovely thoughts, Baili. I'm glad it ended happily.

  16. Hi, Baili! Here I am over a week late responding to your lovely mention of me ~ catching up again. You are constantly affirming and so kind! I appreciate you truly, truly!

    We arrived home from our week in Vegas Wednesday evening. Both of us had pesky colds. We way overdid the fun, forgetting that we are older physically than what we think of ourselves as. And we did have fun! Now we're paying the piper with some misery, but that will pass! Fortunately neither of us has to emerge from the house for at least another day, because I always keep basic foods on hand to cover any unexpected event. Also fortunately, we are rarely sick together!

    I am a planner overall. I may have trouble sticking to what I have planned for an individual day ~ especially since I'm easily distracted by things like chasing a helicopter ~ LOL, but over the course of a week, I will get all the essentials done. I'm a Neat Freak, so my house is nearly always clean, tidy, and organized. Being a Canadian who lived in isolated areas, my larder is always stocked with nonperishable and frozen foods, as well as a few gallons of water. I like to stay on top of laundry and ironing so that I can leave immediately on an unexpected trip, especially for a family emergency. Needless-to-say, my travel basics are always ready to go, and I have even have a small emergency stash of Canadian coins and dollars as well as American one dollar bills. I keep track of every penny. I may fall a few days behind in recording our expenses, but I get it done.

    The thing that has helped us the most over the years is that we worked very hard to build and maintain an emergency fund to cover any unexpected bills or misfortunes like a job loss. That lifted a burden of worry off our shoulders then and now. We lived well below our means and saved and saved. Still do, every month!

    Our one real luxury is travel, but even that we do as economically as we can. I'll give up just about anything to travel. But I'm easy to please: As long as I have a good book to read and a bit of dark chocolate to nibble on, I'm happy!

    Sending you much love, my friend!

  17. you are such an inspiration dear Louise and i just saw myself shirking before your wisdom lol

    wow what an excellent way to keep control over things :)
    and by the grace of Lord you are successful in doing so i can see this as you have enough to fulfill your innocent sweet dreams :)

    here most of credit what we have i done with our money until now goes to hubby ,if i count myself ,there is only one thing that i am not spender of money i mean i get exactly what i need no fondness for shopping or anything else that cast money ,hubby and me think alike when it comes to spend money but saving is not my thing
    how amazing that either i am so easy to be happy :)
    i can be happy if closed in room for years but need only thing that i can connect myself with my God through my thoughts :)

    1. Connecting with God is definitely the most important need! But you actually have two things to make you happy in a closed room ~ your faith, as you have said, and your wonderful imagination which you have expressed appreciation for many times!!!

  18. I always planned a small budget to make sure I could make ends meet every month. I had a long term plan with regards to my employment (with a small pension at the end) that I would like to retire early.

    As the years went by fluctuating changes of retirement date and the way that pensions work left me wondering if this would be possible for me.

    Then one year earlier than I had planned I was gifted with the opportunity to realise my long term plan.

    I am still wondering what I can do that gives/shares with others the gift of time that I have been given.


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