Saturday, September 21, 2019

An Admirable Friend!

 I  came to  know  her  when  my  eldest   son  admitted  in  his  first   school  and  first  grade.

She   was  then  first   principal  of  that  newly  opened   school . 
When  i  met  her  first  during admission  process  of  my son   i found  her  very   friendly  ,intelligent   and enthusiastic. She  seemed  to  have a clear  and  positive  vision for the  future   of  her  school.

We  both   liked  each  other  in  our  first  meeting .She  was  orphan   young  girl(twenty plus)  responsible   for   her  family 's  living  and   care  of young  siblings . Knowing this  made   special  place  for   her  in my  heart. May   be  i was  envious  that  she    was  able  to  do  that   i  dreamed   of  in  past   but  could  not  make   it   happen.

When she  knew  that  i  belonged  to another  province  near  capital   city   she  was curious  to  know  more about  me. 

She  said  she  had  heard   that  education  system  of  my  province  was  far   better  than  here. Then  i   had degree  of  matriculation  only,  still  she offered  me  a teaching  job   in  her  school .

But  i  had  to  refuse  because  hubby  did  not  want  me  to  go   for  job  then   because   my  home needed  me  more. We  were living   in  joint  family .My  younger sister  was  also  living  with  us   and  her  education  was  also  on  shoulders  of  my  husband.

Anyway , years  passed  ,meanwhile  my  younger  sister  completed  her  secondary   education and  moved  to  Islamabad ,  where  she  worked  for  semi govt  office  for  year  and  then  got  married  and  moved  to America.

 I  went   to  Islamabad  to  stay  with  mother . After   many  years  when  i  came back  to  Khairpur   and  went  to her  school  to  readmit  my  eldest  son   i  was  shocked  when  she  not  just  recognized   me  immediately   but  stood up  from  her  chair  and  hugged  me  with  kind  words .

She  remembered  even  the  name  of me  and  my  son. I  knew    that  in   her  job   meeting  with  so  many  people  during  office  time  was  part  of  her  job .Keeping  someone particular  in  mind  for  years  was  impossible .I  was  stunned  by  her  attentiveness  and   warm  behavior.

 She   spent   almost  two   hours  with  me   that   day   and    shared   her  progress  In  the  time when  i  was  in  Islamabad .

With  her  active    and  sharp   approach   her  school   was now   second   biggest   and  most popular   private school   in  the  city. Number   of  students   was  increased  swiftly   so  owner  altered   two  more  stories  to  building .

Her  policies  and  her  insight  brought  huge  success  to  that  school  and  not  just  owner   but  whole  inhabitants  of  this  small  city  knew   it  so  well.

To   pursue   her   passion   and to  make  school   most  successful   she  nurtured   her  institute   with  all  her  love  attention   and   truthfulness,   like  a  mother  does  to  her  child  to  make  him grow   strong  and  prosperous.

She    had  gained  an  exceptional   success  and  fame  which  was  not   achieved  by  any  other   girl   in  this  city  before. She   achieved  what  others   dream  of . She  supported  her   family  with  strength   and  money  she  earned  by  hard work.

Her   sibling   were  studying  in  best   academies  and  few  of  them  were  on   good  posts. She  fulfilled  duties  which  she  felt  on  her  shoulders . She  was  head  of  the family.

Time  flew   quickly ,  meanwhile  we  met  many  times  and  i  realized   that  her   eyes  had  started to  show  tiredness    slowly  and  there  were  hidden  complaints   in  her  words .

She  would  sometimes  share   that  she  wants break  and  some   peaceful  times  in  her  life  when  no  hurry  to  reach  in  office  where  piles  of  responsibilities  waiting  for  her.Working  non stop  from  dawn  to  dusk  made  her  feel  and  look  old  before  time.

I  advised   her  often  that  she  has  done  enough   for  school  and  family . And   that   she  should   think  of  her  life   ahead    as  time  is  never  going  to  wait   until  she  feels   that  she  need  a  partner   and  children   to  have  happy ,stress free   normal  life. 

Each  time  she  would  say  " her  family   is  very   concerned   that   one  whom   i  marry  is  loyal  or  after  my  bank  balance" . I  would  reply  that  in   such  situations   we  have  to  take  risk  with  faith  and   hope  that  f  we  are  with  honest  intention  God  will  help  us.

Years  passed  and   one   day  i  heard  from  one  of  my  colleague  (in  school)  that  she    has  left  the  home  and  living   separate  on  rent  with  one  of  her  female  servant.

This  was  sad  and  surprising  news  because  in  our  small  city  no   girl  lives  alone  though  in  big  cities  they  do.  I  took  time   from  busy  routine  and  went  to  meet  her .  Her  condition  was  not  well.  She  looked  ill  and  hear  broken.

She  told  that  people  around  her  were  never  caring  or  acknowledging  but  since  when  she  is  sick (diabetes  and  other issues)  they  have  become   rude  and  criticizing . I  wanted  to  hug  her  as  my  heart  felt  heavy   and  sinking . 

But  i  did  not  want  her  to  feel  weak  or  torn as  she  was  my  ideal.  I  wanted  her  to  stick  firmly  with  her  decisions  without  any  regret  as  regrets  are  always  invain  and  bring  only  disappointment.

She  died   almost  two  years  back  in  age  of   fifty  one. She    devoted  herself  for  her  family  and  school  and  left  without  making  her  own  family.

Still  her  family  cannot  forget   her  sacrifices. Until  that  school  exist  and  all  the  students  who  gained  education  under  her  supervision   ,she  can  never  be  forgotten.

She  was  an  inspiration  and   i  am  happy i   knew  her.




  1. Gone at such an early age, an admirable woman.

  2. A wonderful tribute for your friend. Just 51. Time goes quickly.

  3. so sorry for your sadness Baili, although this lady did not have children of her own, she clearly enriched many peoples lives and has left a legacy; thank you for sharing.

  4. A beautiful tribute to your friend! She had a sad end, dying so young of illness. But she touched and changed many young lives for the better and that is a wonderful legacy for anyone to leave behind.

  5. That's a wonderful tribute Baili. It's hard to find such dedicated people, especially women in our society. Fifty one is too young to leave this world, she was doing so much good.

  6. So sorry to hear that she passed away so young. She sounds as if she was a truly admirable person. People like her touch so many lives in so many ways.

  7. This story about your friend leaves me feeling sad, Baili. Your friend died too young because of her dedication to her family and her students and because of always putting them ahead of herself. However, she left behind an amazing legacy of helping her family and many, many students. She likely accomplished more than the people who were criticizing her. I hope that she felt in her heart that her sacrifices and accomplishments were worth it. I am glad that her family remembers and appreciates her sacrifices and her dedication to them. You were a true friend to her, and I'm sure that she appreciated that deeply. I'm sending you a big hug!

  8. She accomplished much at a great cost to herself.

  9. I am sorry you lost such a good friend. And she obviously valued your friendship to her. She had a hard life doing what she felt was her duty and she was successful in doing that.

  10. She was a wonderful girl. She had a sacred heart.

    Have a great weekend, Baili!

  11. Your friend would have been so touched with this lovely tribute to her:) I hope more people appreciate her sacrifices.


    Have a nice day
    Kinza Khushboo
    Glamorous without the Guilt
    Bloglovin | Glamorous without the Guilt

  13. What a wonderful tribute for your friend.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  14. A beautiful tribute to your friend! Big Hugs!

  15. Great teachers are never forgotten, baili.
    I had the fortune of finding some like this in my academic life.
    Have a great week

  16. She sounds like a truly wonderful woman, and one who was gone too soon. The world is richer for having had her in it, and diminished by her passing.
    What a lovely tribute you wrote.

  17. Muito bonito o tributo aqui prestado a uma pessoa que se dedicou aos outros esquecendo-se de si mesma…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  18. I think it is. We wonder how a woman sacrifice their life for their family. But it natural, and they are be great creatures in the universe.More stronger than men in innerself

  19. Sorry to hear that your loved friend passed away so young. She must have given positive impact on her students’ life and emitted light on those around her. The light is missed solely when it is out, but Baili, whenever you think of her, she’s always with you. Perfectly lovely tribute to your late friend.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, as always.


  20. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of this special friend. My heart goes out to you. She sounds like she contributed much to the world during her time here.

  21. Such a loving tribute to your dear friend, Baili. I am so sorry that she left this world so young, but in her short life she helped and had a positive impact on so many. It is sad that she died without a family of her own, but it sounds like her school and her students were her true family in this world and she devoted her life to them. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, dear Baili. Sending hugs xo Karen

  22. How sad that your friend didn't have the support that would have allowed her to realize her dream of her own family and home . . . And yet she accomplished so much. All her students benefited from her hard work. In a way, they were her family. I hope she gained some comfort from that.

  23. Hello, a lovely tribute and post for your friend. So sorry for your loss. Wishing you a great day!

  24. As so many others have commented before me, Baili, this post was a loving tribute to your good friend. I was saddened to read of her early death. She was obviously a woman very devoted to her work with school children and sad that she didn’t make time for her own life before it was cut short.


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