Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Reply To Dee's Comment On Recent Post About Logic , Reason,Honesty

Dear   Dee   said  that   I  have  philosophy   of  life  that  seems  to be   different  .  And  she  asked  that   HOW  CAN  WE  DEFINE  THE   CRUELTIES  OF  NATURE ?

Dear   Dee   your  question   made  me  smile  because  it  has  so  much  innocence  within it :)

Many  years  ago   when  I  asked  same  to  my  grandfather that " why   floods   destroy  homes   and  kill  people "  ,
he   smiled   gently  and   said  what  I  read  and  heard  so  many  times  in my  life later “EVERYTHING   IN  THIS  WORLD  HAS  REASON   AND  WE   HUMANS  CANNOT   UNDERSTAND  EVERYTHING  UNTIL  God  LET  US  KNOW”

Our  planet  is  still  boiling  inside  and  it’s   instability  causes  tsunami . Air   and  water   given  to  our   planet   are  same   as  they  were  millions  of  years  ago. They  both  travel   in  circle  on  the  earth  and  under  the  pressure  of  atmosphere . Their   dense   powerful   compressed  movements  bring  intense  storms  of  ocean  and  wind.

In  this   universe   you  contemplate    and  you  will  hardly   find  SOMETHING   THAT   DOES  NOT  HAVE  TWO  ASPECTS  “POSITIVE  AND  NEGATIVE”

Nature  either   has   these   both  sides  .Why? 

I  cannot  tell . All  I  see  that  we humans  who   are   also    part  of  this  Nature  have  same  contradiction   in  our  character. We   are   good  ,sympathetic    and  constructive    and  we   are   bad  ,cruel  and   destructive .

Everything   which  is  part  of  nature  has  both  side   to  serve  in  this  world .May  be  we  can  call  it  “CIRCLE  OF  LOGIC   AND  REASON “   that  is  part  of  wisdom   of  Nature .

Another   thing  that   comes  to  mind  is  that  these  both   aspects  of  Nature   always  challenge   our  skills  for   survival   and    after   each   encounter   bring   us  more  comprehension    and   foresightedness   to  see  things   more  clearly  , attentively  and  face  them  with  better  preparation   and  strength  next  time  isn't  it  true ?

Long  ago  when  I  was  little  girl  I  saw  one  of  our  teacher  had  unique  way  to  punish (only male) students . If  some  student   would   fail  to  memorize  given  passage  he  would  hold  his  ear   and  turn  it  sternly .

When  I   once  asked  my   father  why  he  does  this  ,it  must  be  painful  .Father  replied  smilingly  this  is  olden  way  to   awaken  brain  which  is  lazy  in  normal  conditions.

Later  I  did  it  to  myself  to check  but  nothing  happened  .Then  I  requested  to  my  younger  sister .She  did  it  heartedly  and I  could  feel   how  amazing  it  was. It  was   painful  enough  to  make  eyes   bit  teary  but  it  made  brain  attentive  and  work  bit  faster   for  quite  while .

I  am  not  taking  side  of  the  way of  punishment   nor  I  am  saying  that  nature  punish  us  or  awake  us  with  wrong  manner  .I  am  only   sharing what  I  know. 

I    deeply   sympathies   with  people  who  suffer   with  natural  disasters  .My  part  of  land  is  not  exception.
Worst  floods  and  earthquakes  soaked people  from  earth  many  times.

In  2015  during  my  visit   to  my  native  area  I  coincidentally   met  a  lady  in  hospital  corridor .She  must  be   in  her  forties . While  conversation  she  told  that  she  belong  to  Balakot's  northern  town  where  an  earthquake  in  2005  killed  more  the  87000 people .

She  said  it’s  been  ten  years  and  they  have  lost  hope long  ago  that  government  will  do   something  about  people   who  had  lost  everything  in  this  disaster .
 She  was  currently  working  in a  beauty parlor  as  assistant  since   some  years  and  was  living  on  rent  with  her  younger  brother .
After  all  the  sad  talk  she  finished  with  sentence  that   "whatever  happened   I  am  grateful  for  life  I  have today I  could  have  not  thought  living  so  independently  back  then".
She  said  she   feels  strong  when  she  thinks  that  as  person  she  has  grown much  mature  and now even   is  able  to  support  her  brother  for his education. Deep  in  my  heart  I  was  grateful  that  she  said  that  before  we  were departed.

Do   we   have   choice ? No .This  is  world,  not  heaven  where   everything  should  work  in  perfect  manner  and  we  only sit  and  enjoy  the  life.

This  is  world  where  we  humans  also  have  broken  the 

every  single  rule  of  nature   ruthlessly  . For  being  most  

powerful  and  immortal,   we  have  taken  countless  lives  

and  still  call  ourselves “CIVILIZED” proudly  and  declare   enthusiastically  that  all  we  have  done  it  is for  the  betterment  of  humanity .

It’s   not  true . But  still , do  we  have  choice . No  all  we  can  do  is  to  keep  fighting  for  survival  and  pray  for   insight  and  understanding     to  deal  with  things .

Still  I  would  say   that  whatever  Negativity   Nature  or  We  human  have  inside  us  is   not  without  purpose.  As   the  negative  force  of  water  and  wind  is  utilized  to  generate  various  kind  of  energies  useful  to  world .

Such   power  given   to  Nature  and  humans  can  also  be  used  to  make  world a better  place.
How ? Let  us  think!


  1. Baili you did a great job answering one of the questions we all have from time to time. This world is broken and only God's love will restore it. Soon when King Jesus returns we will see heaven on earth - until then we humans must live knowing what we see now is temporary but what is unseen is eternal. In my humble opinion we live by faith knowing God is good and He always knows what is best. Thanks for such a good post Baili - Hugs!

  2. The nature is cruel and destructive and many ideas came up about it, including use nuclear weapons to destroy storms. This atmosphere will rich with radioactive, and Radioactive able to "play" with DNA code that cause defect and mutation. Just another example of power of nature and human :)

    Enjoy your day!

  3. You always have such deep insights into situations and events, Baili. You express them so well too.

  4. Well said!

    This is an age-old question and I think you did an admirable job of tackling it.

  5. "This is the world, not heaven..." For me, you just said it all.

    You are a wonderful writer in expressing what you feel in your heart in such an articulate way. Thank you for offering such a lovely blog for all to enjoy:)

    Much love to you, my friend.

  6. Good and bad, happy and sad, ease and disease. All are different sides to the same coins.

  7. There is much wonder in nature, and yes, much power that destroys, but it destroys what we create, not what nature is building. It is silly and futile for human beings to attempt to completely understand what God and nature has created and is creating. We should rejoice in the wonders and plenty we receive, and assume that there is a plan and a reward for enduring that which disrupts us. Trying to understand the immense power of nature and God is crazy, we are but a drop of water in a vast oceanic universe.

    I love your take on this question, and am so happy to have a friend from so far away.

  8. Hello Baili,
    An extremely thoughtful post, thank you for sharing your answer to Dee's question which I read with much interest.
    I felt sadness and admiration for the lady who you encountered in the hospital corridor and her philosophy on life following such an ordeal she experienced.
    It is always lovely to visit your blog xx

  9. Fascinating post as always. Though I think that I view the universe as a little more random then you do, I agree that human beings can make things better.

    Have a great day!

  10. I agree with you grandpa's words - so,so true, even though sometimes it is do painful and hard to remember that. Very wisely written as always! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my Youtube video, means a lot to me. Have a lovely weekend ☺

  11. This reminds me of the saying "adversity builds character", which I have always found has a lot of truth in it!

  12. Nature is ever changing and so are humans, but not always in the best of ways.

  13. Hi, Baili! I spent a long time responding to the post that prompted Dee's question, so I will be much briefer here. I burst out laughing at the story about your teacher, father, you, your younger sister, and the ear twisting. I agree ~ it will awaken a lazy brain! Such a wonderful, real, and oh-so-human story! Thank you for sharing it! I've been through a lot in my life, but nothing like the woman who had survived the earthquake. I am grateful for every day of my life, and I hope that I would have the strength and courage to feel that gratitude if such a tragedy struck me. Big hugs to you!

  14. Sophisticated, I have no idea how to control my brain follow the nature ..
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Wow!
    Well said, or should I say written!

    All the best Jan

  16. Well said, Baili. Thank you for all of your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog. Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful day.

  17. I am grateful for everything in my life and from what I have learned, there is a reason for everything! Big Hugs!

  18. So beautifully put :-)

    In life we are given gifts and you are one of those gifts (for me).


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