Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Response To Comments post

 Dear  Friends!

Origin   of   question   i  asked  in  my  previous  post  is  my   sky  watch  habit :)

As  i  mentioned  many  times earlier  that  since  my childhood  i  used to  sleep  under   sky  in  summers .

Back   in  my  native   village  there  were  so  many   nights  when  i  observed    how  stars  start  to  twinkle  in   sky  after   sunset .

And  how  splendid   stary   sky  look   until   the   early   light  of  sun   start   to   dim  it.

Sun   appears   and  we  cannot   see  stars   anymore  though  they  still  exist  up  there  ,don't they ?

We   know   that  there  are  numerous   Huge   stars   in  the  vastness   of  sky  Bigger   than  Sun .

Sun   overcomes  on  their  light   because  they  are  farther  than  it.

So  sunlight   hides   the  Stars ,right :)

I  really  appreciate  all  of   the  witty  answers  by  you  all . Each   is  correct  on  it's  place  indeed.

Brain   said  some  special   ideas  take  place  in  minds  in  dim  lights  (perhaps he  meant morning  evening  and  grey  days).

I  agree  such   times   awake  aesthetic  beauty   in  our  pattern  of  thoughts. Creative  and  imaginative   ability  boosts   within   these  times  and  i  am  sure  it  is  part  of  nature's  plan  to  stir  spiritual  side  of  us  it  has  given  us  times  like  these :)

Emma   said  "dark"  which  is  accurate .

  • Dark  is  not   form  of  energy  though   we   define  it  and  empower   it   with   our   imagination   and  actions .

 It  is  killed   by  light   which   is  form  of  energy . Dark   has  purpose  of  existence  i  believe . And   this  is  to   GIVE  MEANING   TO   LIGHT!

Sandi   also  pointed  very  important  thing  about  light  which  relate  to  my   question   to  great  extent , Yes   when  light  is  too  sharp   it  blur   our  genuine  view  and  not  for  better  always .

As   Pedro   said  that  in  his  new  office   much  light  has  effected  the  original  appearance  of  things (i hope i got him correct)

I  take  sun's  ability   to  hide  stars  as   message  or  example .

For  instance in  our   life  often  a  dominating  thought   in  our  mind  at  the  moment   blur   our  all  other  thoughts   for  while.We  feel   unable  to  think  about  anything  else  but  what  has  taken  over  our  mind  .

Same   way  on   official  places   specially  i  saw  that  bosses  keep  one  or  few  people  so  close  .Everything   goes  to  them  through  their  chosen    human  sources .They  see  and  hear  through  them. All  other   staff  is  hidden   behind  pile  of  words   dropped  by  them .

The  one  we  love   most  is  also  like   Sun (for  all times though)in  our  life.

His  Light (Love)  hides  everything   existing   around  us. We  are   always  in   spotlight   and  for  better  mostly :) 

No   need  to  say  that  like  all  streams   fall   in  ocean  ,our   all  worldly  love  finally  take  shape   of  true  Divine   Love 
,Love   of   our  Creator!

Nothing  stays  dark  and  unknown. Fears  leave  and  pains  heal .
We   feel  blessed  and  complete  because   we   find  the  True  Light which   is  Everlasting!


  1. Looking at the sky is so fascinating, the stars are stunning! I should look at them more often. Have a lovely day☺

  2. Que tengas un buen comienzo y mes de septiembre

  3. Dearest Baili, the everlasting Light has been often in my mind recently and here I can quote the last verse of one of my favourite hymns. :)

    "Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies.
    Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee"
    You can find the hymn in my penultimate post https://mywoodlandgarden.blogspot.com/2019/08/iltahetki-abide-with-me.html :)

    Hugs and blessings!

  4. I like the way you took this topic and expanded it to make us think out of the box.

  5. You always ask such interesting questions. I think that as the responses indicate, some of the most interesting questions are open to personal interpretation.

  6. Great post Baili, very insightful! :)

  7. It is important to understand that light shone on dark thoughts and deeds exposes them so we can deal with them appropriately. This was a valuable question.

  8. Love to go outside to the balcony at night just to look the sky, baili.
    Such peace!!

  9. Hi Baili, I love to watch sky too! When I was elementary school, I was always happy when I stared at the sky and find out the astrological signs by connecting the imaginary lines; enjoyed the blinking north star; or just thinking about the existence of stars

  10. Stars are so beautiful and peaceful to watch.

  11. I couldn't think of an answer to your question at all . . . but you have given some good ones.

  12. Thanks, Baili, for a lovely post about some things many of us fail to think about. Your posts always make me think more about the world around and I wanted you to know. Thank for also for your always thoughtful and always appreciated comments on my blog posts. I enjoy sharing about places we visit and it’s always so nice to read that fellow bloggers like reading about them as well. Many thanks for the anniversary wishes too, my friend.

  13. Your post is food for thought. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It is good to think out of the ordinary. May you have a wonderful weekend!!

  14. Dear Baili, thank you for sharing your thoughts on light and the thoughts of others. I like to think of the dawn when just a faint glow fills the sky. The small sliver of light soon expands into a burst of sunlight. And so it is that same at dusk. slowly the night/darkness absorbs the light and returns it to us the next day after light has rested and renewed itself. Peace.

  15. I like your answer about how the sun has the ability to hide stars. That is a neat perspective.


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