Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Art , The Language Of Spirit

Power   of  our  Creator   is  limitless. He  is  Most  versatile   virtuous ,Mighty   and  beautiful   Artist.

Everything  visible and  invisible  is  work   of   his  sublime   and   wise  Art  Including  us.

He   loves   us   most  and   we  can   see   how   we   are   surrounded   by  his   Countless  blessings  in  this   world.

He   arranged   everything   so   wonderfully   here  for  us  before   sending   us  here   in  this   world . All  we   have   to   do   is  to  use   our  mental   energy   (which  is  also  his  gift)  to  explore  and  get  them.

He  has   not  just   given   us   everything   we   need   physically   but   he  decorated   our   spiritual   side   with   creativity   and  imagination   so    we   can   live   a  complete  healthy   life   with   balance   of  both   sides.

He   is  most  powerful  and  most  self sufficient   in   his   skills .

And  how   generous  of  him  to   create   us  out   of  his  Boundless   Energy   and  bless  each   of  us  with   some   of  his   Aptitude!

We  are   tiny   parts   of  his  numerous   being . Left   within   universe   to   learn  ,explore , adopt  and   apply   to   grow  for  better .

As   each   of   us   has  bit   of   his   subtlety,  we  are   bound  to   show   it   through   our   thoughts,  actions  and   other   skills   such   as   arts  and fine  arts.

Those , Who  are   lucky   they  can   step   in  their   inner   worlds   and  discover   what   Creator  has   already   kept  there  for   them .They   bring   it   out   and  use  to  sooth  and embellish   their   world .

What    remains  behind   if   we   remove   all  kinds  of   arts   from   our   society ?
 How   would  have  we  known   the   aesthetic   pleasures  of   our   soul   and  how   would   have   we   learnt   that  we  have   learnt  till  today specially  the  lighter  and  brighter  side  of  life.

All   the   bitterness  of   harsh   realities   and   ugliness   of   this  world    could  have   made   us   more   cruel   and  insane   if   there   were   no   arts   to   calm   our   angers   and   light   our   despair  as   humans.

Arts   play   fair   role   as   water   over   fire  and   make   the  flames   calmer. This  is  their   natural   duty. They   make  us  feel  better  whether  while  creating   them  or  just  observing them.

Many   might   have   thought   "why   do  we  need  arts" Why  not   just  simple  walk  on  straight  pointed    path , So  complications   can  be  avoid    that   New  Ideas   and  Creativity   brings   along.

I  think   we   are   made   to   reveal   our   artistic   side   along with  our   physical   capabilities.  It  is  not  In our  hand  to  choose. This   is   already  decided    by  Nature.

We   have   gifts   hidden  in  us  and  we  are  meant  to  use   them .If   people   would  have  been   banned   for  practicing   or  displaying  their   arts .They   would  firstly  have  felt     dead  and  restricted spiritually. As    captive  of  the   airtight cell .

Secondly   they   would   have   eventually  created   ways   to  do  what   they   were  meant  to,  no  matter   how   hard   the  punishment   was   for  doing   so. Because   they   would  have  felt   compelled   and  unable  to  resist  their  natural  abilities .

Just   like  ,a hungry   need  to   eat  and  thirsty   have  to  drink  an  artist   have   to   manifest  his   art  whether  it  is   Painting  ,Poetry ,  Singing ,Acting    Dancing  or  any  other   kind . All   are   way  to   Release  his    spiritual   message.

This   gives  Completion   to   his  being. I  remember   when  once  i  heard  voice  of  flute  ( back  in  village ,i was little) and  asked   mom  what  is  this ,she  told   a  young  boy  plays  it  while  grazing  his  goats  on  hills.

Now   i  can  understand  why   he  had  not  choose   any other  physical   piece  of  work  but  playing  flute. Because  his   physical   job   brought  him   money   but  his  art   brought   him  true  happiness  and  freedom  of  soul.

Our   worldly   work   define  our  visible  being   but   our   arts which  are  our  spiritual  jobs  define   our  invisible  existence . Both   performances   show  our   depth ,strength   and  stability  as  person. 

We  need   arts   to   convey   what   we  actually   want   to  say  not   just   that   we  need  to.


Creator   knew  that   we  and  our  world   both  will  be  needing   the  harmony  of  physical   and  spiritual  both  sides  so  he  blessed  us  with  both  of  them!

what  art  you  admire most  and why?



  1. Gosh, this is a difficult question to answer, dearest Baili!
    I love all of the arts: music lifts my spirits, paintings enthrall me, the dramatic arts inspire me. But, most of all, poetry is my favourite art form. Writing it, I believe, is a way of expressing the Soul within. And, it sometimes preserves my sanity!😉
    WOW, what a fabulous post!
    Oh how I love the way you always make us think more deeply about the worlds around us, my wonderful Friend...😊😊

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Precious Ygraine your kind words always warm my heart :)

      I too love all kind ways that express human mind and emotions

      Each one is powerful in it's own way
      I am blessed that my maker has chosen me for one of them
      Poetry is something that open new horizons to my world yes!

  2. A very thoughtful post Baili. You raise a question that even scientists, who study evolution and culture ask. That is, why do we have art and literature? It is also something that I have thought about.

    I agree that there is no way that its creation can be suppressed. Evan on places where certain types of expression is banned, people resist those bands.

    1. I have read little bit about reformation in 14th century that revolutionise the world and brought light to narrow minds dear Brain
      I unfortunately don't know where arts are still banned
      Luckily in our country no more such suppression , all gender have freedom of expression in society and media as well

  3. music for me, I am partially deaf (wear a hearing aid/lipread) and am slightly afraid if I lost hearing completely I would miss music, although I am lucky that having heard plenty I would still be able to hear it in my head I suppose! Artis Arthur Rackham has done some amazing paintings, I would miss being able to look at those. Creativity is around is in everything though, people who cook well, sew, nurse, garden, that's all creative. What about you?

    1. I am sorry for your hearing problem dear Betty!

      Music yes it is my thing either
      I remember some most tough times when music helped me to reveal hidden worlds for me :)
      All kinds of designers who shape magnificent buildings print beautiful fabrics and decorate houses are artists that bring their inner beauty outside and glorify the world with it

    2. oh yes, so architects too. the difficulty with us humans is we can't always be creative without vanity! I do like your thought provoking debates, that you invite us followers to comment and that you take the trouble to reply - thank you!

  4. All art, but mostly music. I believe you could lock a true musician in a closet with a pitcher of water, a spoon and 16 glasses, and he would write and play a symphony.

    1. absolutely true dear Joe

      this is amazingly wonderful that an artist has "free soul" he can create even in grave if buried alive
      his skills are not bounded with comforts and ease of his body
      music is my savor once and it made my relationship with my Creator stronger so far

  5. Hi Baili :) Art is wonderful. I love every form of art but I think that painting and literature are my favourites. Not only do I enjoy painting, I love to look at paintings. It's very relaxing. Literature too, especially Shakespeare. Radio! That seems to be something of the past these days lol...Alex and I listen to old time radio on the internet. Comedy radio shows from the 1930's - 1950's. There is something about hearing those shows that brings more imagination than watching a television show. And you're right about art and creativity and new ideas.

    1. dear Rain how amazing that we share our likening for arts :)))

      i am fan of your lovely paintings my friend!
      Radio ah i wish i was as lucky as you
      i would definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE to listen my old kind of radio programs and music that widened my imagination and brought deep pleasure and peace to my soul throughout my village life

      i think in this world artists are creatures who bring new ideas of any kind to people of world and then those ideas or experimented and applied in real life

  6. Different arts for different senses. I cannot choose just one, and I thank God for these gifts.
    Another great thought -provoking post, my friend:)

    1. true dear Chris

      all forms of art are ways to share inner beauty or complexities of any person

      each has unique value and purpose

  7. I do agree with Chris (above) … all art is wonderful but there are times when one may take precedence over another. I could not just choose one.

    Definitely a thought provoking post, thank you.

    All the best Jan

    1. So true dear Jan
      it depends on time and mood that which kind of art is needed to fulfill spiritual space
      sometimes it is just breathing :)

  8. If it were not for the arts we might as well be robots. We would have no feelings of any kind.

    1. "Feelings" yes emotions and feeling that give way to creativity dear Emma

      may be those feeling would have not enlighten and fertile with aesthetic pleasure and brighter attitudes indeed

  9. I enjoy all art. The art of nature is my favourite I think.

    1. we are students and Nature is teacher dear Marie

      best students learn quick and improve with experiences :)

  10. Replies
    1. colors enrich and strengthen the message within artistic conception dear Christine
      you are blessed to have skills of painting :)

  11. I love all arts. It is really hard to pick one. Nice post dear

    Have a nice day
    Kinza Khushboo
    Glamorous without the Guilt
    Bloglovin | Glamorous without the Guilt

  12. Dear Baili, your reflections on God and the gifts we have been given as part of Oneness is lovely and thought-provoking. I value the written words and the craft of writing. But the artistry of sculpture fills me with awe as does music written in a minor key. So much creativity in the world--all of us share it and have it to share. Peace.

    1. dear Dee this is amazing how Creator has designed such sublime minds that have extraordinary ability to think , observe , contemplate and create absolutely unique and beautiful concept and then share it with world in any form of art
      sculpture amazes me so much ,specially not just aesthetic details but emotional display which seems so powerful skill and so fascinating either

  13. Answering your question, mostly paintings.
    Maybe because I'm an absolute zero when it comes to drawing and painting.

    1. i bet you have some other kind of skill or art to share your spirit dear Pedro :)

  14. I follow you on gfc #328, follow back? :)

  15. Baili, this is a beautiful way to look at art! It stirred my soul. :)

    My favorite part:

    "We need arts to convey what we actually want to say not just that we need to."

    Amen to that!!

    1. this is basic aim of arts my dear friend Sandi , to say what we can't with routine articulations :)
      i am honored by your kindness !

  16. Hi Baili! I always enjoy all kind of arts but martial arts :)
    I love beads, yarn, and fabrics; so I often do some needle works and create my own jewelries.

    Have a great weekend, Baili.

    1. i think what you choose is one of the oldest and most adopted form of art dear Evi :)

      i remember how ladies and girls of my native village used to knit ,sew ,do embroidery in leisurely times :)
      my mom was one of them either

      when women were restricted in homes they still invented ways to express their inner delicacy and spiritual beauty

  17. For me it is the written word that sustains me, although I have had times in my life when music took over that role because I did not have time to read. I am definitely more of an arts-centred person than a practical one, which is an example of imbalance in a different way!

    1. i am stunned by books you read at your side bar dear Jenny they are sooo many :)
      this is such a blessing to have peaceful time for reading my friend and so happy that you have it

      i think i can realize how your bonding for spiritual side (art) has effected your life in positive and constructive way
      you are loving person with pleasant attitude my friend and i can see how you have created a simple and easy yet very beautiful life out of it :)))

  18. Photography is my favorite art, dear Baili. And music.....what would we do without music to soothe us, to relax us, to uplift us, to stir something inside us. I think your words are sometimes artful. : )


    1. i am huge fan of your photography dear Sheri :)
      your images are always captured brilliantly and sometimes poetically they convey your beautiful and soulful attitude amazingly :)

      you mentioned so well what music does to revive our spirit indeed :)

  19. Baili, I don't know if artful was the right word to use. What I meant was
    "I think your words are creative and heartfelt, and you know how to get the attention of the reader." : )

    1. dear Sheri this is embarrassing for me as a friend that my such precious friend like you had to explain her words !

      i believe whatever you said was with kind intention and due to generosity you have within your sweet soul :)

      i am always honored by kind overwhelming comments by you all Sheri which i seriously think i don't deserve because as i always said that i am not well read or learned but simple woman with very little knowledge of life and world
      all i do is to try share my spontaneous thoughts with my friends and i know in very raw shape often for which i feel sorry

  20. I love all forms of art and don't think I can choose a favorite. I can't imagine a world without the arts. Creativity makes life worthwhile, I think.

  21. Your words are lovely :-)

    The art that manifests through people is not defined by a single path. All arts lead to the same spiritual truth.


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