Monday, September 16, 2019

Honesty , Reason, Logic ?

When   i  look  at the  Nature  i  find  it  most   honest character . She   is   doing    honestly  whatever  she  has  been designed  to   do    since   very  long  .

I   have  found  within her a true   friend ,  a  loving   mother  , a   kind  teacher   and   a  compassionate  healer  since  i  came  into  my   senses.

She  nurtured   my  soul  with  deep  love   and   better   understanding   of  life   that  might   have  not  be  learnt   only   from  books  or  experiences.

Her   patience   and  consistency  reveals   her   wisdom. She   is   Open   ,Wellcoming  and  giving. 

I  see   her  most   honest   one  in  her  expressions.  She  treats   us  all  with   Equal  attention !

She    has  limitless   knowledge   and   insight  to  offer .She   waits    for  us  with  open   arms. So  we   can   embrace   her  most  vital   skills  for    harmless   survival.

She   offer   subjects  that  help  us  grow   with  spiritual  sublimity  ,  strength of   character  and   depth   of  perception.

She   has   flawless  character . It  is  her   honest   character   that   we  are  able  to  live  peacefully  on  this  planet. Her  support   gives  us   chance  to  breath and  live  in  a  healthy  environment  where  we  have  provided  all  necessities  by  her  not  just  for  our  physical   beings  but  also  for   our  soul!

Human  character    does   not   differ   from  things   we  find  around   such  as   fine  buildings ,gorgeous  crockery and  countless  stuff  that  we  prefer   to  buy  and prefer  to  have  just  because   of  it's  uniqueness ,it's  flawless  beauty  that appeal  us.

Like   any  defect   in  these  things   cannot  be  hidden (even  if  we  try  to  apply  some  methods   to  hid  it  but  it  is  revealed  sooner  or  later  by  the  time  in  it's  texture .

Flaws  of  human   character  also  cannot  be  hidden. No  matter  how   skillful   we   are,  time  and   life  bring  it out  if  there  is  any  kind  of  ugliness  inside  us. 

It  can  be  jealousy ,dishonesty ,cheating  or  anything similarly. 

I  want  to pick  dishonesty  for  today. Years   ago  i  watched  a  program  on  t.v  where  they  were  checking  by  a   test  that  which   child   is  smarter.

Two   hungry  toddler   were  left  in  room  with  one  bar  of  chocolate  that  was  forbidden .After   sometime   when   psychiatrist came  back  they  found   that  part  of chocolate  was  missing.

They   called  toddler  one  by  one  and  questioned . One  of  them  acknowledged  that  he  has  taken  the  bite  but  other  said  he  did  not.

Thought   both  of  them  had  eaten  the  chocolate  but  only  one  had  dare  to  admit. 

Psychiatrist  declared  that   one  who  lied  is  more  clever  than  other  because  he  did not  take  the  chance on  his safety  and  saved  himself  from  punishment.

After  many   years i  still  think   that   child  who  had  dare  to  speak   truth  was   more  clever  because  he  somehow  felt   uncomfortable  with  lie.

His   uneasiness   can   be  result  of  his  natural  instinct   or  sixth   sense   which  might  have  made  him  think  that  his  lie  will  be  detected  later   for obvious  and  possible  reasons  so   he  preferred  to admit  it   honorably.

I  believe   that   lie   though  provide   us  shortcut  to  timely   success   immediately   but  we  face  it's   bitter   effects  later  in  life  ahead. This  is  my  opinion   and  i  think  i  have  obtained  it   from  laws  of  nature.

Nature   does  not  hide  our  dishonesty  to  her  for  instance  if  we   sow   seed  and  nurture    it  with  some  other   liquid  instead  of   water   ,plant   will   not  grow   but  die .

I   find  numerous   such   messages   and   signs   within  nature  that   advise   me   to   be   honest   in  my  doings   because  according   to  the   logic   of   nature   
"As   we   sow ,so   shall  we  reap"

Last  day  i  was  reading  article  about  the  difference  between  logic  and  reason .

Logic  is  something  about  natural  way  of  thought  where  one  thinks  that 

In  simple   words  we  can  say  that  if  the  base  of  a  wall  is  liad  precisely  the  whole  wall  will  stand   straight   and  strong.

And  this  is  natural  way   of  things  with  which  they work  by.

Reason   is  act   of   thinking   when  we  use  our  own  set  of  thoughts   to  observe  ,experience   and  we  also  can  add  or  eliminate   all  other  set  of  possibilities  or  add  new   generalizations  and  ideas  to  consequences  which  can  be  arguable  though .

In  simple   words  you   can  torn  out  any  reality  to  mould  it  in  your  favor  because  you   think  it  is  right   for  you. 
For  example  you  can  steal   vallet  from  the  desk  of  your  friend  and   can  satisfy   yourself  with  thought  that  you  needed  this  money  more  than  your  friend .

Logic   says  that  such  money  cannot  be  profitable  for  long  terms because  it  was  gained  by  unnatural  way. 

Therefore   you  will  loose  the  same  amount  or  even  more  of  your  money  sooner  or  latter  due  to  any   circumstantial  crises   brought  by  laws  of  nature .
We  acknowledge  it  or  not    " WE   ALL   ARE  PRISONER   OF  THE  UNSEEN  BUT   VERY  POWERFUL  CAGE   OF   NATURE" And  escape   is  Impossible .This  is  why  i  believe  in  power  whom  i  call  Creator.

What   do  you  think  about  it  dear  friends?    



  1. Nature is wonderful, we should all remember to llok at nature closely, that way we could understand each other better I think. Have a lovely day!☺

  2. One can learn so much about the world and self if we get quiet and listen... God has so much wisdom to offer.

  3. First of all I believe the test with hungry children and a candy bar is cruel. Then I thought of other circumstances. Perhaps the child who lied had been punished severely in the past and wanted to avoid it that time. In turn the other one may have made a mistake in the past and was told to do better next time. He would not have been so afraid of breaking a rule. One small challenge does not determine intelligence.

  4. I like the way that you have connected logic and ethics. Being honest and ethical is so important. I agree that in the long run, it is the logical course to take.

  5. Dear Baili, in speaking about nature--what many here in the United States call "Mother Nature"--it seems to me we need also to speak of forest fires and typhoons and hurricanes and tornadoes and flood and natural disasters. What do you think they tell us about nature? Please write about that as your philosophy of life is so all-exclusive that it always teaches me new ways to think. Peace.

  6. I think the child who lied about the chocolate is not more clever, he is just a lair.

    I do not know how anyone can find satisfaction in stolen money, I suppose sometimes if it is a matter of survival, but never satisfaction.

  7. Unfortunately the Human Being keeps forgetting the respect for Nature.
    Essential for him to live.
    Incredible, isn't it?

  8. About hungry toddler and chocolate, I think we need more focus in parenting about norms, ethics, and laws, not too early.
    But, when the problem is hungriness; They are toddler, why you don't feed them?
    If the hungriness is really cause a person to be a liar. I think that is also true. Hungriness and a strong desire having something but he cannot afford it are not only lead people to be a liar, dishonest, unreasonable, away from ideal logic, but also turn to big crimes and chaos :)

    Have a great day, Baili!

  9. I am not impressed by whoever did that experiment with the hungry children, the chocolate bar, and passing judgement on their intelligence . . . I am amazed at the resources that are wasted on studies that prove nothing and benefit no one!

    Aside from that, you have made me think, as always. I like Dee's question about the destructive side of nature. And I see you addressed it in the next post :)

  10. There is so much that is fascinating in this post and the comments it prompted., Baili! You always make me think more deeply than I normally take the time to do.

    The hungry toddlers and the chocolate bar experiment doesn't seem like a fair setup at all, but cruel as Emma said. I don't think the test is a good measure of intelligence. If lying to escape a possible punishment is an intelligent thing to do, then why do we put so much effort into teaching children to be truthful and ethical? The toddler who spoke the truth is well ahead of the child who didn't interns of what we strive to teach our children. But, as Emma said, you need to understand why each child made the choice he or she did before you make any judgment about his or her behavior and whether it was an intelligent choice or not. It has been my experience from many years of working with children, that they don't do things randomly. They always have a reason that makes sense to them, and those reasons are shaped by what they have experienced in life. A child's lying and being deceitful says a lot more about what he or she has experienced in life than his or her intelligence.

    As for nature, that is such a huge and complex concept. I define nature very broadly as the physical universe acting under scientific laws, and, as such, I consider it to be impartial. It doesn't treat you any differently from me. What we each experience from nature is a consequence of where we are in the physical universe. As human beings on Earth, we tend to see nature in terms of our existence on our planet. Very few of us have ever experienced not being on Earth. Nature can be perceived by humans as giving and sustaining or as devastating and harmful. It's not one or the other, it's both. It's out of our control, although our collective actions as humans can impact nature (think climate change). Our progress as humans has been in response to nature: in our attempts to mitigate the effects of nature (like developing fire to keep warm at night), in our attempts to understand nature (like being able to predict the seasons so we could plant crops at the right time), or in our attempts to control nature (like building a dam to have a more reliable water supply). But there is something inherently inside us as humans that is not impartial, that causes us to have a moral or ethical code, a sense of right and wrong, good and evil. Much of humanity has always reached for something beyond the physical, something beyond nature governed by scientific laws. That is why I cannot be an atheist. I always think it ironic that in the natural world I most deeply sense the spiritual. These thoughts were not easy for me to put into words. I had to do some deep slow thinking, which is what you always make me do, my dear Baili!

    1. i am deeply thankful for stopping by and sharing bits of you powerful and so deep insight dear Louise :)

      either cannot be atheist nor i ever was for the same reason you mentioned so beautifully here :)
      i am honored again my friend!

  11. I'm a little late to this thought provoking post … once again you have made me stop a while to think.

    Always good to read everyone's thoughts and comments, and it was an interesting question from Dee!

    All the best Jan

  12. Being close to nature has always seemed to be the best route for me.

  13. I agree with Connie about being close to nature, it is the best route to being closer to our creator.

    Being untruthful eventually leads to us only deceiving ourselves. "The truth will find you out".

    A walk in the woods is wonderful and uplifting.


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