Saturday, September 14, 2019

Love , The Work Of Soul

 Love   seems  to  be  something  Larger  than  life  itself.

I  see  this  whole  drama   of  universe  is going  on  because  of love. The  bondage   of  matter  explains  it   brilliantly.

Everything  in this  universe  is  made  up  of  process  in  which   " things  join   each   other  to  take  a  form"  otherwise   they  are  nothing  but  dispersed  dust .

This  infusion   gives  them   shape , strength  and  aim (for being useful).

Our  Creator   have  created  life style  for  us  where  love  is  needed  and  developed  to  each  bit  of  it .

Love   in   humans   is  natural  instinct.So   couples  can  meet  and  form  family   which  is  main  purpose  of  life.

 Unlike   other  animals  human   babies   take  long   time  to  grow . So   their   bonding  with   parents   can  be  deep  and   strong.

Love  is  work   of   soul   instead  of   body. Because  body   is  weak   and  mortal   but   soul  is  everlasting (well call  it  d.n.a  in worldly words ) .So , true   and  divine   love   belong  to  soul   because  it  does  not  vanish   with   time  or condition.

Sometimes    we  are  illusioned   with   love.  True   love   has  power   to   prove   it's  eternal   existence .Though   time  blows  away  illusions anyway . 

As     we  observe   that  sometimes  people   claim  to  love  but  actually  they   choose   companions   for   other  reasons  instead  of  love   such   as  wealth ,beauty ,fame or  physical  power . All  these   powers are   that   melt  away   by   age .  

And  then  time   exposes  the  actual  person   ,which  cause  pain  to  one  who  trusted  the  wrong  one.

Such   betrayals  hurt  soul   for  long  until  one  finds  the  true  match   to  his  heart.

I  believe  that   love  has  only  one   specialty  and  it  is  it's  "Depth   and  Strength "  no  matter  in  which  relationship   it  is  invested   it  is loyal , limitless  and  most  powerful.

According   to  our  literature   there  are  few  thoughts  that  define    why  do we   love ?

One  is  that   we  love   someone  because   we  see    "reflection   of  our  ownself  in  him "  We  consider  him  "lost  part   of  our  being"  and  we  want  to  join  him  forever  to  feel  complete.

Other    is  that  "love  that   we   do  with  our  lover   is  way  to   love   God!

That  this  love  is  an  early step (practice)   towards   destination  that  lead  us  to  our  divine  love "the  love  of  one  who  love  us  most"(we believe)

Third   thought  is  that  people   who  want  to  be  loved  back  passionately  love with  with  depth .

I  think  whatever  the  reason   is  love  is  most  desired  by  all   of  us  whether   we   realize  and   accept  it  or  not .

It  is  also  said   that  hate   is  also  part  of  love . When  one  is  Obsessed   with   someone  who  is  not  reachable  for  any  reason   he  finds  his  hate  as  "way  to  connect  to  his  beloved" anyhow .

According   to  science  love  is  consequence  of  chemical  reaction . I  think  this  is  not  enough   definition   for  emotion   upon  which   our  whole  life  is  based.

In  history  there  are  so  many  examples   of   people   who  Loved  their  lovers  passionately  and  risked  or  sacrificed   their  lives  in  struggle  to  be  with  them.

What   a   feeling  that   make  someone  more  important  than  life . Even   today  when  life  has  taken  over  by  more practical   ideas   and  material    People  still  feel   compelled   by  love  for  someone . This  is  miracle  isn't  it?

I   have   observed    even  one  sided   love ,  where  one  is  well settled  and  successful  still  helpless to  get  rid  of love  who  does  not  love  him  back. Time  and  situation  has  not  changed  or weaken  his  love  because  it  was  something  beyond  his  control .

I   think   Unity   defines   love  in  most  accurate  way. Love   also  means  "unite  for  better" and  all  else is  hidden  behind  it .

All  other  is  wanted  by  us  but  this  form  of  love  is  desired  by  our  Creator   and  i  can  see   his   commands   through   everything  he  has  created  around  us !

When   we   people  will  realize  this  that  our  union  is  only  way  to  survival   and  only  way  to  please  our Creator   surly we  will  unite  and  love  each  other.amen!





  1. I think so, "Love also means unite for better"; that's another way to keep the human existence.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great post as always. I am one of those who believe that at the root of it all is chemistry. However, I think that fact in no way diminishes the power and wonder of love.

    Have a great day!

  3. I think if the chemistry is there, the deeper love can happen.

  4. A very thoughtful and sensitive post. Well said!

  5. Wisdom, in such beautiful words!

  6. I do not always understand love the oddest people often do well together and people who look so well suited break up and fall apart .

  7. As the Beatles said Love is all you need.

  8. Such wonderful and wise words, as always, dearest Baili!😊😊
    I, too, believe that Love is the source (and the basis) of everything in Creation. And on a human level...well, where would we be without it?
    Oh how I love how you make me think out of the box, my dear stretch and exercise my mind. Where would I be without inspire me...?

    Have a fabulous day!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Love is wonderful. I surround myself with love for the Earth and Nature, for my pets, for the woods and critters, for myself and for Alex. He is my soul mate and we were meant to be together through thick and thin. I feel love every day of my life. I feel it from the dogs and cats and from Alex. I feel it when I walk in the woods and I often feel that Mother Nature is hugging me! :) I feel it from my friends when I read their lovely comments on my blog - like yours Baili! Whenever I read your comments, I smile and feel all warm inside. I always think to myself "she's so supportive and she CARES about what I talk about!" Now that's love! xxx

  10. Like for example Ygraine above my comment, I too am very happy and grateful to read your wise words, dearest Baili. You write about topics that are more important than the small everyday issues we so easily ruminate... :)
    Love is wonderful.
    Hugs and blessings.

  11. "O amor parece ser algo maior do que a própria vida". Gostei logo do começo deste seu texto cheio de lucidez e sensibilidade.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  12. As always, i really enjoyed this post, Baili. As you said, Love is many things and for me one of those is deep friendship not only with my husband (which is the deepest to me) but also with family & friends.

    The Bible passage we read at our wedding sums it all up for me from the Apostle Paul's letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). It's the one that starts: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs...Love never fails. . .
    Ironically, I found a framed version of this message in a thrift store several years ago. It was apparently given to someone as an anniversary gift and how it ended up where I found it was a lucky find as is hung on our bedroom wall.

  13. Thank you Baili for all of your comments on my blog posts. I truly "love" and appreciate that you take such time to not only read the posts, but also you provide such thoughtful comments in response.

  14. Beautiful said! Love is a very deep feeling indeed. Wishing a wonderful week Baili!

  15. Another very thoughtful post, I did enjoy reading it,
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan

  16. I Will Always Love You (Dollie Parton and Whitney Houston)

  17. Unfortunately is not only love.
    Hate is also immense.
    Have a great week.

  18. Love is the "emotion upon which our whole life is based." Yes, so true! We are nowhere without love.

  19. True love is unconditional, it is felt through the soul and connects us to our creator. It is a difficult concept to understand. It is what Jesus and other Great spiritual teachers have taught.

    I mention Jesus because his teachings were the ones that set me on my path to understanding. He is not the only teacher that has inspired and led me to the truth.


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