Friday, September 27, 2019

Minimalist (Poem)

Roaming   miserably   in   castle  of  her  heart 
Overflown    by  darkness    of  disbelief   and  vanity  

Piled  up  with    stuff    of  illusion  and  complex
Floor   of    jealousy   and  roof   of   doubt

Burning   her   soul   with  flame  so  loud
Ready    with   defense   for   unexpected   invasion

Holding  tools   don’t  promise   salvation
Hate’s  dagger   hidden   behind 

The  shield   of  dissimulation 
Net   of   jeopardy   her  best  carnation

Tricks   are   chain   and  confusion  is   cuff
Treachery  is  robe  she  use  often  rough

Windows  and  doors   are   closed  so  tight 
To   come   through  is  impossible   for  light

With  blindness   covered   are   bits   of  holes 
God   has   abounded   a   darkened   soul 

Wondering    why   still   so  fear  ???
In   my   hands   though   strongest   spear

Time   flown   by   and   years   passed 
To  the  lonely   castle   no  one  crossed

Baked  in  oven  of  self-indulgence
Almost   dead  in  well   of  ignorance

One   day   she   thought   herself  Lost
 Opened  the  gate   of  castle  at   last

Overwhelming   scenery    and   cherished   breeze
Within  few  moments  she  learnt  to  breath

Flying   birds   and   butterflies 
Invited   her   to  see  sunrise 

Sat  on   rock   and  focused  on  Rays
Suddenly   it  seemed  cleared   all   ways

Ocean   of  light   within   her   splashed 
Took   out   all   the  trivial   trash  

Castle  washed   and   illuminated  soul
 She   felt   free   of   unnecessary   loads

Determined   to  remain   as   light   and  free
Only   two   things   she   had  to   keep

"Faith "  and   "Love "  to   live   with   ease
Nothing   else   could be   SOURCE   TO  PEACE !

If  with  these  two    life  is   feed 
Happiness   will   follow   her   always   indeed  :)


  1. The best things in life are simple and free!

  2. Faith and love indeed:) What a beautiful poem!!!

  3. Beautiful indeed, dearest Baili!!
    I am drawn into your words...feel them with my heart...and store them in my Soul.
    Oh thank you so, so much...for injecting such magic into my day!😊😊

    All my love and hugs, always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I like the way the metaphors just roll off each line.

  5. Beautiful poem. I am glad she found faith and love.

  6. A dark soul took in light and redeemed itself. There is always hope.

  7. Dear Baili, it is so true that when we open ourselves--crack open our stony hearts and minds--to love and faith and I would add "trust," we find the contentment that has always eluded us. It is pure gift. It is not come when we try to grasp. Peace.

    1. dear Dee spirit polluted with so much negative energy can hardly know that "how tastes the love ,faith and specially trust" because to trust someone one has quality of to be trustworthy :)
      i so agree peace does not come when you try to achieve it
      but when you try to deliver it :)

  8. Lovely, lovely. Finding faith and then love is the part that fills the soul.

  9. Your poetry is always so musical to my ear, baili. Beautiful!

  10. Baili, that was wonderful. You DEFINITELY could have been writing a poem about me and my life before and after burnout. I had ever "toy" and "gadget"...I was working 100 hours a week, I wanted more and more and more...but seeking more left me empty. I learned the hard way! After burnout, I discovered (after a long decade of recovery) that the simple, minimal things in life, are worth so much more and are so much more rewarding. Lovely poem! :) xx

    1. Dear Rain I am deeply sorry for your tough part of life !!!

      No doubt we learn through hardships and difficulties more instead of laying in our comfort zone and this process is part of plan that nature has within for our growth as humans

      I had known and I still observe such pitiable people who suffer with such horrible and painful way of thinking
      While writing this poem I put myself in their shoes and believe me it was hard to breath!

      I still think that you are being hard on yourself.
      Things happen to all and it doesn't mean it was your fault my wonderful friend!

  11. So beautiful poem, Baili!
    Happy Sunday.

  12. This was a beautiful poem to read, Baili. Your writing is full of such imagery. Thank you for sharing your creative talents, my friend.

  13. You're always inspired and you're always a source of inspiration.
    Have a great week!

  14. What a beautiful poem of redemption, Baili! You have the ability to create unique and powerful images that speak to my soul! Wishing you a happy and fulfilling weekend with your guys!


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