Sunday, September 8, 2019

Energy And Work

This  universe  is  filled   with   energy.  Energy   stored  in  body    of  living   or  non  living   things. And  energy    existing   within   spaces   in  the   form  of  light   and   gas  and  undefinable  stuff  .

It   can   be  realized   that  whole   energy   was   densely   composed   and  bonded    very   long  ago. But   Then   something  happened   and  it   started   to   extend   in   all   possible   directions .  And   since  then  the  process  of   separation   and  extending   is   continued.

I   feel   that    expending   energy   is   always  looking   for   it's   other   end   and  trying   to    meet   it   desperately.

How   a   mind  form   his  energy   depends   upon  his  basic  approach   and   environment   he  lives  in. He  can  be  creative  ,imaginative   or hard core  practical.   

If   his   within   energy   finds   healthy  connection  to   energy  around  him  he  can   create   a  sublime  and  positive  set   of   thoughts. If   he   finds   favorable   opportunities   to  apply   them  He   develops   a  strong   and  prosperous  life. 

Because   energy   is   extending   though   yet   it  seems to  be    in  search   of  it's   origin   and  always  strike   to   attempt  for  this.

The   more   powerful   strike   is  the  more  person   is  active  and  ambitious. 

We   humans   also   are   active   form  of   this   energy.   We  use   our   energy   to  explore  ,to  connect   and  to create   or meet  other   types   of  energies   around   us.And  we  do  it  inevitably  and  naturally.

Our    tendency   to  do  so   provoke   us  to  Think   or   Act . It   make   us   work  in  our  life.

When   we   work  we  simply  follow   our  instinct (as  piece of  energy). Some  do  more  work  than   others. As   it  is  said  some  work  to  live   and  some  live  to  work.

Unconsciously  we  try   to  connect   with  our  "Origin" or "Whole".  I   think   that  somehow  energy   in  this  universe   is  of  two   kind . Both   kinds have  developed  from   elements   present  here . Both   have   purpose   to  serve .Because    everything   in   Nature   is  here  to  support   it's   system.

I  used   to   think   first   that   why   people   run  after   money  and  power . Now  i  think   that   may  be   they   do  so  because   they   have  found   only   this   way  effective  to   do  it  yet .
 So   it  is   important   to   them  to  invest   their  energies  in   field   where  they   think  they  can  last  for  long ,whether  in  form  of  saved   wealth  ,land ,  family  or  followers .  

I   am   workaholic   and  often   my   restlessness  to  stay   busy   all  the  time   irritate  me   because   my   age  doesn't  support   with  my  intention   anymore  and  i  end  up   with  thought   Why  so ?

I  think  all   people  who   can  be   what  they   want  to  be  are   like   shaped  solid   that   finally  found   it's  matched   pattern   to  be  within . They   have  every  right   to  be  at  Peace .

Those   who   cannot   find   ways   to  put  out   their   arts  and  abilities   feel  Lost   and  misplaced .Connection   between  eternal  and  external  energies   seems   really  weak   and  torn. 
 Still  they  do  inevitably   whatever  they  have  to  do   for  living . It  seems  like   endless  cold  war  between   two   worlds  ,outside  and  inside . Some  win  some  loose   and  some  keep   moving  in between. And  time  comes  to  give  energy  another  form   to  progress. 

May  be  through  these  weird   words  i  am  trying  to  reason  my  habit  of  overworking  (since  always) . Hubby   and  my  sons  pressuring   me  to  have   domestic  help   but  i  am  so  afraid  of  being  free  of  house   jobs  that   though    consume  my  entire   physical   energy  but  strengthen   my   spirit.

Every  morning   when   i  start  work  i  feel  i has   started  journey   to  Uphill   and   after  i  finish   my  work  i  feel   the  peace   and  happiness  that  a  mountaineer  must   feel   when  he   reaches   on  peak . 

My  work   is  way to  achieve  connection  of  my  inner  energy  to  energy   around  me :) 
I  don't  want  to  be  disconnected  though  slowing  down   is  not  a  bad  idea .





  1. Well written Baili!
    Energy is powerful. It can't be created or destroyed. It's always follow the rules in the system, at the end it goes to equilibrium. That's going on in human body system too, in our body, don't be disconnected :)

    Happy Sunday, Baili!

  2. It is important to work as well as it is important to have some rest, especially with family,for me my rest day is Sunday☺ Have a lovely new week☺

  3. Dearest Baili, here is yet another wise masterpiece of a post.
    I really love how you make me think, and how you inspire me to see things from a different angle.
    Like you, I feel I have to stay busy. If I don't, then I feel listless and lost.
    So I totally agree with all you say here...and am so in awe of how you find the words to describe such deep subjects.
    You are amazing!!😊😊

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. It is good to slow down once in awhile

  5. What you say is true. Our dog is not yet a year old. Several times a day she will suddenly race back and forth through the house. She has extra energy to expend. I have read that it is a necessary thing for dogs to do this. Energy has a constant need to move.

  6. Slowing down isn't a bad idea, but honestly, if you feel so fulfilled at the end of your day why do it? If the body requires it, then yes, I understand that. But some days I'm on my feet from 6am until I drop into bed at 8pm (actually most days lol)...I'm tired, but gosh I feel like I lived my life to its fullest!

    I think your comment about people running after money got me thinking about how I lived for about 10 years of my life (before burning out). I was chasing money and power too. I worked in finance and I felt the need to keep reaching up and up and up and working harder and harder to chase a paycheck and a title that was in the end, completely unfulfilling. It wasn't me at all and I paid dearly for it healthwise.

    I didn't feel my energy back then. I didn't feel the earth's energy back then, I was indeed lost. Now though, I feel the energy all around me. I really enjoy my simple life. Though, sometimes I feel people's negative energy to the point where it exhausts me emotionally. That's the only bad part I can say about feeling energy all around me!

  7. One has to pace oneself. There is nothing wrong with slowing down when one needs to.

  8. Rest is so important, just as important as keeping busy!

  9. Well that does give me something to think about.

  10. Your whole idea on energy has got me thinking . Good post.

  11. Everyone needs to have a purpose, in my opinion. It gives shape to our days and our lives. The purpose doesn't need to be anything connected with fame or fortune. The happiest time of my life was when our kids were growing up. That was my purpose! I feel a bit lost now but I also feel able to relax without stressing. I wish you could relax a bit more but I understand your need to follow your heart and purpose!

  12. In October I'll go to Portugal to recharge.
    From time to time it's necessary.
    Have a great week

  13. I am fascinated about human energy and human-driven energy. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. Todos precisamos da energia do universo. E também precisamos de recarregar a nossa energia com dias de descanso. Gostei do seu texto.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  15. Creative energy is my favorite kind of energy and the one that most motivates me.

  16. I like your words about the two kinds of energy. "Both kinds have developed from elements present here . Both have purpose to serve .Because everything in Nature is here to support it's system." This is an interesting perspective. I like this! Blessings!!

  17. interesting thoughts Baili, the whole universe and everything on it is made from some kind of energy, if only we could channel some of this energy, could we make our world a better place? I know that whatever work we do, we should do it as a kind of worship for our maker, so ok we can't all have the jobs we want, but we can strive to do them well to make ourselves the best we can be for God.

  18. I also tend to be a bit of a workaholic, not in the sense of having to go to a job any longer, but just in not being able to stay still for long periods of time. Perhaps it's just nervous energy at times.

  19. Connect to your breath, always! It will help with your energy! And, if your soul wants you to take a break or not work as much, then do that! You have to take care of you! Big Hugs!

  20. Energy/work is good, but it is also good to take things a little slower every now and again.

    All the best Jan

  21. We are created and connected by energy and light. We have to remember our creator who lifts and sustains us leading us towards a better understanding of ourselves.


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