Thursday, October 3, 2019

Psychological Manipulation ?

Long  ago  I  heard  story  from  my  grandfather   many  times  that   I  never  forgot . “once   a  man  was  walking  to home  alone    along  with  newly   bought  goat  .Path   was  barren  and  he  had  to  cross  few  villages  ahead  to  reach  his  home.

On  the  way  a  pack   of  thieves   saw  him  and  thought   to  rob  him .They  had  an  idea  that  they  thought  would  work   surely .

They  were  seven  thieves  altogether , they  decided  to  act  accordingly  one  by  one  ,so  one of  them  went    front   of  the  man   with  goat and    asked  some  questions   to  show  he  was  being  just  curious  as  traveler  .? 

He  further  asked  the  actual  question  "so  how  much  you  paid  for  this  dog ?

Goat   carrier  was  surprised  to  hear  that  a  man  just  called  his  goat  dog . He  said  smilingly  as was  being  sorry  for  his  misunderstanding “ it’s  goat  ,not a  dog . The  thief  smiled  as  goat  carrier was  sounding  fool  and  replied “  this  is  weird   ,I  cannot  believe that  someone  made  fool  of  you  and  sold  you  a  dog  by   mentioning  it  as  goat.

That  statement  made  goat  carrier  anxious  and  he  shouted  at   thief   and  said  don’t  call  my  goat  a  dog , do  you  think  I  am  crazy  and  cannot  realize  difference  between  goat  and  dog .

He  told  the  thief  to  get  out  of  his way  and  walked ahead  mumbling  angrily. This  happened   six  times   and  each   time  doubt  about  goat  of  being  dog  got  stronger  because  goat  carrier  was  simple  honest  man  who   could  not  imagine  that   some  thieves  are  trying  to  rob  him.

Each  time  he  thought  that  is  this  man  also  laying  and  my   I  had  bought  a  dog  instead  of  goat .He  would  look  and  check  the   goat  each  time  but    words  thrown  to  his  ears   constantly   dimmed  the  reality  present  before  his  eyes   somehow.

Disappointment  replaced   the  anger   in  his  mind  slowly.
And   when  he  was  barely  far  from  his  village   he  turned  as  complete  despair  . he  loose   the  chain  in  the  neck  of  goat  and  let  it  go. Thieves   celebrated  their  success     as  their  plan   worked  so  well  eventually .

I  found  this  story  always  sad   because  an  innocent  man  was  robbed   because  he  relied   words   of   others   rather   than   his  own   insight.

We   witness  such   situations   many  times   in  life  when   we  encounter   with  people  who  manipulate  others   minds  to  achieve  some  selfish   motives .

I  less  blame  them  who  try  to  destroy  others  by  poisoning  their  thoughts  but  those  who  believe  them  and  follow  the  false   call.

What  do  you   think   of  such  stories  friends ?


  1. That's a great story, I love it! You're right, we should always be the judge of our own truth and reality.

  2. Interesting story and yes, it is sad when someone is manipulated and tricked into believing something that isn't true.

  3. It is a good lesson. Makes me think of all the phone and internet scammers these days who basically try to steal with manipulation and not force.

  4. I enjoyed the story. It is a good reminder to trust myself instead of looking to other to validate my views.

  5. This is a useful and informative story. We have people doing this in our everyday lives. We have people in authority, such as politicians, corporate CEOs, etc. doing it on a regular basis.

  6. good story with a lesson for us all.

  7. It's a very good lesson on how we can be tricked.

  8. A really great story, dearest Baili...that reminds us to trust ourselves, rather than allow others to manipulate us for their own gain.
    As one who has allowed herself to be duped in the past...this fabulous post is a timely warning...thank you so much!😊😊

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Yes, the blame is more on those who are gullible and allow themselves to be taken for a ride.

  10. Manipulation is so horribly abusive. I am glad you shared that story but I really don't like it, because it shows how people are just so happy to mess with people's minds for their own gain. I know people like that, and I don't associate with them anymore.

  11. Dear Baili, the story reminds me of those I read as a child in a book about Aesop's Fables. Each story had a meaning that would help me journey through life.

    As to the person who tries to deceive and the person who is deceived, I find both at fault. The first one knows about gullibility and takes advantage of that. In his/her arrogance, he/she lies. The person who relies on the lie and believe it, is often ignorant of the facts. (Not stupid, but ignorant.) If only someone tells him/her the facts as they really are, then this person can find the truth and be free of the deceit of the other person. Peace.

  12. What an important lesson your grandfather taught you in a memorable way, Baili! Stories are powerful, and good ones stay with us forever. I hate manipulation, and I try very hard not to be duped by manipulators. Thank you for sharing another wise story!

  13. Good story but if you have confidence in yourself you would stick to your guns and not believe the word of strangers.

  14. What an excellent story to illustrate how we must think for ourselves and not be influenced simply by repetition of lies!

  15. Oh Lord! Poor honest man! Learning from this educative story :)

    have a great weekend, Baili!

  16. Thus story while sad for the man does show how easily people can be fooled and not trust their own instincts, Bali. Just recently, we were discussing a possible change in medical insurance coverage with some neighbors and people we know. They had changed their plans in the past couple of years and were telling us all about the cost savings. We remained just a bit skeptical and this week, we spoke with an independent broker who advised us to keep the plan we have had for many years. It is more costly than our friends, but if we were to have any medical emergencies, we would not pay a lot of $$ as they may have to do. Something in our minds cautioned us to not make a change. Sorry the man in your story also did not trust his inner judgement.

  17. You Will accept everything when you found every single people accepted that. No matter it was a fake. 😀.

    Very inspirational story..

  18. I find it sad that people are so easily deceived. Inside there inner being is the ultimate truth to everything!


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