Friday, October 4, 2019

Journey Of Autumn Leaves (poem)

Happy  October  as  this  is  fall 
Rows   of  trees  like   golden   walls

Shedding  leaves  with  sadden  heart
Doing   something  ,they  want   not

Opened   cage   for   nature’s  sake
"Will   return   if   love   you   back"

Jungle   is   sunken   in    ocean   of   hues 

Silent    glow  of   fire   has   grew 

Souls   are   soaked    with   soothing  flames 

Senses   are   playing   anesthetic    games  

Some  find  such  sight  hard  to  bear
As   one   standing  in  puddle  of  tear

To   someone  it   means   bit   more
Beautiful   weather’s  sizzling  decor

Children   play  with   colorful  piles
Delightful   and  cherishing  smiles

Time   and  weather  then  work   so  long 
Process  of  constant  change  along

Sometimes  easy ,sometimes   tough
Sometimes   smooth    and  sometimes  rough
To   reappear  on  earth’s   face 

Leaves   have   to  take  so  many  shapes

Undergoing   crushing   trials  
Not  so  easy  ,journey  through   soil

Though   at   last   they  find   their   track 
Sublime  reward   as  their  way   back 

And  next  time    when   here   comes   spring
Refreshed   joyous   leaves  she   bring  :)

To  eyes   deliver   they   joy   so   deep !
Fill   soul   with  undefined   peace  !

Chirping   birds   and   breeze   embrace 
Play   with   cherishing   happy  sun rays

How  can   trees   can   hide   their   joy 
With   the   wind   they   clap   so   high 

Rules    of  nature   are  tough  one  though 

Teach   us   ways   of   survival   and   grow :)


  1. Very nice poetry as always Baili. You have really captured the feel of October. I like this season. Here in New York we have had unseasonably warm weather. It is just beginning to feel like the fall.

  2. That is so beautifully written once again, you are truly a poet! I love it especially, cos I love Autumn and October is my favourite month, cos last October I gave birth to my son☺ Have a lovely weekend ☺

  3. While many people see Spring as a time of rebirth and renewal, but fall has always been my favorite time of year. Have a wonderful fall weekend, my dear blogger friend. Glad you enjoyed my recent museum trips post.

  4. Some very beautiful imagery and rhymes here! Thanks for the poem!

  5. I like the way the trees are simply hiding their joy until the right season comes. :)

    Blessings, Baili.


  6. Lovely! Fall is one of the best times where I live...for maybe four or five days, but still, the best days.

  7. Your Ode to October is quite lovely:) I enjoyed it very much! Thank you:)

  8. Beautiful imagery and sentiment, Baili! Love it!

  9. Beautiful poetry as always, Baili. I've often felt that falling leaves must be sad, but at least they usually go out in a blaze of glory! The regeneration of nature gives us hope in our own regeneration after we die. At the very least, we become stardust, enter the hearts of new suns, and eventually scatter throughout the universe. Hugs to you, my poetic friend!

  10. You have a talent for capturing the feeling of your subject. I could feel the leaves beneath my bare feet as I experienced October.

  11. It's a very beautiful poem, Baili. Love it.

    Have a great day.

  12. That's great Baili! A wonderful description of the season!!! :)

  13. I do like the Autumn season … I enjoyed reading your poem Baili, thank-you.

    All the best Jan

  14. Beautifully done, baili. The leaves here are just starting to turn colours. Soon they will start to fall also. And then return to the soil, as you said. The cycle of leaf life.

  15. Um belo poema dedicado ao outono, o tempo em que as folhas das árvores ganham o tom do mel e os dias mais curtos nos lembram a brevidade de tudo… Gostei muito.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo

  16. Enjoyed your beautiful picture and thoughts to match.

  17. Autumn surely is a glorious season, Baili. I love all the changing colors of orange and red and gold. I liked your sentence, Children play with colorful piles - Delightful and cherishing smiles. I remember one picture very well of Jess and Nel playing in the leaves at their grandma's house. Your sentence reminded me of that.

    Have a sweet Autumn week, Baili.


  18. Lovely imagery, Baili. Wishing you a happy autumn.

  19. Bella poesia. L'autunno la stagionr chr piu mi piace.
    Buona serata.


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