Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Visit to Sukkur City And Glory Of Weather And Life :)

Hey   Amazing  Hearts !

Hope   enjoying  the  walk  in  wonderful  garden  of  life   while  picking   up  the  flowers   of  joy  and  goodness   and  avoiding   the  thorns    of   sorrow  and  disbelief :)

As   i  mentioned   earlier  that  after  a  previous  magical  rain weather   has  taken  a  pleasant   turn  and   we  are  having  absolutely Gorgeous  days  which  often   seems  like   from   spring month :)

Last  day   was  also  one  poetically  awesome  day  when  we   decided   to   go   Sukkur  city    for  not  just   visit  but  little  bit  of  shopping .

I  could  see  the   pleasurable   affect  of  weather  on  happy  faces   of  people  which  was great  feeling  because  extreme  summers   annoy  and  irritate  all  equally .

we  go  for  such  trips  after  quite  a   long  break  of  few  months  so  we  find  new  charm  in  each new   visit ,  watching  busy   roads  and  markets  full  of  life  feel   amazing :)

 first  of  all  we  had  juice  of  grapefruit  which  refreshed  our  minds though  hubby  and  kids  found  it  bit  sour  but  i  loved  the  feeling  followed  right  after  few  moments ,it  energized  me  really more  than  an orange  juice which  we  are  used  to

images  of  market  are  taken  quickly  by  me  while  walking   so , sorry   if  some  are  blurred ,i find  markets  divided  in  various  parts  so  interesting ,this  one  is  my  favorite the "fruit market"

spices  street  of  market  is  also  situated  separately  but  some  shops  are  in  mixed  in  common  market  area

  this  is  shop  from  where  i  bought  non stick pans  and some  other things for  baking as  winters  provoke me  for  baking   either

  crowed   was  less  because  people  of  Sindh  province  had  two  holidays  lately  and  i  found  walk  within  market  less hard 

 after  almost  two  and  half  hour  spending  in  shopping  we  went  for lunch to  hotel  where  we  mostly  go ,food  was delicious  as  always  and   tea  was  remarkable  ,kids chose cold drinks instead

 after  exiting  from  hotel  we  went  to  pick  up the laptop  of  my  younger  son  which  we  dropped  to  repair  after  arrival , something  wrong  was in motherboard that  cost 7000 included new battery ,the  clock tower  taking  sunbath  looked  majestic  and sublime as  was  pondering  upon  hasty  crowed  while  enjoying  the  friendly  mood  of  sun :)

my  youngest   son  was  consistently   asking  us  to  get  back  home  so  he  can  prepare  for  monthly  exams so  we  dropped  the  idea  to  visit  river  indus park  but  i  could  not  resist  when  we  were  passing  by  and  got  down  from  vehicle  and  went  in  for  hardly  10  minutes  on  my  personal  insistence :)

  and   i  was  so  happy  that  i  insisted :) view  of  water  and  trees   filled  my  soul  with  absolute  joy  and  peace and  i  realized  that  it  was  good   to  be  with  nature  always :)))

4:30 almost ,sun  was  crawling  towards  water  edge  slowly  and  it's  magical  rays  were  embracing  the  scenes  beautifully , how  amazing  that  good  weather  brings  cherishing  serenity  and  glory  to  scenario :) 
during  ride  the  enchantment  of  weather  seems  to  warp   the  whole   views  gloriously  and  i  tried  to  grab  some  drops  in  my  camera lenses :)

goats  were  playing  and  grazing  peacefully    in  date   gardens , it  did not  took  a  moment  when  they  reminded  me  of  my lovely  lashing  village  where  such  exquisite  sights  were in  abundance :)

magic  of  weather  and  loveliness  of  views  cannot  be  transferred  through the  eyes of  camera  though  if  you  stay  still  and observe the  serenity  and  beauty   are  singing  with  harmony  just  front  of  you :) this  is  moment  when  you  feel  spontaneously that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

last   hug  of  sunrays  to  garden  is  full  of  sentiments  that  are  hard  to  define  but  easy to FEEL!
fields  are plowed  and  waiting  for  new  seeds  to  whom  they  can  give  life  :) GIVING  IS  VIRTUE  OF  OUR CREATOR ,GIFTED  TO  HIS  CREATURES  :)
  local  quilt art  drawn   from  precious   sweet  hands was  hanging  there  in  abundance  waiting  for  appreciating  eyes  :)

gift  shops beside  highway ,so  can  appeal  people  to  buy  some  for  loved  ones :)
 a  charming  restaurant  building  near  our  city  ,it  was  red  before  but  i  liked  this  one more

quick  selfie  at  Indus  river   park  which  i  shared  with  my  eldest  son  and  he  said  he  loved  it :)
  my  younger  son  edited  the  image   by  app  in  his  new  samsung A 50 and  you can  see how  beautifully  the  ll  original  colors  are  transformed  and  look  more  vibrant  and  beautiful

                                  another  image  of  the   way by  my  son's phone

Days   are   getting  shorter   and  i  am  finding  bit  hard  to  manage  an  hour  for  blogging  dear  friends  but  i will try  my  best  to  visit  you  all  properly  and  regularly  though  my  posts  can be bit  late  specially  when  holidays  come  i  prefer  to  spend  time  with  hubby  and  kids .

please  keep  filling  the  beautiful  basket  of  your  soul  with  lovely   blooms   of  goodness   and  happiness :)

On  the  ground  of  Faith  grow  endless crops  of  hope  and  dreams  ,and  water  them  with  dignity  and  devotion  .  Lord  will  surely  bless you  with  Blessed   harvest :)
hugs!  Blessings  to  all  of  you !!!!


  1. I really enjoyed your colourful beautiful post!

  2. Beautiful weather, fun shopping, a nice cuppa tea and those gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing all your photos with us. I like the unique architecture of that restaurant too.

  3. As you wrote the view from a camera cannot begin to show the beauty of nature etc. But I was pleased to be able to see your lovely family and learn more about your country. Your descriptive words of each picture was enlightening and inviting.

  4. You day sounds wonderful, Baili. The market looks like a great place to shop!

  5. Looks like such a wonderful time! So nice to see photos of you and your lovely family!

  6. Great pictures. It looks like you had a really good day. I am happy that the weather was good for you.

    I love that clock tower.

    Have a great day!

  7. The clock tower is one of the most exquisite structures I have ever seen. I looked at a long time before I went on to read the rest of your post.

  8. You had a good trip. That's a very interesting market. You live in a beautiful land.

  9. Lovely photos, Baili, and one edited photo from samsung A 50 looks a painting to me.
    Precious time with wonderful family members.

    Have a great day!

  10. The local market looks so lively. Meals and frothy tea must have tasted superb after strolling around. The edited photo (#21) looks to be different place from the photo #11. It can set fire on someone’s imagination… a lone boat, atmospheric pond with reflections. The quilts are beautiful and eye-catching. I always love the landscape with water. Thanks for filling my heart with the warmth of your family together, beauties of the landscape, and lovely art. Have happy days ahead, Baili.


  11. Absolutely beautiful pics! The markets in your part of the world are so amazing, so many beautiful and delicious things to buy. You have an amazing family:) By the way, you can substitute Greek yogurt with sour cream in my cake recipe, if it is more available for you. Have a lovely day:)

  12. Bellissimi fotografie.
    Buon pomeriggio.

  13. Oh thank you so much for this wonderful virtual tour with you around the markets!
    I'd so love to be there for real...all those stunning colours, and such a beautiful place!!😊😊
    Oh WOW!!!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. This was a fun shopping trip, Baili, and I didn't even spend money or buy anything! I was wondering how far the trip was from your home as you said your younger son wanted to get home to study for exams. Keeping up with blogging and reading blogs can be time-consuming as we know, so never be concerned that you prefer to spend time and holidays with family. That's the way life should be and we will enjoy your return.

  15. my friend often goes to india, there my friend is doing a deepening of the faith in God, if in Indonesia it is usually called jamaah tabligh

  16. Thanks for sharing your beautiful autumn day with us, Baili! I enjoyed the lovely river scenes and the goats frolicking in the date orchard. My goodness your sons are growing! Kudos to you and your husband for raising sons who value studying and learning (But also kudos to you for squeezing in a few minutes to fill your soul!). I always love seeing pictures of you and your family most of all. I often have to take photos on the run or from a car too ~ I love that you get them and share them! Hugs to you, my friend!

  17. what fabulous pictures Baili, I love seeing markets with all the fruit, spices and pots and pans - this is what we always seek out on our travels. hand made quilts look interesting. Your son's camera does some clever transformations. So nice that you do these outings as a family, your sons are a credit to you.

  18. Hi Baili :)) I LOVE the family selfie! You all look so happy :) And the photo of the boat on the river is just spectacular! I love the market photos, those are some big grapefruits!!

  19. Thank you so much for aharing the incredible beauty and the wonder.
    I hope your joyous days and delight in beauty continues always.

  20. The beauty of this place is indescribably. The simplicity of the people clicks me the most.

    Have a nice day
    Kinza Khushboo
    Glamorous without the Guilt
    Bloglovin | Glamorous without the Guilt

  21. This is a fantastic post, and I loved the feeling of accompanying you on your lovely day. I also love markets, and I wished I could see this beautiful place, also the architecture half ignored in the streets. Those quilts are so beautiful. I have never seen so many displayed outside. You and your family look so happy. I hope that you continue to blog, your kindly and positive posts are always a good thing to read.

  22. Oh Baili, a wonderful post full of great photographs.
    I enjoyed seeing them all, and especially the one of you and your lovely family :)

    All the best Jan

  23. Such great pictures! I really enjoyed seeing them and hearing about your trip. I loved seeing the rows of date trees and the river. It was fun to visit your marketplace with you. I like your family portrait too and can see why your oldest son would appreciate having it.

  24. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos! Makes me smile! Life is beautiful! Big Hugs!


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