Friday, October 18, 2019

Clean The Inner Room

Who  does  not   love  cleaning . Everyone  wants  to live  in  clean  environment. Houses  and  work  places  are  being  cleaned  daily  .

Why  do  we  like cleanliness ?  I  think  most  probably  because  it  is  important   for  our  physical health . We   use  soaps ,detergents  and  so  many  other  things  to  keep  germs  away .
 And  most  of  the  time  it  works  and  we  fall  sick  lesser   than  who  do  not  keep  their  places  clean.
I   think   we  people  also   should   learn  to  pay  attention   about   cleaning  our  mind  and  soul  either. .

We  all  know  that  our  brain is  designed  to  absorb   learning  randomly  from  happenings  around  us. During  this   process  of  learning   it  picks  up  so  many   things  which  are  not just  Useless  but  Harmful   for  our   mental  health .

These  are  the  things  that  often  manipulate  our   thoughts  and  distract  us  to   wrong  direction  when  we   decide  to  walk  on  path  of  life .

We   can  call  them  “Negative   Thoughts “  or  “Trash”  which   makes  our  mind  a  dirty   place . If  we    ignore  their  presence  for  long  they  will  do  same  to  our  personality   which   Trash  does   to  a  room  if   is  left  for  long.

It  will  make  place   not  just  ugly   but  Stinky .Germs  will  grow  and  spread  physical  illness .  If   we   could  not   realize  how  dangerous   it  is  because  it  is  inside  us  and  we  are  not  so  attentive  or  too  egoistic    to   feel   the damage   it  is  causing . Others    around  us  will  smell   it  surely .

Probably  they   would    not  tell  us  about  it  because  they  don’t  want to  hurt  our  feelings   or  due  to  our  influence on  their  life  etc.

Still it  is  our   mind  and  our  life  which  is  Under  Threat   because  of  this ”Trash “. By  the  time   inevitably   we  too  start   to  realize   the   bad  effects   and  nasty   smell   because   the  “trash”  has  made    us  person   which   reveals   somehow  through  his  behavior  that  “trash”  exists  inside  him.

Because   Trash  was  left  there  for  long so  it  has   developed    Germs   which  has  made  us  Sick Mentally .
Diseases   are  numerous .

 For instance  Jealousy   which  is  one  of  the  time  most  crucial   and  destructive  .

Jealousy    eats    one  up  with  fire  it  lit  within  him . Make  him   do  cheap   and  low  things    which  he  will never  do   and  will  find  insulting  for  his  image  in normal   condition.  
He   will  be  ready  to  burn   to  whom  he  is  jealous  and  for  this  he  can  burn  himself   to  start  flame    happily .

Self  pity   for  example   is  disease   which  can  turn  the  patient     heartless  and  cruel  not  just  to  himself  but  other  to  . He  will  think   himself   weak  and   helpless.   He   will  always  feel  bad  for   himself  and  will  blame  others  for  his  failures . He   will  think  he  is neglected  and  mistreated   even  if  others  are   being  nice  and normal  to  him.

To   overcome   such  self  created  embarrassment  he  will  be  a sympathy  and   attention   seeker  . Portray   himself   opposite  what  he  actually  is .

Lying   is   common   disease   I  observed   and  people  lie   fondly   and  proudly .Lying  is  something   which  provides  Base   to   all   other  mental   diseases . We   have  a  Saying  here  that  “ IF  YOU  WANT  TO   LEAVE  SINS  ,DROP   LYING   , ALL  OTHER  SINS  WILL  FINISH   AUTOMATICALLY”

Liar   thinks  he  is  bluffing  people  but  truth  is  he  the  one  who  is  he  bluffing  most  because  the    damage  he  does  to  other  is  temporary   and   can  be  fixed   but  the   damage  he  does to  himself  is  unfixable . But   he  knows  it  when  it’s  too  late.

My  point  here  is  that  we  should  not  feel  shy   or  hesitant   about  our  mental   diseases .  We  don’t  have  to  share  with  others  anything  because  it  is  our  inner and  very  personal  thing. And on  this  whole  planet   only  we  can  fix  it .

So   it   is  great  idea   to   start   tradition    of  INNER  CLEANING . It   is  totally  possible . All  we  have  to  do  is  to  sit  and ponder  once  in a  while  and  observe  that  “is  there  any  negative  thought   growing  in  our  mind” ?


So  your  mind  can  hold  thoughts  only  which  are  useful  and  healthy   and  help  to  make  your  existence  SUCCESSFUL ! 


  1. This is so wise, Baili! Thank you for sharing it.


    I DON'T KNOW WHO's message I just deleted accidentally

  3. I think it must have been mine. lol I can't remember what I said. It must have been that I didn't like cleaning house.
    But agree that we can clean up our attitude and cleanse our mind.
    Your posts are always thoughtful and kind.

  4. I agree totally. It's so important to get rid of the negativity inside because it really does spread disease. The amount of stress I went under while I was working many years ago caused me to be both mentally and physically ill. My emotions were exhausted too and it was all due to my inner voice telling me I wasn't good enough, I had to work harder, I had to do more.

    Of course now, I'm a different and very happy healthy woman! I still find myself feeling self pity at times (especially lately with the tooth problem), but I shake it off really quickly. Meditation daily helps to clear the mind as well!

    1. dear Rain what i see through your sharing you are very strong person believe me
      self pity is emotion develop in people who feel stuck i think and with the freedom of thought and choice i don't think there is any room for self pity
      i consider it one of most dangerous feeling because it makes suffer with complexes which are powerful sign of mental illness
      i can see how nicely you framed your life in an ideal pattern and i eny you for such sublime organization of living my friend :)

  5. Excellent! Thank you for these wise words, sweet friend xo

  6. This is good advice. With that, I wonder is sometimes people try to get rid of harmful thoughts and behaviors and just cannot do it.

  7. My grandmother was an unhappy woman. She was so filled with bad thoughts and always willing to share them. I loved my grandmother but I did not like her. I like to think I am a happier person. My life has been filled with so much good.


    1. this is an achievement dear Emma that you did not let her influence to spoil your mental health
      i try to keep myself such people either who are completely negative and they can see no good anywhere or in anyone ,they are sick indeed

  8. Good mental health is essential Yes, we can get caught dwelling on a topic so the it controls us. However, The more little bits we have in the mind the more we learn about new things we experience.

    1. thoughts are bases to our actions dear Red
      only negative thoughts should be forbidden so our mind can learn with more focus for better surely

  9. You made an excellent analogy by connecting housecleaning with cleaning your mind and soul, Baili! I have to keep my mind in check, because if I don't negative, untrue thoughts can start me spiraling down to a bad place. Sometimes housecleaning helps me get past dark thoughts, and ironing clothes always calms me. You, my friend, always brighten my day! I hope that your youngest son's studying is going well and that his monthly tests are behind him. I wish all of your sons well in their studies, of course; but I was just remembering how your youngest son wanted to get back from the family outing because he needed to study! Big hugs to you!

    1. so true dear Louise :)

      being busy or creative is way out to negativity :)

      i wrote such topics time to time because i think we all can train our brains for better and appropriate use instead of wasting it in negative ways ,though sometimes after hitting publish i think oops may i repeated the topic again lol!
      today is his first paper of his monthly test :)
      actually teachers teach lessons in first three weeks of the month and then take test right after it so students sometimes cannot give their because time given is less to memorize long answers
      he complains but what to do ,thank God he manages to bring "A" often :)
      however such tests help for final exams though

      thank you for your kind concern about my youngest son dearest Louise

  10. Dearest Baili...what a superb post!!
    The prompt you have given us here is so important...and so desperately needed in this present time for humanity.
    We all need to take heed of your wise words here, because so many of us are walking around with a mental time bomb inside of us!
    I often have these negative self-destroying thoughts intruding into my consciousness...and when they do, I busy myself with giving the house a thorough clean.
    Yes, inner and outer cleanliness is connected. you are absolutely right!

    Have a magical day, my wonderful friend! :))

    Much love & hugs xxxxxxx

    1. This is Grace of Lord to give you sensibility for pushing away negativity and making way for positive thoughts through business
      For me it is always PERFECT SOLUTION

  11. I did enjoy this post Baili … thank you.

    All the best Jan

  12. Hi Baili, my thoughts exactly!
    I always try to chop my negative thought and get rid of it.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. Always good to clean whole thing not just half.

  14. A very good post about cleaning the spaces around us, and also cleaning the bad thoughts in our minds and hearts. INNER CLEANING is a good word, Baili, I like that. There are so many jealous people, and it doesn't do anyone any good to be envious. People want what they don't have it seems. But we have to remember to be grateful for all our gifts. Thanks for this special and wise post, and I hope you are enjoying these October days. Can you believe it's almost November, oh my?


    1. Sometimes it is more than just wanting what is not their's dear Sheri

      They go crazy and blind because of the extreme feeling and hurt themselves in efforts to harm others which is sad

      Oh yes I am absorbing the beauty of weather each moment my friend as our extreme summers are finally over and mild spring like days are filling our hearts with happiness :)

  15. You made a great comparison between keeping our homes clean and keeping our brains clean. Sometimes brain-cleaning is not as straightforward as house-cleaning, but the first step is to be aware of it.

    Have a good week, baili!

    1. Absolutely correct dear Jenny

      First thing is to realise the presence of trash

  16. I especially hate it when the same thoughts keep coming into my mind over and over again. After a while after I pay attention to them they stop, thank God.

  17. Mens sanna in corpore sanno.
    Have a great week

  18. Um texto muito interessante. É necessário ter a casa limpa, sim, mas é mais necessário ainda ter o coração livre de tudo o que é sombrio e falso.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  19. What a beautiful and wise post,it is sso important to clean our brains and souls I think! We all should remember about this more often, especially when life can get so stressful! Thank you so much for your support on my channel, means a lot to me, I also subscribed to yours☺ Have a lovely week☺

  20. The BEST advice! As always, a wonderful post, my friend:)

  21. for me, the room must be clean and I always order my wife to clean it every time I want to sleep, and I will be disappointed if there is even a little sand, then I will not be able to sleep soundly

  22. Great advice! Just think how much better our world would be if we all could clean our brains and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

  23. Great post! You have to love yourself and heal what is inside of you. Big Hugs!


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