Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Beautiful Weather And Random Photos

Hey  lovely  souls !

Hope   taking  each   sip   from  cup  of  life  with  deep   gratitude   and  lots  of  positive  energy :)

Sharing   some  random   images  to  share  our  joy   that  came  along  with  gorgeous  weather.

Few  days  back  it  rained   and  weather  took  dramatic  turn.  Air  is  crispy   since  then   specially morning  and  evenings   are  absolutely  magical :))) Nights  are  cooler  so  we  are  sleeping   inside  instead  of  frontyard.

when  i  stand  in  my  frontyard   close  to  my  garden  and  look  at  the sky  ,my  eyes  get  tears  of  gratitude :) sunlight   showering  through   sky   seems  like   soothing   ocean   ,my  feet  seems
to  leave   the  ground  and   i  feel  i  started  to  swim  in the  ocean  of  sunlight ,deep  blue  vastness  of  sky  seems  to   invite  me  within   and  hope  to  meet  my  Lord  surround my  being  overwhelmingly :)  i  know  sounds crazy  :)  but   i  really  can't  find  the  word  to  express my  joy  which  is  delivering  this  mesmerizing  spring like days  :) this image  is  taken  minute  ago by  my  younger son's  new Samsung A50 smart phone

my  garden  explains   how  weather  favors  his  visibility :)


my  younger  son   took  this  image   few  days  back  when  he  bought his  new  phone ,hubby  was  about  to  leave  for  office   and  i  was  lol 
well  you  can  see how  rough  i  am  looking  ,even  hair  are  not  combed  but  that's  me  at   home  mostly  busy  in chores  ,no  time  given  to  self  groom  except  exercise  or  walk  which is  important  
  week  ago   took  this  one  from  my  own  phone ,wanted to  share  my   new  spice  career  for  no  reason  lol

                          soul  of  my  home where  i  feel  more  close  to  my  Lord !

                                        Ah!  life  :)  fall  leaves  say  goodbye  so  beautifully !

                  captured  by  my  son's  new phone ,looks  far  better  than  one  taken   by  mine

  my    eldest   son  sent   this   image  and  few  more   on  request   when  he  attended  October  Fest  
                     when  he  was  somewhere  having  coffee he  found  this  plant  attractive

                       younger  one  excitingly   experimenting  with  apps   on  his  phone

  October   fest  ,happiness  is  such  a  blessing!  this  is  amazing  how  it  beautify  the  scenario  miraculously,  i   wish  i  can  lock  such  moments  for  all people of  this  world :)

this  one  captured  on  morning   next  to  when  it  rained  almost  whole  night , wet  ,happy  garden  seems  to  release  prays  for  kind  clouds :)

  chicken   kabab  we  made  a  day  back  as  weather  made  kids  to  want  spicy  food

my  eldest  son  invited   few   of  his   friends  for  dinner  few  days  back,  i  wanted  him  to  share with  us  what  and  how  he  did ,simple  with  one  dish  though  perfect  bachelor  dinner :)

  he  also  sent  this  image  taken  from  vehicle 's  window  while  going  to  office  ,i  found  it  gorgeous  with  leaves  turning  yellow

Life  is  too  short  to  be  sad   or  worry  dear  friends  so  look  at  the  palm  where  present  moment  is  glowing  like  a  firefly :) 

Focus  on  it  and  Smile :)))

Stay  Blessed  with  hope  that  gives  you  wings  so   you  can  fly  over  lands   of  faith  and  peace !
God  Bless  You  All!!!  


  1. Oh what a beautiful and uplifting post, dearest Baili!!
    I really love your wonderful photos...just looking at them makes me feel such deep gratitude for our lives and this magical world we live in.😊😊
    Oh Baili, you may not have had time to comb your hair in the photo...but you are still as beautiful as you always are. Your beauty literally shines from your Spirit within.😊😊
    You are amazing!!!

    Sending you much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. We are also enjoying beautiful fall weather. Enjoyed your photos today! The food looks delicious, including your son's simple meal.

  3. I love when you share your everyday life with us, Baili!

  4. There's nothing like attending Octoberfest in Germany! Lucky son! Bet he had a good time!

  5. Life is such a precious thing. You hace shared several pictures that illustrate this. We all need to remember to love our lives and enjoy them as fully as possible.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t think I’ve had a visitor from Pakistan before! I love your pretty little garden sanctuary.

  7. Things are getting cooler here too. Fall is really a wonderful time.

    Great pictures as always ☹️

  8. Dear Baili, at the deep center of yourself--where Oneness dwells--you are embraced, it seems to me, by Joy. Peace.

  9. I love to read about your home and family, baili! I'm so glad your weather has moderated - it gives us new energy when the days get cooler, doesn't it? And everything is greener after the rain. No wonder your garden is a source of joy to you; it's nature right in front of you.

    How exciting for your son to get a new camera - as our kids get older, their toys get more complex but their enjoyment is the same.

    Love the photo of you and your husband. I wish I looked as good as you first thing in the morning, my friend :)

  10. Loving the beauties (including yourself) which you shared. Thank you so much.

  11. Bonjour,

    Merci de partager avec nous ces petits moments de vie qui font le bonheur !
    Je vous souhaite une très belle journée.


  12. Good weather and harmonious family. Nice article

  13. Beautiful post! My son is also in Munich. In the summer I was visiting.
    I wish you joy and happiness!
    Daniela, Slovakia

  14. Heart shaped leaves are so cute. He has an excellent eye to catch fascinating things.

  15. The cup of life! I like that image. Now what are those cool night temperatures?

  16. Dear Baili, one can feel your joy and gratitude. This post makes also the reader happy.
    It's lovely to see your family (and you! :)) and your home. I love your new spice rack, it looks really practical.
    Our summer is not hot, but we too are enjoying the autumn, its rain and colours.
    Wishing you happy and blessed autumn days! <3

  17. The small white camel is above the orangutan to the right side of the photo.

  18. wow, very very beautiful, i like there and i hope there

  19. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs.
    I think your garden courtyard looks wonderful.

    All the best Jan

  20. I enjoyed seeing your photos of your everyday life and happy courtyard. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  21. Thank you for sharing beautiful autumn photos, Baili.
    Your eldest son is a good chef, and the youngest one has talent in photographs, So precious.

    Have a blessed Sunday, Baili.

  22. I loved this uplifting post, Baili! Your photos fill me with happiness and hope, and I am grateful that you share them with me and so many others. Hugs to you, my dear friend!

  23. Post molto bello, mi piacciono quelle tavolate piene di gente.
    Condivido il tuo pensiero (La vita è troppo breve per essere tristi) bisogna godersela fin che si può.
    Buona giornata.


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