Monday, July 8, 2019

Random Photos From Previous Visits Of Murree Islamabad 2016 ,17 and 18

Hey    Wonderful   Magicians  

Hope      enjoying   the   spell   of   mesmerizing   weather   and    turning   all    tough   parts   of    routine   into    easy    pleasant    events   for  you   with   your    astonishing     ability   to   do  magic   with   your   positivity  and    will  power :)

Since  summer    vacations   ended   here   so   hubby   and  kids    got  back  to   their   institutions .

 I    got    weird   throat   flu   and  little  feverish    feeling   so    taking   rest    after  medicine   and  meanwhile   scrolling   the   old   photos   .So  many   happy  moments  open  up  like   delightful   windows   and  memories    like  fresh    air    gets  into  my  inner  world :)

Wanted  to  share   bits  of  them  with  you  too :)

2016   ,we  visited   Murree  ,our  eldest  son  was  also  with  us  so  our  souls  were  so  serene  and  complete ,hubby  sat  on  iron  flat  rod nailed in ground and  pretended  as  doing  yoga   in  air lol

 Kashmir  point  Murree  in  summer   is  most  visited  area  ,but  this  was  Ramadan so  it was peace  before storm as after Ramadan you  can not find road ,just  flood of people
My  younger  son  was  quite  thin  in  2016 :) 

Murree  is  absolutely  gorgeous  hill park  ,so  beautifully  managed ,weather  is  EXCELLENT 

My  eldest  son   says  he  misses  pizza   as  in  Germny  fast  food  is  not  as  spicy  , but  good  thing  that  such  less  spicy  food   keeps  stomach  out  of  irritation ,image  is  taken in 2016 Karachi

   Hyper  Star  Mall  Karachi ,they  are making me annoy  with big cheese again

    Eid  Day   morning  actually  2016  ,youngest  son  wanted  to  take  image  but  younger  one   took  the  camera  from  him  so  you  can  see  his instant  sad  look 

winter   of  2016 ,i  was  doing  job in  school    then , my  garden  was  doing  quite  well 

    2017  september  when  we  visited  my  eldest  son  in  Karachi ,he  took  us  to  beach

 2017   October  ,after  our  son  left  for  Germany and  we  were  planning  to  renovate   our  floors 

  winter  2017    when  my  sons  were  feeling  little  low  when  they  knew   i  will  have  to  go  under  surgery  for  gall bladder  removal

 Shakarparriyan  hill park Islamabad  ,i  always   visit  there  often because  the  peace  and  beauty  it offers   reminds me  my  village

  Sudden  rain  in  Murree    brought   bursting  joy   in hot  day  of  July ,we  enjoyed   so much

  View  after   rain  was  absorbing  ,cool  drenched  breeze   switched  on  our  moods ,rain  is  magical  event  indeed ,it  immediately  turn  the  scenario for  better  mostly

  lovely  sitting  area  of  restaurant in  Murree  hill  park ,was closed  in Ramadan though and  i  found  the  stillness  so appealing

                              walks  taken  in  Murree  during  rain  are  unforgettable  always 

2016   Murree  hill  park  ,ym  sons  had  great  fun  while  wandering  in  sloppy  curved  roads  of  hilly  area

 City   of  Islamabad  ,view  from  Shakar pariyan park ,we  were  returning  after  spending  wonderful  time  in  park

  Fatima  Jinnah  Park  Islamabad ,we  just  entered  and  were  walking  to  ciniplex  to  watch  movie 2018

                                View  from  Monal  Hill  park   was   fascinating ,2018

 2018   Faisal  Mosque in  lap  of  margala hills  is  place  where  one  can  visit  often ,it is  always  packed  with  visitors

I  think   enough  for  now  ,i  have  more  than  one  thousand  images  and  even  more in  sd  cards  and  then  in  usb 

In  lonely  times  when  physical  energy  did  not  allow  to  move  i  peek  in  times  that   were  pure  delight  .

I  pray  may  each  family  stay  rich  with  happy  experiences  .Life  is  too  short  for  being  negative  and   alone .

Stay  strong  and  positive  dear  friends!

God  Bless  You  All!!!!!


  1. Lovely post dear! Wish you all the best!

  2. Thanks, Baili. God bless you too!

  3. I have had a strange throat flu as well. It is a nuisance during our nice summer weather.

  4. Always fun to look back on good memories!

  5. That's a great series of shots that give an overview of what you've been doing. It's a good thing to look back at our lives.

  6. Do hope you feel much improved within a few days.
    The photos are wonderful to see, nice view, lovely people :)

  7. Isn't it nice to look back at older photographs.
    I enjoyed seeing them here.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  8. Sending good thoughts that you will be feeling better soon, Baili. Thanks for the look back on your family’s good times.

  9. Magnificent pictures. Your family looks so happy except when your son had the camera taken from him.

  10. Lol, I thought Dad was really doing Yoga :)
    Beautiful hill and the city. Love to see your memories with the boys.

    Take care, Baili!

  11. Beautiful scenes.Nostalgic n what a magic Nature has arranged for our eyes.Nice photographs.

  12. Beautiful pictures. I have thousands myself but I have to organize them. Digitalization has really improved things.

    I hope that you feel better soon.

  13. I so enjoyed your wonderful pictures and seeing all the sights that you visited. Thank you for sharing them.

  14. Hah! Your husband has a sense of humour! He does appear to be floating :)

    These are wonderful pictures of good times shared with your loved ones. May you make many more to fill your quiet times in the future.

  15. Finally, I found the blog Topoc from India. Nice photos & I hope your prayer is always granted. God bless us. I follow your blog now. Thx

  16. These are wonderful family photos, Baili. Your son's pizza looks delicious. I have been craving pizza lately. The water and sky picture is mysterious and lovely. I smiled at the picture of you and your younger son, it's precious. It looks like you had a special time on your vacation, Baili, and so many good moments to always remember. : )


  17. I hope you're feeling better! Love seeing your photos! Big Hugs!

  18. I hope you feel better soon.

    I enjoyed post and the lovely happy photographic memories :-)


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