Thursday, July 11, 2019

Being Happy Is Worship (poem)

 Stop   for   while   ,sit  on    grass  ,   be  Happy :)

Look    at   life's  beautiful   vase  ,     be  Happy  

Moaning    on  past   or  worry    for   future   invain 

Moment    in   hands    will    swiftly   pass  ,be   Happy :)

 Make  your   heart ,  ocean   of   love   sooo   deep

Where   all    groaning   river   can    peacefully   sleep

 If    other's    gain ,   is  your  loss   ,be   Happy 

Because   you   are   Chosen   to   happiness   pass, be  happy :)

See   under    burning   sun , that   affectionate   tree  

Shading   others ,    sets   it's   soul  free  

Consolation     is   not   a  waste    ,be  Happy  :)

It   delivers    "joy"s   true    taste   ,be   Happy  :)

Life   is   not    about   having   glass   so   full  

But  "Sharing "  of    what   you   have  is   rule 

Who   Blessed  you  before , will    again  ,be  Happy :)

Mind    the  " circle   of    Rain "  ,  be   Happy :)

I   can    see   the    shower   of    love   through   sky 

Grace   of   lord    for   us   , has  no  But  or  Why 

Lets   learn   "how   to   love  "  be  Happy  :)

Instead   crows    lets  be   Dove   ,be  Happy  :)

When  you  are  happy  ,you  acknowledge  His  Grace !

When  you  are  happy   what   you  have  embrace 

Being   Happy  is  worship  ,be  Happy :)

Never   loose   your   grip   ,be   Happy :)


  1. Beautiful poem. Wonderful sentiment.

  2. That is wonderful! You are so talented and wise! Have a lovely weekend:)

  3. My dearest Baili...I honestly have to say...that this is the most beautiful and profound poem I have ever read! It speaks to the makes me happy and contented just by reading it...oh WOW!!!😊😊
    I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. YES!!! Be happy!!! Be positive!!! BE LOVE. :) No squawking crows, only peaceful doves here! Lovely poem Baili! :)

  5. I agree with your thoughts here. Love, good feelings, and sharing are what will make us happy.

  6. This is such a wonderful poem, my friend!
    I hope you have a beautiful, happy weekend! :-)
    Big hugs to you!

  7. Always be happy with a smile on your face if you can..

  8. Hello, lovely poem. I agree we all should BE HAPPY! Enjoy your day and weekend!

  9. Lovely Poem!! I really like C.S. Lewis and that is a great quote by him.

    1. Oh you mean the title I chose ?

      I didn't know that

  10. Sending happy thoughts to your dear Baili

    All the best Jan

  11. Here I am, catching up again, Baili! Your poem is filled with truth, after truth, after truth! I'm smiling at "circle of rain." We have had several loud, rumbling thunderstorms over the past couple of hours and bands of rain passing through. The rain has passed us, but I can see curtains of rain falling along a sweeping circle of horizon from north to south. How lovely to think of it as showers of love from God! The stormy weather has cooled down our hot (92º F/ 33º C) afternoon, thank goodness. I wish I could send our cool breezes straight to you, because I'm sure that it is much hotter where you are.

    I especially loved: "Make your heart , ocean of love sooo deep/Where all groaning river can peacefully sleep." The image of a groaning river sinking into an ocean of love and peacefully sleeping gave me a powerful sense of relaxation, comfort, and relief. Just beautiful, Baili! You have power in your words.

    My husband is groaning from hunger, so I better go get dinner LOL! Hugs to you!

  12. Guess what dear Louis

    We received the coolness and clouds you sent here :)))

    Now this is power of your true love within your precious heart my friend :)

    Thank you for SWEET words !

    Specially Thanks for the description of your absorbing weather :)

    Haha hope Terry did not have to wait for dinner :)

  13. A beautiful poem, baili. As always, your choice of words is absolutely striking! I am glad you are finding time to write poetry again.

    1. dear Jenny you are so kind !

      i am always open for poetry but poetry itself hesitate to step in my head since some years :)

  14. Yes, but I do love my crows! LOL! Big Hugs!

    1. just came in rhythm dear Stacy lol

      either i love crows :)

  15. Love your poem, Baili.
    I think, I am a happy person :)

  16. Beautiful words in your poem, Baili. Wishing you much happiness.


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