Friday, July 5, 2019

Embrace Learning Actually !

 Don't  you  think    life  is  like  we   all  are  in   same  one  room   , looking   at   an  object   placed   in  middle  of  the   room   before   us.

We  are  asked  to   observe    it  and  then     make   sketch   of  it  on   paper   in  our   hand .

And   write  our   personal   opinion   about    our  approach   to  it  .

We    are   sitting   in  round   position   so  each   of  us  is   able  to  look  at  this  differently .

Therefore   obviously   our  sketch   describe   only   the   side  we   are   looking  at ,Not  the   the   whole   panoramic   image.

So  everybody   is   quite  loyal   with  his  sketch   and  opinion    but   it's  not   enough   when   it   comes   to  deal   with   whole   object   overall.

We   cannot   know   about   other   unseen   parts    which   are   completely   unknown   to  us .

Nor   we   can  judge   anyone  else's   drawing   with   limitation   we  are  bound  in,   unless  we    get   up   and   change   our   position   to   find   further   sides   of   the  object .


And   we   decide  to  not    stay   stuck   in  just   one  place   and   be  content   with  what  we   watched   and  draw , But   stand   up  and   take   walk   around   the  object  so  we  can   not   just   see   the   other   different   parts   of   object   but  understand    the   value   and  depth   of   the   effort   that    others  put   in their   work  of  art.

People    who   love   to   learn   and  let   learning     widen   their   horizons    honestly   ,they   find   true   pleasure   of  life    within.

They   don't   hesitate   to  learn   from  other's   folly   ,or   fallen   piece  of  paper    which  might   can   have   a  word   or   line   more   grave  than   a  thick  book.

I   once   met   a  person   who   never  had  chance  to   buy   a   book    to   read   in  his  childhood yet   he   can   speak   over   various   topic   for   hours. 

He   learnt   directly   from  the   book  of  life. He  grew   up   without   parents .He   did   odd   jobs    for   living.

Still  he  managed  to   get   education  privately   until   he   got    govt   scholarship   for  collage   and  then   university   where   he   did  M.B.A.

When   i  met  him  he  was  sitting    in   the   national   t.v  studio   where  he  was  invited  to   give   interview     so  other   can   get  inspiration   from   his  hard  work   and  positive  attitude.

He  then   was   owner  of  chain  of  restaurants  which   was   in  and  outside  of  the  country.

If   he  would   have  chose   to  stuck  in  his  miserable   life  he   could  have  wasted     his   whole  life    aimlessly  or  destroyed    with   negative   approach .

But   he   stood   up   and  desired  for  better  place  from  where  he  can    discover   more  and  better  of  it.

He   was  one    of  them   WHO  EMBRACE  LEARNING   FULLY

There   are   many   who   read    words    fondly ,speak   them   with   profundity  BUT   NEVER   EMBRACE   IT

Their   personalities   are   shallow   because   their   learning   stay   only   on  the  surface    and  never    gets   depth  of   their  thoughts.

Father   of  the  one  of  my  class  fellow   was  one  the  most   learned   man  in  our  surroundings  .He  was  double  .M.A in  English  . Head  Principal   in  collage . Always   booked   as  tutor  .

Strict  Father   for   kids   when  it  comes   to  studies    but  a  very   bad   husband .

Ruthless   and  insulting   to  his  wife  in  privacy  or   gathering.

His   learning   had  no   value   because   it  could  not  make  him  A  GOOD  HUMAN  BEING which   is  most  important .

He   could   not   learn  that HOW  AND  WHY   TO  LEARN ?So   he  failed  his  existence  in  spite  of  all  success.He   was  failed   spouse   and  disappointing  father.

There  must  be  no  ego  when  we  attempt  to  learn. If   we    encounter   with   ideas   that   break   the  idols   of  older    beliefs ,  it  is  okay .

Flexibility     is  required   to  learn   new  things   and   to  well  come   new  ideas.

It   let   us   lean   and  pick   what  is  right  for  us. 

RIGIDITY   OF   THOUGHTS    is  dangerous    for   growth   of     mental   approach.

It    imprison   us  in   dark   well   which   we   consider  whole   world    and  become   frog  hopping  within.

We   don't  try  to  peek  out  because  we   are   afraid  to  be  PROVED  WRONG.  which  is  funny  thing  i  believe   because   we  forget  here  what  is  MORE  important !

I  always   wonder  that  how  gracious the  Lord  is  who  blessed    each   mind   with  it's  own  way  of  look   and   thought .

So   each   morning   ,no  matter  how  dark  and  evil   stuff  is   existing   minds   around  us ,  We   still   can  light  up  the   day   with    candle   of   hope  and   positivity     springing   in  our  own  perceptions :)

World   is   vast   and  people    are  numerous ,each   with   different   way   of  thinking, So  bounding    them  with   our  own   perspective   is    injustice.

Accepting   that   everyone   has  right   to  think   differently   and  free  to  express  his  opinion    is    significant.

If   i   am  on  the  top  of  the  hill  i  may   have   advantages  and   disadvantages     of  height ,

Yet    i  cannot   imagine   the  pleasures   of   valley   below  So   we   can  assume   that    we   both   are   enjoying  the    different    aspects  of    nature .

To   learn    about   valley   i  have  to  get  down    and    reveal   what   joys   life  offers   there   because   doubting   the  grace  of  Lord  is  cheap   conception .

He   blessed  everyone  but  differently   Or  we  chose   that  what    color  of  his  love  we   will  pick    to  paint   our  life.



  1. Learning is a life-long process. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  2. I truly think that learning and education are the keys to a happier life!

    1. If we truly learn and apply it on practical life ;)

  3. Another superb post. Diversity of thought is so important. Sometimes even intelligent people fall into ruts where they only listen to opinions from a relatively small circle of people who think like they do.

    I also agree that being intelligent does not make one a good person, as in your example shows.

    Have a great week!

    1. This is disappointing that we prefer to learn that pleases our ego or satisfy our certain set of thoughts

      I see people living in bubble of self deceiving
      Where they are contentedly captivated with their SELF MADE ideas

      They don't dare to learn what might clear their vision and give them insight to see things in their ORIGINAL PERSPECTIVE the CREATOR has created them without any poison of prejudice

  4. Baili that was a wonderfully uplifting post. It's so true, all that you wrote about. For a long time I was in a "comfortable rut" and was miserable. I crawled my way out of it and I try to learn new things every day. I still have trouble with my comfort zone at times, but I tend to push myself instead of becoming stagnant again. Are you trying something new lately?

    1. Dear Rain I am trying to use my left hand more since I learnt that giving challenge to brain is good thing in my age
      I can't find time for puzzles or reading so I try this trick lol please don't laugh

    2. Oh my gosh I'm not laughing, I'm very impressed!!! I'm a righty too and I NEVER think of using my left hand!! Very interesting, and yes, it's true it will definitely challenge the brain! I used to do puzzles, crossword puzzles mostly but English newspapers in this area are scarce. One of these days I'll find a book of puzzles to amuse myself and challenge my brain! But I do like your idea of using the left hand. I wonder if I could try to draw with my left hand??? I think Bugs Bunny may look a little funny lol! ;)

    3. How amazing that you do puzzles and willing to continue
      I really wish I can do it with peace ( means in one sitting ) which is hard because there are many many things to do as housewife and mom of two (present) boys and time for concentration is so rare

      I try to write few sentences with my left hand since some months
      Hope your bugs bunny will appear as cute with left hand as it does with right :)

  5. You are so insightful. If we are open to learning new things we will see them in every person we see and in everything we do.

    1. Thank you dear Emma!
      You are always so kind :)

  6. Every time i read your blog posts, Baili, your thoughts truly amaze me and I am not saying that just to flatter you. Your posts make me stop and think about my own life and actions and also about the same of others around me. I am by no means a "perfect" person and try to learn new things and also from the errors of my ways (and there are many). What I have learned is that there are many others who fail to try and do things similarly.

    1. Dear Dorothy thank you for generosity!

      No one is perfect except who created us as I see no error in his art

      We all learn from first breath to last consciously or unconsciously

      Worst happens when we create pool of certain opinion without learning realities behind wall
      We love to stay with people with same circle of thoughts and criticise unknown part of lands or people whom we never knew just to FEEL better and without any kind of authenticity to prove our criticism

      This is pure ignorance

  7. I love your post, Baili. It's really insightful.
    I hope I can be a person who embrace learning.

    Thank you, Baili
    Have a wonderful week end.

  8. Wonderful post as always.
    You certainly come up with some wonderful subject to discuss.
    We never know what goes on behind closed doors of marriages and so on - even the best of people can be awful to their spouses, and that's either spouse.
    Always wonderful to step outside ones comfort zone and study something different in depth, embrace it and do well.

    1. thank you dear Margaret !

      SET UP OF CERTAIN THOUGHTS OR MENTAL COMFORT ZONE is very healthy attitude for sure because it restrains our wish to learn more

      we get stuck in it with no hint of fresh air

  9. I think we are never too old to learn. It keeps life interesting.

    1. Brilliantly said dear Marie

      Life is rotten without learning indeed

  10. This is a lovely post, baili, not only in the thoughts you present, but in the way you choose words to illustrate those thoughts. I love your writing. And I admire your depth of thinking and your wisdom. I must admit I am quite a reluctant learner. I like to be comfortable, which means not stretching my brain unless something interests me. But you have made such a good argument for lifelong learning. You have inspired me to try harder and do better. Hugs, my dear friend.

    1. Your kindness is overwhelming my dear friend Jenny!

      Your humblness is revealing how beautiful person you are

      Believe it or not some people don't need lots of books to learn
      They have that instinct inside to INSPIRE others directly or indirectly
      I can feel the vibes from you :)

  11. Another gorgeously thought-provoking post, dearest Baili! Exactly what one needs and appreciates on Sundays! :)
    Intelligent and/or learned people that don't use their competence for the (common) good are the most harmful people of all. And the good people may be self-indulgent which is bad too. *sigh* Trying to become better is a never-ending task.
    Hugs and blessings!

    1. Thanks for the sweet words dear Sarah!

      i totally agree that there is always place for betterment in us because we are travelers f the road of learning and with each step ahead we find something better to refine ourselves

      process goes on until death But only for those who are blessed with insight to choose better and and ability to adopt

  12. What a fabulous post, dearest Baili! Your words are so full of wisdom...of course we should never give up learning. All too often, we become set in our thinking patterns, as so stunt our mental growth (I know I am prone to do this!). I guess it can seem frightening to step out of our comfort zone...and yet if we fail to do so, then we are missing out on all the beauty of life.
    I truly believe that is one of the main causes of all the troubles there are in our world today...people failing to another's point of view, because they are so deeply entrenched in their own ideas.
    I wholeheartedly agree, no one needs a degree in order to be a good person. Being kind and considerate to others...and being willing to work hard...creates a good and happy life!
    As always, my beautiful friend...a truly great post!
    Thank you so much.😊😊

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤

  13. Indeed education is a life long process. True also that sometimes they have lots of education and still a rotten human being like the example you gave, so there is school education and life education.

  14. Great post, Baili! It is true that learning makes our lives better. We have so much to learn from others as we try to see things from their perspective.

  15. oh, I love this!! Thank you for sharing...always a joy to stop by..

  16. There is no age limit to learn new things. Have a great day!

  17. Dear Baili - Learning starts at home as children learn from their environment; parents attitude teaches something important. Different from learning language or numbers, seeing things in various perspectives can’t be learned in simple education.. To put yourself in someone’s shoes or to have eyes for discerning right and wrong, to read books as many as possible would be helpful.. In the process of life-long learning, I still have so much room to learn in my sixties. Thank you for another food for thoughts.


  18. Um texto muito reflexivo. A vida é uma longa aprendizagem orientada pelo coração. Gostei dos exemplos que deu sobre pessoas que, apesar de nada lhe ser favorável, conseguem ser pessoas de bem e outras, ao contrário, sendo pessoas de sucesso, não são bons pais ou bons maridos. Foi bom lê-la.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  19. I do think learning/education is a life long process and can be so enjoyable.

    All the best Jan

  20. Learning-a very practical never ending word.Each moment it takes place with each individual. A well thought Article, Baily.

  21. Along with learning and education, comes healing from within! Big Hugs!

  22. Reading and listening is one thing. But understanding what we read and what we are taught is the key to life.


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