Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Facebook Pleasures and Robin Nest

Hello   Happy  Souls  :)

Hope  enjoying  the   stunning   weather  and   wonderful  days  with  gratitude  and  serenity !

We  are   surviving   the   hot   weather  with all  the  gratefulness   and  joy  because  it  relates   us  with  life  and  Creator !

 If   you  remember   told  you  many  times  that  i  have  a  younger  sister   who  lives  in  Rawalpindi   near  capital   city   with  her  second  husband  and   four  children .

I  could   not  meet  her  since  few  years   due   to her  absence  in  country  when  i  visit  there  .

Nor  she   visited  me  because  of  her  busy   life  after  her  second  marriage.

I  wondered  often  how   old  are  my  niece   and nephew  now  and how  do  they  look  .

I  really wanted  to  see  them .  Lord  once  again  answered  my   prayers   and     my  elder  son   while  ago  ran  to  me  with  enthusiasm    and  showed   me   the  images  of  her  cousins :) So  thankful  to  Facebook  which  i  don't  use  though  but  my  sister  does   :)

   These  are  eldest  kids  of my  sister on left (from  first  marriage)  on  right  is  her  second  son  from  second  marriage ,she  also  has  another  daughter  from  second  husband   some  months  old .

    i  was  so  happy  to  see  photo  of   this  cute  boy ,he  is  son  of   one  of  my  cousin   who  lives  in  upper  northern  areas   and  i  have  not  seen  any  of  his  children  but  they  were  so  little  ,how  time  flies  quickly and  today  he  is  not looking  child  playing  in  her  mom's  lap

   Yesterday  was  last  day  of  vacation   so  i  captured  the  both   of   my  son  were  enjoying  some  cartoon  after  breakfast ,quickly  taken  so  blurred sorry

  first   time  a  couple  of  Robin  is   being  observed  in  my  garden   since  almost  two  weeks , i  could  not  locate  their  nest  until  now  but  they  are  mostly seen  in   the   branches  of  pomegranate  but  it  is  closer  to  us  so   they  immediately  fly  away  and sit  on  tree ,on  left  you can  (hardly ) but see  it

 enough   zoom ,this  type  of  robin  is  so  often  in  my  native  village ,it  is  so  good  to  find  them  around  here . the   red  portion  under  their  tail   and  slop on  head cannot  be  seen  here  but  though,

   summer  garden  is  flowerless  still  it  has  healing  energy nostop :) it  deepens my   connection  to  Lord!

                                                    Life   is    blessing  and  just  for  once !

                   Jasmine    is  happy   with  heat  as  i  can  see  her  smiles  so  cherished

     How  can  i   thank  enough    for  blessings  i  have !!!!!!!!!!!! pray  within  beat all  the  time!

Stay   blessed   with   wisdom   that  allows   to   see   you  what  you    have :)

Happiness   is  feeling  that   comes  from  within  ,so  idea  finding  it   outside  is  illusion .

Please   don't  stop   to   shine  as  you  are  sun  of  your  world  and   whatever    your  world  is  reflecting   is   coming  from  you!

Take  Great  Care  Precious  Friends!

God  Bless you  All!!!


  1. It is funny how all of us, the world over, put our feet up in front of the TV! :-)

    I'm so happy you got to see the pictures of your sister's kids!

  2. Dearest Baili...oh how can I ever thank you enough for this beautiful and uplifting post??
    I was feeling in pain and despair this morning...and then I came here, and my mood is transformed.😊 Oh thank you...from the depths of my heart!😊😊

    And the photos of those beautiful children, their happy smiling faces are enough to lift the darkest of moods!!
    I love the little robin too. We have one that visits our garden quite frequently too, but more often in the winter.

    And thank you again for your words of profound wisdom...you have truly transformed my day!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Life is so much about the children! Great post!

  4. The weather here is very nice. I am not on Facebook much but it can be good for catching up with old friends and relatives. People tend to be negative about technology, but it can be beneficial. It can sometimes help to bring people together.

  5. Pictures of family are the only thing I use Facebook for. I am so far from everyone and I can keep track of how much they are growing.

  6. So sweet to see the boys watching cartoons! That is exactly what my kids did on Saturdays in the morning. Those precious family moments. So sweet and fleeting! Looks like lovely weather and birds to watch! You have been blessed!!

  7. Facebook is good for keeping up with family/friends photos and many people use it just for that, I know.

  8. Your garden will be flowering soon! Mine hasn't quite started yet, but some flowers are up! I love that jasmine!! I'm not on Facebook either, but sometimes it's a nice way to connect! I"m glad you got those photos, you are obviously very happy to see them :)

    Cute to see your boys in front of the cartoons lol...all I could think of was "Baili, I hope they are Looney Tunes!!" ;)

  9. How wonderful to see your family photographs.
    We have a robin that likes to visit our garden, they are a lovely bird.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    All the best Jan

  10. Lovely to see your sons watching the TV - your sister's children are also lovely, the are rather cute. Your garden is looking alright for the heat.

  11. Those kids are so cute! You have such a beautuful family! I don't get to see robins often, lovely photo. Have a lovely day!:)

  12. Glad the jasmine bloomed. Your message about happiness coming from within is so true!

  13. How great to get to see pictures of family members you haven't seen for a while. Lovely to see the green of summer in your gardens.

  14. Kids look cute and happy!

    I like jasmines, the petal is nice white color and the smell is amazing.

  15. Baili, did you know that the Robin is one of my beloved birds? I see them around here, mostly in the Spring and Summer. It's such a brave bird, and doesn't fly away quickly when taking pictures of it like the other birds do. Here, our Robin has an orange belly, and it's delightful. I love the picture of your kids watching cartoons. They look like they are at peace in Mama's home. And sweet pictures of your sister's kids. Enjoy the Robin's nest in your garden, dear Baili. What a sight that must be.


  16. I love it when you share photos from your life! This was such a joy!

  17. lovely to see your family pics Baili, it's so interesting to have glimpses of home, family - your pretty garden - I have Jasmine too (night scented) neighbourhood cats had urinated a lot on it so it never flowered, so I moved it into a tub by my kitchen wall, it took a year but is flowering for the first time. I am gardening today, cutting grass, watering hanging flower baskets - it's beautifully hot here in the UK.

  18. Like every tool, the internet (including Facebook) can be used for good or bad, and I believe being able to keep caught up with our relatives and friends is one good part. It's why I decided to start a FB account even though I never use it to post; it's just to see pictures of my niece's and nephew's families.

    Your garden and plants are so lush and green! A green space really does connect us to the Earth, doesn't it?

    1. Well said Jenny I think I can do same to my Facebook account which is under use since my son made it


  19. A truly beautiful post! Thank you for all the beautiful photos and beautiful words! Big Hugs!


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