Thursday, July 18, 2019

Magic By Air (poem)

On  a   hill   top   house 's  cozy   ,calm   room 

She  was  sitting  near   window after  dropping  broom 

Exhaustion  made   her  so,   to   take  a  break  

Thinking   "i   can  do  it  later  "  for  heaven's sake


Putting   head   against    chair  ,leaving  limbs  loose 

Exhaled   stress   as   in   water    looks    goose  

For   the   several    moments   kept   eyes   closed

Soothing    calmness    seemed    her   tiredness   soaked

Then    she  opened   eyes    gazed    scenes    before  

Outside   the  window  ,views    were   Still   as  shore

Lush  Valley   below  ,rows   of    flowering   trees 

Even    silvery   stream    looked   not   so  pleased 

Everything     there   though ,   But   Motionless  

As   life   worn   out    death's   Silent  Dress 

In   bowl   of   hands   she   placed   her   face  

To     her   mind   calmly    a   thought   embrace 

As   fatigue   keeps   me   "soul less "   for  the  while  

Absence   of    Breeze    does    same   to  trails 

How   Barren     and   Idle    things    without   Air  

As    without    "SPIRIT "   physique   has  no   Dare 

Her   inner   being   tied   with    world   around  

Hush    and   still     deeply   with  no   sign   of  sound 

When     she    felt   like      captive    in  deficient    hutch  

At    sudden   she   felt     Cool  ,   Gentle   Touch !

Like     Heaven's   window   opened   up   for   hell

Soothing    breeze    broke    the   "STILLNESS  SPELL"

A   smile   glittered   in   her    tired   eyes  

With  the   Gratitude,   she  looked   at   skies  !


Whole   valley    adopted    a   brand   new   style  

Brook   and  trees  ,flowers   everything   Smile :)

Puff   of   Air    put      SOUL   into   Views :)

Vibrant    and   "Alive"    looked  valley's  hues!

Birds    Chirping   got    delightful    tone  :)

It   was  not  just  Water   who  sang   alone :)

Inhaling   the    grace    and   beauty    she    stood 

With   a   Cherished    energy    and   Refreshed   mood :)

Joys    of   life   spring   in   her   veins    again  !

As   in   dry    hot   June    SHE   GOT    SOME  RAIN!



  1. Beautifully written, you are very talented:)

  2. Very neat verse!

    I hope that the heat is not too oppressive and I hope that you get cooling rains that bring release.

  3. May we all feel the Joy of Life when we are tired and stressed!

  4. Hello, your writing and words are beautiful! We must all take in the joys of life. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend ahead. PS, thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Rain after a dry spell, and breezes on a hot day - both are so welcome!

  6. My favorite poem so far. Sometimes we need to stop and let emotions roll over us before we can sort them out. Let the ugly feelings go and embrace the good ones.

  7. So profound and sweet. The Spirit poured out onto her, giving her just what she needed.

  8. Lovely poem l know that feeling she is expressing.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, baili.

  10. It is a very awesome poem, Baili.
    Love it.

    I hope you have a wonderful week end :)

  11. Really lovely poem. Rain came and cleared her mind :)

  12. Awesome indeed, dearest Baili!!
    I am well acquainted with the feelings being expressed in this extremely beautiful and moving poem...Spirit will never let us down when we need Him!!😊😊

    I hope you are having a wonderful day, my beautiful Friend!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Hi dear Baili, A beautiful post indeed. Isn't it wonderful how refreshing rain can be? Thank you for sharing and for your kind words on my blog. Wishing you a happy weekend ahead! John

  14. This was a very moving poem, Baili. Rain can lift the spirit in so many ways.

  15. A cool breeze and reviving rain, surely two of nature's most soothing pleasures, Baili! The more I read this poem, the more it touches my soul!

  16. You have a wonderful blog! The topics you write about are very close to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    I follow you through GFC! If you want, go to my blog :)

    MY NEW POST ♥♥♥

  17. Wonderful poem! I love the story it tells, and I can almost feel the coolness and the relief that comes when the rain arrives.

  18. Lovely poem :-)

    Nature always uplifts us when we take time to see her :-)

  19. A lovely poem dear Baili.

    All the best Jan


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