Friday, August 2, 2019

Essential Ingredients Of Life

I   was   lucky   that   i  had   both   kind  of  people  in my  life  since  beginning.

People   who   loved  and  appreciated   me.People   who  hatted   me  and  tried  to   make  my  life  miserable.

I   had   loving   parents  fortunately. My  bonding  with  my  mother  was  SPECIAL!. This  made  me  strong  i   believe .

I  had  kind   teachers  and  really  kind  principals .Their  kindness  gave  me  confidence .They   discovered   my  hidden  qualities  such  as  writing  for  stage plays ,singing  and  taking  parts  in  sports  like  badminton. Even  they  made  me  act  in  plays  which  i  still can't  believe. 

I  had   very   sweet   elderly   friends  in  village  who  blessed  me  with  treasure  of  knowledge  they  had  through  their  experienced  lives . Specially  my  grand  father   who  had  passion  for  reading. He  had  lots  of  stories  to  tell.

His  words  always  inspired me .Not  just  words  but  his  way  of  life.He  was  astonishingly calm and  wise  person .

I  had   acquaintance   or  letter  friendship   with  some  very   successful and popular  radio   anchors   who   were  great   personalities   of   media  and  Urdu   literature  of  that  time .Syed   Nasir  Jahan . Ahsan  Wagah  and  Mumtaz melsi .

It   lasted  for   almost   more  than  6  years. They  admired  my   poetry   and   appreciated   my  way  of  writing. They  predicted  that  i  will  be   come  fine   poet   in  future .Which  i  could  not  though  but  i  try  to  write  time  to  time.

I   have  pride  and  peace   in  my  mind  that  i  never  ever  hurt  anyone  nor  even   think  about it  ever .

May  be  this  is  because  of  my  unconscious   and  conscious  bonding  with   Creator  that  i  never  felt  bothered  or  feared  from  someone . So  i  could  not  feel  weak  against  anyone   to  hate  him.

But  my   friendly   nature   could   not  keep  me  away   from  people  who  felt  bothered   by  me  for  their  PERSONAL  REASONS . Only   lord  and  they  themselves  knew  that  i  never  gave  them  reason.not  a  single one .

Since  childhood  i  had  such  people   who  hatted  me .

First  a   mad  girl  in  primary  school  who   hatted  me  because   my  mom  loved  me  unlike her  mom. She  did  horrible  things  and  each  time  i  was  saved  miraculously. Until   after  my  marriage  when i  met  her  coincidentally  and  she  apologized  with  tears  and  hugs. 

Then   wife  of  my  brother . Despite  of  all  my  efforts  i  made  to  win  her  heart she  hated  me  .It  was  her  hatter  that   i  left  home  one  evening  with  my  father  for  Karachi   but   on  the  way   father  stopped    in  this  city  to  meet  his  brother  like  friend  who  eventually  became  my  father in law  latter  after  few   years.

You  can  say  her  Hatter  created   situations   that  resulted   in  my  marriage  to  hubby.

My  husband   treated  me  like a  mother . His  patience  and    care  made  me  acknowledge   my  love  for  him.  Though  i   expressed  my  feelings   front  of  him  7  years  later.

His  love  strengthened  my soul. Revealed  that  i  am  worth  of  love  of   an  insightful  man  who  was  honest   and   extremely  responsible  towards  his  family .

At  the  same  time    dislikening   of  my  mother  in  law  and  few  associates   was  constantly   pushing  me  towards   place  where  i  felt  need   to  IMPROVE  MYSELF . If  i  would  have  have  had  loving  in laws  i  might  have  spent   my  life  in  gossips  and  sittings .

Conditions  created  by  them  made  me  alone  and  depressed  which  made  me  search  a  way  out .I  found  peace  in  readings  ,studies  and  exercise .

Because   it   is  obvious   to   wave   hands  for  survival  when  you  feel  you  are   sinking   slowly.

I   am  about  to  enter  in  my  fifties  now . I  have   found  that   love  and  hatter   are  essential   ingredients   of   human  life.


Both   play   important   role  in   construction   of  one's  personality.

Flowering   bed   for   ever   is  unnatural    thing.  It    pampers   one   enough   to  get  board  one  day  or   be lazy  and  ignorant   forever.

Ignorant   in  terms  of  " Learning    realities  of  life " that  books  cannot  teach  you . They  can  give  you  knowledge  but  experience  is  something  open  new  horizons .

Gives  you   insight   so  you  can  see   your  ACTUAL  ABILITY  TO  DEAL  WITH  PROBLEMS. It  not  just  explore    your   imagination   but   awakens   your  creative   side. 

I  bet   constant  comfort   hardly  stir   your   nerves   to  learn  for  better  because    it  has  nothing   to  offer except  EASE .

I  wonder  what   life  would   be  if  there  are  no  challenges  carved  by  thorns   in  your  way ?

So   keep   your  treasure  safe   in  your  heart please  whether  it  is   LOVE   or  HATTER

Both  show   your  PRECIOUSNESS !




  1. Absolutely wonderful post Baili. We all need to revive positive emotions. Angry hateful people are indeed a reality in this world. I really think that you are on to something with your point about some of them being threatened. Perceived threats are the cause of some much overreaction, strife and misery.

  2. i always tried not to react until it is necessary dear Brain

    in this part of life i realize that i was so blessed that i was one who faced it instead of who caused it because even a though of being that kind of person makes me shiver
    lowest form of people do such ridiculous acts

  3. Adversities make us strong! It feels awful when we are going through them however.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Feeling awful during difficult times is natural dear Marie
      But what matters most is that how we learn to face them without affecting our mind and body

  5. Good reflections on life and the good and bad that it holds, so true.

    1. everyone has treasure of his own dear Christine

  6. You are so good at reflecting about your emotions. I strive to do the same but you are so much better at it.

    1. this is your kindness makes you so my dear Emma!

  7. Life is full of ups and downs , it's how we face them and how we deal with them that is important.

    All the best Jan

    1. all is process of learning indeed dear Jan

  8. Well said! Thank you for a very lovely post!!!

  9. So very true! Both types of people are there for a reason. I am glad you are able to see them as they are.

    1. this is truly blessing to have realization how important they are to shape you for better dear Nancy

  10. Very great post Baili :) It's very true about love and hate. Life is a balance, even if at times it's very unpleasant, being hated (and you're right, usually for no reason of your own) makes you appreciate love more. I have lived a rough life up until my 40's and I feel as though all of that negativity, hatred and pain has made me appreciate such simple pleasures now that I'm in my fifties. Welcome to the best decade of your life!!! :) Older, wiser and more grateful!!! :)

    1. dear Rain i am enjoying this part of age enormously :)

      this is absolutely AMAZING feeling how things get clearer before you eyes

      like as you move up on stairs hidden view start appearing and you think oh they were here but i saw them now

      learning is absolute pleasure indeed

      i don't know when i will be wise lol but still i am enjoying the process

  11. I admire you and how you deal with those people. You have a beautiful mind and sacred heart.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Baili!

    1. thank you dear Evi !

      it is only your kindness that makes you think as sweet of me :)

  12. Our lives are indeed influenced by the other lives around us and especially how they treat us. We can't control how they act, but we can control how we react to them.

  13. God gives us gifts and friends that help us understand what we need to know.

    He is there with us even when we are feeling low.

  14. The love in this post far outweighs the hate, Baili! The love that surrounded you as a girl carried you through so many difficult times. I am happy that you met a wonderful and compassionate husband and found such richness and joy in your family. Big hugs to you!


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