Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Happy Eid Ul Azha

Hey   Blessed   Hearts!

Hope   and   pray   Lord   is  showering   his   love   and  grace   upon   you   each   moment  , and   you  are   grabbing   it with   gratitude   and    positive   energy    through   every   breath   you   take  :)

In   our    country   Eid ul Azha   was   celebrated    yesterday.
Eid  Ul  Azha   is   our   second  biggest   yearly   festival . It  commemorates  the   willingness   of   sacrifice   that   showed   Hazrat  Ibrahim   to  obedience  of  Allah!       

Lord   accepted   and  honored  his   intention . And   event   is  celebrated   as   symbol  of  

 "man's  love   for  Lord  which   is  greater  than  his    worldly   love" 

Weather   took   a   magical   turn .It  was   cloudy   and    windy .Temperature   dropped   from   48   to   35   which   made    Eid   absolutely   GORGEOUS!

  When  hubby   and  kids  returned   from   eid  prayer  we   took  some  quick   images before  breakfast to save  the  memory

  hubby  grabbed  flower  from  climber  and  gave  me  when  my  son was  capturing  clicking  ,he  never  forget  to  cheer us  up  with  his  caring  moves , i  used  to  be  more  like  this  before  my  parents  left this  world !

   my  younger   both  sons  also   missed  their  elder  brother  but  his  video   call   made   the  difference   :)

It   seemed   love   of  Lord   has   surrounded  us  from  all  sides :)

Best   part   is  having   hubby   and   kids   with  me and  no  need  to  say  HOW MUCH  I  MISSED  MY  PRECIOUS  ELDEST  BABY! (not  crying  guys !) He   called  us   even  it  was  so  early  morning  for  him  just  to   show  us  his  precious  face and  this  gesture   turned  the  whole  day  complete  peace  and  joy!

  My  son  celebrated   his   Eid   one   day   before   us .He   joined   his  friends  in  bar bi q  and  had   lovely  time

                        i  asked   for  selfie   as  always  :) 

 Eid ul Azha  is  all  about  meat dishes   though ,i made   CHAAT  (name of dish)  on   insistence of  my  younger  son . 

  it  looks   oily   but  oil  is  needed   for  long  process  otherwise  it  can  stick   to  the  bottom   of  pan. Before   having   we   spill   the   oil  visible on  surface .dish  is  called  MUTTON  QORMA  .We  also  had  some  guests  on  Eid  day  from  in  laws 

 My   beautiful   garden   looked   so   happy   and   soothing   on  Eid  day  specially :)

 In  the  evening   when  clouds  left   after   shower  sky  was  ABSORBINGLY   GORGEOUS! moon    seemed   so  close   and   stars   looked   like   a   lovely   laughter  of   Lord :)))

  before  sunset   clouds  decided   to  leave  ,we  went up  on  the  roof  to  see wonders  of   beautiful  weather

  breakfast   on Eid  morning  was   cake  and  sweets   with   tea  ,we  took  our  breakfast  in  veranda  instead  of  dining table  inside  room  because   weather   was  irresistibly  stunning .

   this  year   our  lemon   plant   grew  healthier  fruit

we   kept   trimming  our  pomegranate   this  year  as  it  was   spreading   it's  branches   widely  outside  the  garden . this   is  why   it  looked  annoyed   and  only  one  fruit  this  time.

Today   is  Eid's   second  day .Almost   1  pm noon . Weather   is  still   being   so  kind  and  i  can't  help  to   pay  gratitude   each  moment :)

Hubby  is  out   to  meet  his   friends   for  Eid  greetings .We    had  wonderful   morning  time   together  .Lots  of   chat   and   memories  of  our  trips  with   eldest   son . I  feel   so   happy   and  serene   when   find  time  together  with  hubby   and   kids .Nothing   is   precious  then  "family  togetherness" indeed!

Wishing   you  All   a  Happy   ,Peaceful  and  Healthy   life  dear  Friends!

Never   loose   Hope  that   come   from   field   of   Faith!

Miracle   is   crop  you  will   reap  soon  by   doing  so !

God  Bless You  All!!!


  1. Happy Eid☺ It looks like you all have a wonderful family time, those moments in life are so precious! Those dishes look absolutely great, maybe someday you will shate some recipes?☺Have a lovely day☺

  2. Blessings to you Baili for Eid and to your family and especially your lovely oldest son who always remembers his mum and shows so much love to her - what a lovely boy he is. May Eid bring peace to the troubled corners of this planet. Betty x

  3. Happy Eid to you and your family. Wonderful pictures as always. Family and friends are what makes life worth living. One of the great things about holidays is that they help remind us of such things.

  4. Happy Eid thanks for sharing this wonderful time with us

  5. Dearest Baili...oh how happy I am to hear how much you enjoyed your wonderful Festival. It must have been so good to share such a special time with your family...and thank you so much for sharing these fabulous photos!
    I especially love the one of you and your hubby, where he gave you a flower. So romantic and touching.😊😊
    You look so happy...and that makes me happy too!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Beautiful photos, as always! Have a wonderful celebration!

  7. It is good to hear that you are having a happy celebration, baili. I'm glad you had a video visit with your eldest son and a good day with your family at home. The cooler temperature must have been a great relief also!

  8. It has been a long time since I visited Baili. I must apologize for that as I saw a comment of yours in an old blog post and wanted to say hello again. This is a wonderful post, so many beautiful photos of family life and other scenes, and I thank you for sharing a part of the world I have never been to.

  9. I am so happy that you are having such a good holiday. Your whole family looks happy. You have to feel so proud.

  10. Dear Baili, thank you for sharing this wonderful and special festival with us and the happiness of your days with your family. What a blessing you are to one another. Peace.

  11. Happy Eid. It looks like a wonderful celebration. Beautiful family photos, Baili.

  12. Beautiful photos!

    All the food looks so good.

    I hope your sons live near you when they are older and have families. You are right...family togetherness matters so much!

  13. Family moments are the most precious.

  14. Happy Eid to you and your family.
    You've shared such fabulous photographs here, I especially like the second one of you and your husband.

    Blessings to you.

    All the best Jan

  15. Glad to see photos of a beautiful happy family.
    The dishes look so yummy, I want a bowl of your mutton qorma, Baili :)

    Have a great day!

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. i am sorry i don't know it happened to delete this comment dear Dorothy

      actually i approve comments hurriedly by my smart phone i think i touched the screen wrongly and i am sad that your words have been deleted which were and are so important for me my friend

  17. Beautiful, happy photos of you and your husband and of your sons, Baili. It makes me smile to see such happy pictures.

  18. How lovely to see your family near and far enjoying Eid ul Azha! I can't believe how tall your younger sons have become! I'm with you: There is nothing better than family togetherness!


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