Saturday, August 24, 2019

Technology, Media And Modern Living

I    am  not  against   technology  at  all. I  love  all  the  facilities  that  modern   life  offer.

But   i   have  observed  that  like  everything  else  technology   has   effected   our  lives   in  both   ways  Positive  and Negative.

Life   has  become   comfortable  in  many  ways  though.
People   have   so  many  kinds  of  vehicles  and  gadgets  to   access   living  more  easily  and  accurately.

Physical   distance  have  squeezed. But   spiritual  distance   have   increased    badly  i  realized. Living  under  one  roof  is not  enough  to  meet  or  understand  each  other .Because  options   to distract  attention   are  many  now .

I   agree  science   says  that  true  definition   of  Life  is                                                   "Progress" 
 Human   should  keep  developing  their  standards   of  living constantly   and  extend   life  throughout  the  universe.

Some   believe  that   people   and  their  way   of   thinking  must  not  be  so  easy  to   understand  in  first  sight. They  want    life  that  offer  adventures.

Morality  seemed   biggest   strain .  So  all  that   offers  peace  .simplicity   and  morality  is  pushed  aside  centuries  ago.

Laws   of  nature   have  been   neglected  by  who  claimed  to  be  men  of  God.

World  is  working  under   manmade  laws.Which   worst  than   laws   of  jungle(animals don't hurt each other just  for  fun)   where  Power   is   only  weapon .  Internet   and  media   are  tools   to  manipulate   thoughts. Far   more   effective  than  axe ,spear  or  sword.

No   need   for   powerful  to  fight  in   battle  field. Everything  can  be  done   so   nicely  and  silently   because  modern  ways   of  war   are  more   effective  and dangerous.Diplomacy   is  fabricated  to  ignorance   ,hatter   and  racism.

Same   old   fashion  of  life  where  every  has   same   approach   towards  life  will  not  help  to   open  new  horizons   of  perceptions. This  is  motivational   thought  has  born  in  spoiled   minds.   

Old   approach   towards   life   means  no  villain   or  twist  in  story  at  all .family  and  society  members  love  each  other  and  respect  the  difference   of  opinion  between   them. 

Things  are  smooth  and  simple. It  is   peace   for  good  people.

But  where  would  the  devil  go  if  there  is  no  hatter  ,Jealousy  and  enmity   between   people  on  this   planet .

 After  all  it  is  Earth  not  heaven.

Here   technology  helps  a  lot. I  will   specially   mention  media   and  social  media  which  is  way  of  connection  between   people  of  this  glob.

Media   specially  cinema ,t.v   ,internet   and  literature    played   sheer  role    in  shaping  minds   of   today.

For  instance,   In  small   group   of   people   there   is  possibly that   in  a    family  where  two   sisters  or   brothers  have  unpleasant  relationships .

Probably   such  relationship  is  not  bad  extremely  but  exhibit   some   small  portion  of  jealousy   or  anger.

Such   situations   solve  automatically  later  when  both   parties  are grown   and   mature .

No   one  knows   about   it  except   family. 

But   writer   with  lack   of  ideas  finds  this  one  easy   to  built   story  upon. He  spice  it  up , Director   then   present   it  in  larger  than  life  manner .

Audience  watch  it    and  idea   hit   their  minds   for  first  time   that   hatter  between  blood  relationship  can  exist  and  can  be  as  powerful  that  can   ruin  their   lives.

Same  topic  is  presented  repeatedly  with  minor  changes  of  character   and  plot  over  and  over  on   all  channels. 

Now  it  has  become  almost  universal  truth  that  TWO  SISTERS  ALWAYS  HATE  OR   JEALOUS   TO  EACH OTHER.    

 I  want  to  say  it  again  and  again   until  someone   understand  at least  one ,  that,  " Please  REALIZE   YOUR   RESPONSIBILITY  TOWARDS    YOUR  PEOPLE ,



Pursuit   of   modern   life   has  made  us  insane. Invent   but  not  to  destruct. Planet  is  too  small  and  no  matter  who does  the  nuclear   blast  all  will  be  blown. 

Stop   promoting  hatter  on  the  name  of region , religion  or culture  because nothing  is  Foolish  than  that. How   can   you   believe   that   message  of   Lord   can   differ   for  his  men. 

He   choose   some   pure   hearts   to    Feel  his   presence   through   his   creations   and   Conceive   his   Message   from   them. They   were   blessed   enough   to    share  with   people  of  their   times   what   they   had  been  blessed   with. Their   mission   was   to  convince   people   that  

 " Lord   loves   them   until   they   love   each   other ".

The   Genuine  shape   of   message  (religion)  was   damaged   by   people  who   wanted   to   collect   tax   and   treasures  on  the  name   of  religion.

The   original   message   of   Lord    was  torn  and  manipulated   with   Impure    intentions. They   had   men   power   to  apply   their   rules   and  ways   and  they   did  it inhumanly.

They  invaded   and   killed   people   to  extend   land  and   add  more   men   to  their   circle.  Aim   was   Only   one To   collect   money   on  the  name  of  tax   and  religion.   They   could    easily   brain   wash    innocents  with  words    that  "They   are   the   Guardians   of  the  words   of  God".

History    reveals   how   such   cruelty   ended   by   revolutions  in  many  parts   of    world. Those   were   dark  times   when   light   of  learning   and   education    did not   exist.       

But   how   sad   that   we   are  still  being   misguided  by Remnants   of   those   dark   ears! 
All   the   new  way   of  learning   are   failed  to    enlighten   our    souls. 

What   is  the  use   of   learning   if  it  cannot not  give   us   identity   of   Right  and  Wrong  ?. We  are  still   following  only  our     personal   right   and  wrongs .And  this  serves   only  interest   of   individual.  Selfishness  is  leading   this  world    towards  horrible   end .

I  think   there   is  still  time  to  restore  the   peace   of  this  planet. Technology   can   be   used   to   educate   people   for  Better. If   authorities   of  all  countries   agree and  decide   to  do   so  they   can  set  program   with    which   each   country  will  start   to  publish   online   stuff  that   can     inject   humanity   in   brains  instead   of  hatter   and racism. Process  can  take   long  time  but  i  am  sure  it's  influence   will   calm   the  heat.

By  pointing  out  the   value   of  Unity   between   all   Inhabitants   governments   can  create   friendly   and  loving  environments   on  planet. which  is  most  important   need  of  this  time. 

Media  and  social  media   both  can   bring    people   together  with  their   Right  use.

May   be  i  am  missing  one  thing   that   common   people  of  all  countries  are  already  kind  to  each  other. There  is  only  small  group    appointed    on   sources   to   poison   brains.

Governments   consist   of  people  with   power   and  privilege. They   are   head  of  their   nations .  If  they   are   corrupt   and   selfish   ,nothing   can  change .
I   hope   ,wish  and  pray   that   may   we  can  understand  that   it  is  still   time  to   turn   efforts   towards  COMMON  INTERESTS  from  Individual   benefit. And  technology   can  play  a  role  of  a  blessing  for  us  instead   a  curse .

I  am  not  writer  nor   i  contemplate   over   the  topic  for   long  so  you  might  have  found  flaws  effortlessly. Reason  lack  of  time to  say  all i  have  about  topic ,sigh

Still   like  always   i  tried  to  share   what  appeared  on  surface  of  of  thoughts .

Blessings  to  all  of  you  friends!


  1. "Physical distance have squeezed. But spiritual distance have increased"

    Well said, Baili.

    What will become of us? I think we can each only do the right things ourselves. We can't move other people, only ourselves.

  2. Everything in life is a two-edged sword -- it cuts both ways, both good and bad.

  3. We rely on our cell phones so much now.

  4. A truly thought-provoking post, Baili! What gives me hope is all the amazing ordinary people around the world reaching out and connecting with others and trying to do their best to improve conditions in their lives. I worry a lot about what kind of world we are leaving for those who come after us. I think the next two decades will determine what kind of future humankind will have. I hope and pray that we collectively will prove wise and selfless. Big hugs to you, my friend!

  5. Social media that we use so often is not totally anonymous. We usually know who is sending the messages we receive. But so many people feel like they can say what they want to using social media because they aren't looking the other person in the eye. They sometimes say things that they would not say directly because they would see and feel the person's reactions. We need to stop and say nothing on social media that we would not say directly.

  6. This is a very thoughtful post. I recognize the positive and the negative things about the modern works as you do. With that, I tend to be an optimist. I think that the positive things are slowly winning out.

  7. Wow … this is a very thought provoking post Baili :)

    All the best Jan

  8. Wise thoughts here, baili. But I agree - the leaders, the ones who should be showing others the way, are too often the worst of the bunch. We need better leaders.

    And in the end, we can only influence ourselves and perhaps a handful of others. But we have to try.

  9. Dearest Baili, you have put into words here so eloquently what I feel deeply inside, yet often can't find the words to express.
    This awful corruption is worldwide...I honestly don't think a single country is free of it...and as you so rightly say, the media is a resource that has the potential to do so much good. And yet, there are so many scams and corruption there to.
    Personally, I will never understand those people who believe they are right and everyone else is wrong, and so therefore try to impose their belief upon everyone else, often through fear and murder.
    No nation, religion, skin colour or level of wealth makes anyone better than anyone else...we are just different...and as you have said, we should all be accepting and respecting each other.
    You understand it, I understand why on earth are those in power in ignorance of this simple fact??
    So, I suppose the best we can do is to keep trying and never give up.
    It really is a sad state of affairs.

    Dearest Baili, all you have written here is so important to the entire planet.
    It really needed to be said.
    Thank you so, so much.

    All my love and hugs, always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Amazing thought, Baili!
    I agree that technology seems a magnet, attractive and carry positive and negative fields, but thinking about yin and yang, how both parts are complementing each other, we know that both sites are required :)

    Happy Sunday, Baili!

  11. I get really angry when I see people that became slaves of technology.
    It was thought to help not be a problem.
    Have a great week

  12. A tecnologia evoluiu muito, o que facilitou a vida das pessoas, é verdade. Mas realmente no que diz respeito à espiritualidade e boa formação moral, o mesmo não se pode dizer… Gostei deste seu texto tão reflexivo.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  13. Hello, there are definitely pro and cons to technology! Great post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead!

  14. You write very well. The good and bad of modern technology, we just have to choose and set priority.

  15. Technology can be used in many ways--sometimes for good and for education and --sometimes with evil intent in mind. We continue to hope that it will be used as the light of education that will bring and encourage peace.

  16. Technology it seems is both a blessing and a curse. It helps people keep in touch, but then it also can tear them apart. I appreciate the convenience and connection that cell phones, for example, can provide to many but also it can disconnect them. We have been out in public so many times and see people interacting with their devices and not one another. Also social media can be a disruptive force as it is how many people seem to get their information and often that information is not correct, slanted or biased.

  17. Yes.... the spiritual distance has increased.

  18. You know Baili, I completely agree with you. I admit, I do love technology to a certain degree. I love the internet and how I can communicate with other people and learn from it. But I'm really NOT into how people have become zombies who are constantly putting their smart phones above human interaction! As you know, Alex and I live a simple, frugal life. We try to be as self sufficient as possible and live with nature all around us. We are very happy. He had a friend who was always buying the latest smart phone, the most up to date car, all of the technological toys out there. The guy was so deep in debt, always needed more and more because no matter how new the thing he bought, he always wanted the newest. He was miserable, that taught me a lot about human behaviour and the "internet" age.

  19. Modern technology makes the world smaller and allows us to meet more people. It is up to us to engage with the people who inspire us and uphold our values rather than be distracted by other influences.

    But those who are in darker places and know no better will be dragged in another direction.

    More than modern technology I blame the media (newspapers, television, radio etc) for publishing biased reporting and misinformation provoking instinctive responses from the people who hear the words. The words become fact, despite the fact that they are not true.

    In all of this mix people have stopped thinking for themselves!


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