Friday, August 30, 2019

Thank You And Rainstorm :)

Hey   Blessed   Hearts!

Hope   Picking   up   the   lovely   flowers   of  moments   from   the   garden   of  life .

You  deserve   this   harvest   after   long  tiring   hard  work   indeed :)

I  want   to   thank   you   all   of   you   each   of  you   from  the  depth   of  my  heart   for  all  the  encouragement    and  kindness  you    show  in   your   sweet   generous   comments!!!

Your   love  and  support   always   give  me  strength  to  think   about   next   posting .And   let  me  admit   that  i  feel  lucky   to  have  you  all  as  precious  kind   friends  and  i  MEAN IT!!!

these   gorgeous  little   blooms  love  heat  and  grow more  as  heat  rises ,i  don't  know  whether  they  grow  in  cold  lands  or  not .  they  are  of  many   colors  white , purple   maroon  and  yellow  i have  seen  though  this  year  we  have  only    pink  color

 after   long  time  our  part   of  land   got   plenty   of  rains  that  began  from  last  Sunday   throughout  the  country and  on  Monday   our   city   cherished   a  thunderstorm :))) images  are  taken  when  storm  passed  yet  it  rained   till  next   day :)  I  could  feel  the  joy  of  thirsty  land   who  waited  for  this  rain  for  long ,we  were  sooo   happy  and  grateful  for  this generosity  of  weather ! our  souls  celebrated  these  rainy  days!

Jasmine   though  lost   most   of  her   flowers   during  storm   yet   looks  like   it   loved   the   shower   absolutely :)   

you  can  see  how  weak   flower   grow  by   rose   during   season ,only  singular  row  of  petals ,poor   plant   try  to  survive  in  harsh   season  and  around  50  plus  temps ,i  really  miss big  and  healthy  flowers  i  used to grow  in  my  native  home ,weather   is  so  friendly  for  roses ,you  just  put  twig  in  ground   and  it  will  sprout  within  week

Before   storm  when   clouds  rumbled , i  did  not  expect  that  they  were  serious  this  time :)))
i  wish  i  could  stop  those  moments  for  bit  long as  here  rains  are  as  important  as  sun  for  your  part  of  land :)

 my  younger  son  went  over  the  roof  and  captured  view  by peeking  over  the  wall ,colorful  houses  of  colony  specially  their  upper  stories  and  pretty water  tanks  can  be  seen under  clouds ,it  is  wonderful  how clouds  change  the  whole  scenario  within  seconds ,they  awake  poetic  beauty  of  views  so  beautifully ,things  look  different and  more  appealing aren't they  ?

My  small  garden  relived  by   rain :) water   has   magical  and  therapeutic  energy   and  i   could  realize  how  thankfully   my  plants  received  it ! they   looked  happy  and  serene :)

  i    took  advantage   of   opportunity   and  stood   still  under  the  heavy   rain  because  i  knew  that  such  precious   times   are  rare  here ,front  yard  was  filled  with  water , my  youngest   son  was  constantly  calling  me  inside  as  he  was  afraid  of  lightening  and  i  told  him  to  stay  inside  until  rain  is  lighter ,my  younger  son  showed  me  later  about  this  photo  he  took  while  i  was  being  thankful  under  rainstorm .

Since  then  i  have  bit  fever  and  sore  throat   but  feeling  better  with  each  passing  day . i  never  got  sick   with  summer  rain  but  just  this  time  it's  different . 

Dear  friends  i  want  to  reply  each  time  but  my  unpredictable  health  and  house  chores  captivate  me  often .Thank  you  again  for  always  honoring  me   with  your   love   and  encouragement .It  is  Oxygen  to  my  soul  believe me :)

God  Bless  You  All!!!! 


  1. Hello Baili, it has been really nice to see the effects of all that lovely rain. Your garden has really enjoyed it... the leaves look full and happy.
    I loved seeing you outside being thankful for that rain - water is so precious isn't it. Beautiful photos too. I especially felt that the pink trailing flowers in your first photo are so pretty.
    Thank you for your recent visit, it has been a long time since I caught up with you and so it is lovely to see you once more. Take care and good health, Sue 💖

    1. Thank you dear Sue
      Your visit is such kindness to me my friend!

      How much we appreciated this rain is that we lost power with very first shower and got it back next day
      Yet didn't Miss it at all :)
      Feeling the beauty and grace of weather was such a blessing!

  2. I am happy you had the rain and enjoyed it as you did, Baili!

  3. Hello! Thanks for the inmormation! Have a nice day dear! x

  4. Beautiful flowers! Glad you had rain.

  5. Rain refreshes everything, doesn't it! But sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you are better soon!

  6. amazing how a good rain makes things turn green.

  7. you made me smile, Baili, I too love to stand in the rain, in fact some of the best walks I have in the woods are in the rain, animals can't hear you advancing when it is pouring (deer for example) and everything smells so wonderfully fresh. Your garden is pretty and calm and a good example of how you do not have to own a large space to create beauty. Baili I am still here but my blog got a bit boring and time consuming, I will continue to follow and leave you comments here, but I have a travel blog that I will update when I have been to India (December) or done weekends somewhere nice it is hope you will follow me there Betty x

  8. There must be a symphony among the flowers and trees when overdue rain appears. I love all of the photos, but especially the one with you in it stopping to appreciate the rain:) Another beautiful post!

  9. Everything is always so fresh and clean after a nice rain. I even like the smell of wet earth.

  10. Plants seem to respond almost immediately to the rain, don't they - I'm so glad you had a good drenching! Do not worry about replying to comments; health and real life duties always come first for all of us. Your flowers and shrubs and trees are beautiful, baili - enjoy!

  11. I am so glad that you got the rain. I think that rain is more common where I live but I still like standing in it too.

    I hope that you continue to feel better.

  12. A warmingly hugging post,Baily. Everybody likes rain in her sobre nature. But this year and last year rain took a ferocious form in Kerala ingesting a good number of beings. Still Rain has her charm.

  13. The rain has certainly transformed your garden, dearest Baili...oh is looking SO beautiful!!😊😊
    I am so glad you are feeling better too...

    Sending you warmest love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Your poor plants need so much rain...ours have too many! The sky photos are really haunting Baili I LOVE them! I'm sorry you got sick but I truly love that you stood out in the rain!!! xxx

  15. Glad you got rain! It makes everything so fresh and so clean. Sending best wishes!

  16. The stone work by your garden is beautiful! So beautiful.

    I am glad you got a rainstorm. :) I like them too.

  17. We start the week under the influence of another typhoon.
    Have a great week

  18. Plants and flowers look happy to welcome the rainfalls;
    Your son did a shot the stratus clouds beautifully :)

    Take care good yourself, Baili.

  19. Muito bonito o seu jardim. A chuva se não for muito intensa só ajuda a que se torne mais verdejante…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  20. This was a refreshing post, dear Baili, because of the rain nutring both your plants and yourself. Water is always cleansing as well as refreshing. I hop that you will be feeling better, dear friend.

  21. The rain has helped your flowers grow nicely. I'm glad you got some rain, and it sounds like you appreciate it very much. Oh, how I loved hearing that you stood outside in the heavy rain for awhile. While others use umbrellas to protect their clothes and hair, I am excited to stay there for awhile and get wet! This picture of you enjoying the rain is a treasure. So glad you are feeling better with your sore throat. Stay well. : )


  22. I think your garden looks very nice, and I'm so pleased you had some rain.
    Love the photograph of you :)

    All the best Jan

  23. Your flowers are so pretty, and I love the picture of you smiling in the rain! So glad you got some much-needed rain.

  24. On the rare occasions we have parched long hot summers I too love to stand in the rain when it eventually comes :-)

    I love the vibrant greens in your garden :-)


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