Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Gift And Blessings!

 Hello     Precious   Friends!

Hope    each  drop  of  life   you  are  drinking    with  deep  sense   of  gratitude    and   positive  approach :)

Tomorrow   is   my  eldest   son's   birthday    and  i  could  not  stop  myself   from  sharing  what  is  going  on  inside  my  heart .

Yes  ,i  am missing   him   terribly   as  you  know he  is  studying  abroad   since   almost   two   years.

I  am   happy   for  him   and  i  can  feel  how  my  each   breath    brings   along  lots  of  prays    for  him!

I    know   birds   have  to  fly   from   nest  once   wings  are    grown .This  is  natural    but  you  will  agree  that   missing  him   a lot  and   being  sad   once  in  while  is  also   not  unnatural  :(

 This   image   was  taken    during  early  weeks   of  his  birth, I  cannot  forget   the  depth  of  peace   moved  into  my  heart  when  i  took  him  in  my  arms.my   being   got  undefinable   sense  of  completion .  Here  my  (late)  mom  holding  him. I  was  anemic  and  weak   which  made  me  so  worried  about  his  health.but   he  survived  by  the  grace  of  Lord!


  his  first   birthday :)  he   was  happy  child  .our   simple   world  became   full of  happiness  because  of his   delightful   voices  and  adorable  face , he  is  sitting  close  to  delicate   stuff but  he  never  broke  anything .My  younger  son  did  this  later  as  he was  is  so  naughty :)


 image  taken  in  house   rented  by  my  younger  sister  and  mom  when they  moved  to  city  Islamabad . Girl  was  adopted  child  of  house  owners .  they  both  became  playing  partner . My  son   had  to  wait  for ten  years  when  he  got  sibling .


three   years  old ,in  my  native  house ,  i  took  my  niece  (brother's daughter) in my  lap ,  she  is  grown up  now.he  loved  visiting  village  always  and  meeting  his  cousins ,they  are  good  friends


while  receiving  his  first  trophy  in  first  grade :) i  was   not  into  math   much  but i  wanted  him  to  be  good  in math and  science  though  i  never  asked  just  wanted silently . I  had  fear  as  if  he  will  not .But  he  proved  me  wrong  when  he  always  took  excellent  grades  in  science  subjects  and  math. It  was  huge  relief  for me  that  he  is not  dull  minded  like  me


this  look  on  his  face  made  me  travel   back  to  my  husband .i  had  job  and  chances to   have  career  .Islamabad  was really  peaceful and suitable  city  for  single mom  like me . Even  hubby  agreed  that  he  will  leave  his  govt  job  and  move  with  us  but  for  this  we  had  to  have  patience  because  it  was  impossible  to  get  transfer  from  province  to   capital . But  my  eldest  son  missed  his  father  so   much  (even  though  he  visited  us  after  each  three  month)   which  made  me  upset  .And  i   came  back  when  my  sister 's  house  was  completed  and  mom  was  shifted   there .My  sister  came to  stay  with  mom  from  USA  and  i   resigned  and  came  back  to  my  husband .after  few months  when  my sister  left  for  usa  mom  was  alone  until i  visited  her  in  vacations.Mom's  health  was  good  and  she  said  it's  okay  if  i  don't  live with  her.she  visited  us  often  and  stayed  for  one or two moths ,we  also  visited her once  or  twice  year.phone  was way to connect later . this  image  is  taken  in  islamabad when  my  sister's house was being  constructed  and  mom  was  living  on  rent .

from  during  my  stay and  job  in  Islamabad   my  eldest  son  studied  in  S L S school  which  had high  fee   but  gladly  we  could  afford. Studies  and  environment  was   good .mostly  students  were  from   quite  rich   families   but   withing  few  months  my  son  adjusted   there  well.  I  bought  him  his  first  bicycle  there .he  learnt  within  week   and  i  was   so  happy  to  see  him  taking  rides  on  fine  roads  and  doing  bit of  grocery   for  me  from  market   next  street  :)

When  he  was  in  his  second  year  in  university  we  visited  Islamabad  as  always :)  He  always  came  to  join  us  in  vacations ,even  he  came  when  he  had  job  in  Karachi  for  two  years  .this  is  second   year   when  we  visit  alone  and  miss  him  on  special  yearly  events !!!

  i    have  to  say  that   with  him  my  connection  is  special. and  may  be  because  he  is  my  first  baby  and  really  very  very  very  SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE  IS  MY  GIFT  and  grace  of  my  Lord!

May   each  mother  see  the  happiness and  prosperity  of  her  child ,  and  so  do  i  ameeen!

Hope   i  didn't  bore  you  with  my  old  emotional  stories  dear  friends!

Stay  blessed  with  with  faith   that  gives  peace  of  mind  and  soul!

God  Bless  You  All!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! Your love for him really comes out in your posts. Memories are really precious things.

  2. Blessings and many happy returns to your handsome son and to you Baili.

  3. Happy birthday to your precious son!

  4. Happy birthday to your precious son! Wish him all the greatest things in world. And you raising him well, Baili :D

  5. Happy birthday to your eldest son!

  6. I can relate so much to your feelings for your first-born, baili. When our first was born I felt a tremendous sense of completeness as well. No wonder you miss him. I understand!

    It was lovely to see the pictures of your son as he grew up. It is wonderful to see one's children do well in school, isn't it?

    Happy Birthday to your fine son!

  7. How could I be bored with all the love pouring from your heart? Happy Birthday to your son. And don't think for even a moment that I will let that dull-minded remark pass. You may not have an aptitude for math or science. But you are so good with words and ideas and inner feelings. Those do not come from a dull mind my friend.

  8. When kids leave home it's a bitter sweet situation. We want our kids to leave and become independent. On the other hand it's tough to let them go.

  9. Happy Birthday to your dear son, Baili. What a wonderful post to celebrate all the years in his life. I really like the baby picture of him and your mother. He has grown into a fine young man, and he is close to his family, which is nice. Mothers have a close relationship with their sons. After having two daughters, I was overjoyed to hear these words when delivering my baby, "it's a boy!." I hope you always stay close to your son, Baili.


  10. Awww...not boring! :) You obviously have a deep love for your son and I know how much you miss him!!

  11. they do grow too fast! Wishing him a lovely birthday!!

  12. Happy birthday to your son, baili.

  13. OF COURSE you miss him. And of course you are proud of him.
    And you are NOT dull-minded. Not at all.

  14. Happy Birthday to precious oldest son, Baili :)

    Wish him all the best.

  15. Dearest Baili, you would never, ever, bore me with your stories and photos of your family! I love seeing them.😊😊
    These precious photos of your so growing up through the years is deeply moving and so very beautiful.
    Oh thank you SO much for sharing...

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. These are sweet memories and photos, Baili. Thank you for sharing them. Happy birthday to your son.

  17. Sending birthday wishes to your son, Baili. This was a wonderful post showing us how he has grown from a baby to a young man of whom you are very proud. Of course, you will miss being able to celebrate his special day together, but I am certain you will be in communication with him.

  18. Dear Baili, it is clear that there is a special bond between you and your oldest son. That could be for many reasons--one of them probably being the the was your only child for so many years. How blessed you are in one another. Peace.

  19. So lovely :-)

    Happy Birthday to your first born :-)

  20. This was such a lovely post to read and see.
    I did enjoy your photographs.

    Happy Birthday Wishes to your son.

    All the best Jan

  21. May God bless your dear sons and entire family. Nostalgic, as every mother will remember the offspring's babyhood with pleasure.

  22. I loved this post, Baili! I only have one negative thing to say: You are not dull-minded, and you should never, ever describe yourself as that!!! I hope that you son had a wonderful birthday! And the smiles on the faces of all the "men" in your family in the second to last photo are wonderful too!

  23. while receiving his first trophy in first grade :) i was not into math much but i wanted him to be good in math and science though i never asked just wanted silently . I had fear as if he will not .But he proved me wrong when he always took excellent grades in science subjects and math. It was huge relief for me that he is not dull minded like me
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