Monday, August 19, 2019


  Since   i  came  to  my  senses  i  can  imagine  things  and  worlds unknown   to  me.

If  i  will  say  that  i  have  lived  dual  life  ,won't  be  lie.

All   that   missed  was   from   my   physical  being  was   provided  by   my  Soul.

I  never   imagined   a  life   loaded  with  worldly   material because  i  never  wanted  it (i  really  don't  know  Why).

I   longed   for   True  Happiness  which   comes  from Freedom   of   Mind  and  Soul !

And   My  kind  Lord  blessed  me  with  it  through  quite  Active  and  Strong  imagination .

I  never  felt  Trapped   or  stuck   because  my  soul   was  Free  and  Serene  Always !

How   kind   our  creator  is  who   already   knows  our  desire   more  than  we  do.

He  knew   i  will  be   needing   it. May  be   it   sound  stupid   to   stay   happy   and  satisfied   with  what   i  have. But   i  never  ever  regret   it ,  or  may  be  i  am   much    fool  to  realize    what   my  life  lack .

If   it   is  So,   i  am  okay   with  this  foolishness  of  mine. 

Because   according   to  my  limited    tiny  intellect   i  have  everything   which  one must  have  to  be  happy  and  content.

Actually  In  my   opinion  Happiness   is   not   about   what   we  have, it   is   about   How   we  look  at  what  we  have.
Yes ,our  attitude :)

I   have   seen  people   who  cannot   be   happy   even   they   have   all   they   luxuries   of   life  and   there   is  no   visible   problem   in  their   life. Still   their   Attitude   makes   it  Impossible   for  them   to   realize   the    presence   of   blessings  they  have  and  feel  happy .Sounds   Like  Curse .Isn't  it ?

I  think   imagination   is   most   important   blessing. It   reveals   the  importance  of  all  other  blessings  one  have.

With   imagination   life  is  Always  Beautiful :)

Because  it  never   let   our  strength  weaken  by  hurdles of  life .

Imagination   keeps  our  spirit   High  with   light  of  Faith  and  Hope !

I  believe  that   imagination   is   Base   of   Creativity .

Each   reality   is  imagined   before   appearing.

Very   first   brick  in  wall   of  creation  is  idea  that  is  product   of  Imagination. 

A  man   imagined  himself     Flying  in  the  sky  before  he  thought   of   inventing   a  plane   i  believe .

I   totally   agree   with   Einstein   that   " Imagination   Is   More   Important   Than   Knowledge  because  Knowledge  is   Limited  but Imagination  Has  no  Limit"

It  is   Very   First   Essential   Gift  to  any  Mind   to  Think   Beyond   Boundaries.

I    learnt   through   many   experiences   that  how   Imagination   help    to   live   an  Easy   life.

This   Capability  Protected  me   from   many   dangers   throughout   my   life.

There   are   many  times   when  life   could  have  totally   different  and  painful  if  my   Imagination   would  have  not  helped  me   at   Right  moment.

I  will  be  sharing   those   experiences   with  you    friends when  i  will   feel  that  this  is  right   time to  speak   about   it .
I    have  had  experiences   that   cannot  be  expected   in  reality  ever . While   my   physique   is  sunken   in   routine   house   chores   my   soul   wander   in   lands   full   of   pleasure   and  delights .

I    can   not   sing   in  my  house   though  i  want  to .But   my   imaginations    takes  me   on  lush   hilltop   where   i  sing   while  bearing   pleasant   gusts  of  cool  fragrant   breeze .

According   to  scientists   if   we   drink   water   in  our   imagination   it   can   make  us   feel   as  we   Actually   drunk  it  during   our   thirst ,Because   Our  Imagination   can    play   tricks   to  our   mind . 

When     we   see   some  horror   movie  our   brain   keep   us   frightening      with   scary   thoughts   till  few  days . After   few  days   we   are   back   to   our   normal   pattern   of   thinking.

This   ability   gave  me  wings .And  i  flew   around   like   bird. Which   is   a  good   thing  indeed.

But  Imagination   also   made   me  suffer . I  used   to   cry   a  lot   whenever   i   read   or  heard   about   people   suffering   through   life  's  pains   or  natural  disasters .

After   marriage   i  made   hubby  upset   with   my   such   attitude . It   took  him  few   years   to  make  me  realize  that   we   should   not   cry   over   things   upon  which   we  have  no  control .

Once   my   mind   got  track   i  moved   further   towards   Positivity . Today   i   look  at   world   with   different  Perspective.

In  bit   more  Understanding   way. Though  world   has   developed   so   much    negative  within  still   there   is   Hope   that   Someday   People   on  Planet  Earth   will   comprehend    that,
 They    Need  to    Unite    For   Betterment   Of   this  World.

They   will   learn   to  forget   all    self  risen  stupid    differences .

And  Will  work   together   to   Make   Life   Equally  Peaceful   For   All!

Yes  My   Imagination   Say   It  All  :)

Why ???
Well  mostly  we  human   learn   through   our  experiences  For  Better  ,don't we  :)

God  Bless  You  All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I like Einstein's quote, I think he was a creative soul and had a vivid imagination. I am sorry you can't sing in your house, although I agree our imagination can make things seem as though they are real. I agree also that material things don't bring happiness, they sometimes make life comfortable but I have always found the harder you work to get something, the more you appreciate and value it when it is finally yours! I think the very rich people of the world may not be happy because they have not experienced this.

  2. thank you again for kind words my friend!

    Einstein was revolutionary personality ,indeed!

    actually our house has quite good ventilation ,windows all over the house so being woman singing is hard when there is chance that your neighbor will hear you ,it feels bit uncomfortable to me .

    i sing in my kitchen little bit while cooking when i am sure that nobody is listening :) it's therapeutic .

    I feel so blessed that from my childhood i was always most content child in the house, i never grew love of material fortunately. there is something inside my heart that constantly tells me that
    "all that exist is illusion including life " a tempting trap that distract one from Actual aim of existence.

    i believe in slow steady progress so i can feel evidence of my own being within it

    i value that money more that comes in hand after whole day hard work than money that comes with no effort ,i find it Harmful and disrespectful ,such easy money is Question to my ability for honorable survival

  3. Dearest Baili, please don't ever believe that your intellect is small...for yours is totally the opposite! It is huge! You understand so much more than most of have the awesome ability to see beyond the physical, and that is indeed an enormous blessing to everyone who has the privelige to know you.
    Every single time I visit this wonderful blog, I leave enlightened and comforted.
    And today is no exception. These wise words resonate deeply within me. Happiness is to be found only in our attitude, not in what possessions we have.
    And imagination is a precious gift from our Creator, not the foolish waste of time that so many people believe it to be.
    I am SO grateful to have found someone who feels and thinks as I do.

    Oh thank you so much for this fantastic post!😊😊

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. dearest Ygraine how blessed i am to have kind and sweet friends like you ,sense of gratitude makes my eyes teary sometimes :)

      actually i am criticized more for my imagination or lack of the worldly love than i was appreciated for it

      i truly don't know how and why it happened but i always was person with little weird habits , in my school days my classmates and friend found me an alien to not have interest in girlish talk specially their excitement for boys and else
      at home i was criticized by cousins and sister for my carefree nature ,they thought of me extremely fool when i would say if i have to have one i don't want a rich husband but a person who is beginning his struggle of life so i can see how can i face life's challenges with him ,they would laugh at me and make fun of me

      i was appreciated by parents specially mother and husband but not much :) There was period of time when i felt "why i a not Normal like others "

      thank you so much for honoring me your encouraging words always my friend!

  4. My husband says I can find the positive in anything. I wasn’t always like that but it has made my life better for sure.

    1. best thing is that YOU LEARNT FOR BETTER DEAR Marie :)

      life is so peaceful when we learn and grow on right direction

      your quality to find Positive within anything is Precious and basic necessity for Happiness

  5. Imagination is a sign of intelligence. I love it when a 2 year old will help me try to find an older child. We look under the dog's water dish for the older child. We look up a tree for the dog. We look in the washing machine for ice cubes. What a wonderful mind it takes to come up with those things. Also the empathy you feel for others is what makes you such a loving person. Our world needs more people like you.

    1. Not everyone thinks that way dear Emma
      but yes we should not judge ourselves by other's opinion but only by univesal laws and our spiritual growth

  6. "Happiness is not about what we have, it is about How we look at what we have."

    Well said.

    1. your heart is kind to find it so dear Sandi!

  7. You make some interesting points on imagination. We do bot need very many physical things to be happy.

    1. we don't for sure
      happiness belongs world inside us it does not comes with material

  8. Such an impressive and thoughtful post. You have so many thought provoking things to say. I agree that imagination is an amazing thing. But you are perceptive when you note that it can cause pain. As you point out, when it ties into empathy for others it can bring dark thoughts and feelings. Despite this I would not trade an active imagination for anything.

    1. thank you for kind words dear Brain!

      i can only share my personal experience because imagination is inner ability and i cannot say about people who have imagination but not that active so they can feel other's pain

      because i don't know much in detail about this skill or ability such as How many types of imaginations or there is difference between imagination of positive or negative people

      if you have command over your imagination this is wise and striking for sure

  9. I was just talking with the girls about this, dear Baili. There are some people who have everything - job, house, cars, money, family, yet they don't have peace inside. And there are others who don't have much at all, yet they have peace inside. I told them how much happier we are when we have that precious peace. I'm so glad to hear you are not into material things that much, but have the peace in your heart that is so important. You mention Our Creator often on your blog, and to be close to Him is EVERYTHING.

    Have a beautiful week, Baili.


    1. Dear Sherrie i unconsciously knew from beginning that i am happy when i learn something good are when i am with my loved ones .I knew that when father visit home once in week i am happier with his sight and hug than presents he brought

      i saw people who spoiled their lives ,honor and relationships just to achieve high status
      but when they had it they had all except Happiness

      this is so simple if we Want to Learn Actually ,All men struggle throughout their life to have prosperous life ,prosperity means Worldly success and having lots of material to them

      But end of the day most of them learn that they traveled in wrong direction

      they should have keep their eyes on peaceful living instead of luxurious one

      but it's too late for such people

      when we realize that we wanted to grab Peace from Stuff not from Spiritual growth and sincere relationship it is often too late

      Dear Friend strength that comes to my being is from Realization that there is one who Created Us ,He loves us and Watching us ! if this feeling is disappeared from my inner world i will vanish like an ash i believe

    2. I can not agree with you more, that is so true! Everyone sjould have those priorites right, material things arent happiness at all, what matters is family and health, spritual life is so important to see this☺

  10. You have such a great fluency in re-telling that part of your life. Thank you.

  11. If we are not able to dream, even when we're awaken, life is not fun.

    1. dreams and visions we have are very first step that we take towards our destinations dear Pedro!

  12. Bonjour,

    Merci pour l'ensemble de vos confidences...
    Mon véritable bonheur est de me retrouver face à mon chevalet et d'étaler au pinceau mon ressenti... mes émotions.

    Gros bisous 🌸

    1. and how it can be possible without exquisite harmony of your beautiful imagination and reality around you dear Martinealison :)

  13. Imagination can bring us much joy as you correctly stated here, Baili, and young children seem to know that. Then as they grow up, it can become stifled as not being practical. You, my friend, realize that it is very important to always keep imagining. Material possessions do not bring happiness that is so true. And, far from not having what you call a wise intellect, you are one of the wisest people I have had the pleasure to meet through this blog world and I am grateful and thankful.

    1. so true about children dear Dorothy

      their minds are delicate and like a blank paper in beginning
      their creativity is drawn from their observations and experiences
      and they all are precious artists until some of loose their ability to imagine and bring positive out of worst

      wise ? i don't know but yes i am honest in my struggles that is it :)

  14. Well said! Attitudes are everything. And I also agree with you (& Einstein) about imagination:) Another lovely, lovely post :)

    1. Attitude are everything dear Chris

      they can make you Happiest person on earth when you think you have Nothing worldly in hand
      And on the other hand Attitude can Ruin one's life as he cannot see beyond his negativity ,so all he has is devalued by his way of thinking unfortunately

  15. This was a good read Baili, thank-you.

    You have made some interesting points on imagination, we all need imagination, I don't think it should be stifled. On happiness, this comes from within, material things do not bring happiness.

    All the best Jan

    1. We all have Imagination actually dear Jan

      only who can explore it within and use it to connect with their true selves enjoy it :)

  16. Dear Baili, I so agree that imagination and attitude can make all the difference to the contentment and happiness we find in life. Mom used to say to me, "Dolores, you find what you look for. If you look for good, you will find it. And if you look for bad, you will surely find that, too." And so I've tried to always look for good in whatever is happening to me. And I visualize/imagine good things happening! Peace.

    1. Dear Dee what a beautiful and important point you mentioned here

      either i too had have heard it from my maternal grandpa that

      "we eventually find what we struggle for Good or Bad with all the followed consistences, Wise are those who can imagine them before they practically experience them"

      Thing good is essential to have good indeed my dear friend!

  17. The idea of using our imagination to do the things we can't do in real life is intriguing - I have never thought of using my imagination to do that. Thank you for that, dear baili.

    1. you are so naive to say that dear Jenny

      you are such a creative lady as i have seen your little beautiful creations and what about your intriguing poetry and above all the humor you are gifted with ?

      all these gifts come with fertile imagination my dear friend

  18. Hello Baili, a great read. I am thinking imagination and dreaming are similar. But, with imagination you have creativity too. You have a great way with words. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  19. Awesome thought, Baili!
    Some people said imagination more important than reality, because reality sometimes is sucks meanwhile imagination is magical :)

    Have a wonderful day, Baili!

  20. Wonderful post, Baili! One of the greatest gifts in my life is my powerful imagination. I am not materialistic either. That is another great gift in my life.

  21. We are blessed with things for our basic needs like food and shelter, and we have an attitude of gratitude for these things. Our imaginations then give us everything else we could need beyond that, it seems to me. Lovely post, Baili. Thank you for your kind words on my blog posts.


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