Thursday, August 15, 2019

Happy Birthday Pakistan !

People  of   my   homeland   celebrated  73rd   birthday    of   Pakistan  last  day .

          May  You  See  Many  Happy  Returns Of  The  Day !!!

Recently  i  been watching  travel guide videos.Through   them  i   found  that   there  are  many  countries   who  got  freedom  after   my   homeland.  But    still  they  have  achieved   more   success  in  all   kind     developments  than   us.


 I  know   it  sounds  bit    disappointing  but   i  cannot  give  up   hope. There   is  reason   for  it. My   country   is   blessed  with   diversity   of   landscapes   and  weather .Rich  with   natural   resources .And   people   of  my  land  are   hardworking, Passionate   and  mostly  honest.


Only   one   thing   that  hurts  is  politics  of  our  country. My  homeland  survived   even  it  hardly  remain  in  good  hands  during  73  years .  All   who  had  ruled  had  to  compromise  for  this  survival . Compromises  that  are  done  under  pressure  kept  politicians confused   and  unstable . 


 They   preferred  individual  profits  over  common   gain. 

Politicians  are  HEAD  OF  THE  FAMILY  and  when  head  of the  family  is  corrupt  it  is  obvious  to  have   corrupt  system  all over   automatically .

But   if  we   keep   eye  on  filled  part  of  glass  we   can  see  that   if  they   had  put   half  in  personal  pocket .They  still had  spent  half  on   country   and  country  men  either .

Not   swiftly   but  nation  is  progressing  steadily .

To   keep   country  under  constant  threat    Kashmir   was  left   behind   as  boiling   point .When  it  comes   to  solving   this  most   delicate  situation   between   both  countries  it  seems   world  has  no   organization   like    U.N.O  which  is  puzzling. 

I  bet  if  there  were  no  such   intense   problem  between  two  governments    there  would  have  been  peace  and  friendship  such  as  people  of  both   countries already  have .


Crime rate  in  Pakistan is moderate  except corruption  which  simply  means  that  though   government  is  not  as  caring  and  responsible  as  it  should  be   people  are  still  trying   to  earn  living   through   Honorable  means .It  highs  my  hope :)

                                                Neelum Valley Kashmir (free zone )

How   can  i  be  so   sure ?  In  news   where   we  listen  about  disappointing   stuff  ,there  many  times  i  watch   and   hear   of  people   who   do  great   things   as  humans .

         one  of  world's heighest  plateau Dusae Park  Pakistan  

Such   as ,   people   employed   on  jobs  with   minimum    income   found   bag  with  expensive  things  or   wallet   with  huge  money  of   someone   and  returned   it  back . Amount  of  money  that  could  do  lot  for  them .It  means  their   faith  in  Lord  is  Unshakable :)  

I  see  such   healthy   positive   things  and  feel  blessed  that   people   of  my  country   are   mostly   honest   in  their  dealings . i  feel  serene  and  grateful .I  feel  proud of  them.

And  i  pray   someday  may  some  of  such   honest  and  good  people  find  way   in  Parliament! amen!

According  to  a U N O report  (dawn) in  2018  Pakistan   secured  76th  place  among 156  countries  as  a HAPPY  LAND  and  Happiest  among  all  neighboring   countries !

                                  Stay   Happy  Always!

It   means   people   here  still  believe  that  TO  BE  HAPPY  MONEY  IS  NOT  CONDITION .

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Beautiful Pakistan, Happy Birthday!!

  2. With good people like you and your family, your country has much wealth already, Baili.

  3. Money and greed...terrible things.

  4. Wishing Happy Birthday, peace and prosperity to Pakistan!

  5. Happy Independence Day. You put up an impressive post that touched upon lots of important issues. No nation is perfect and it is important that citizens strive to improve where they live. But from what I know Pakistan has achieved lots of positive things and there is a lot to be proud of.

  6. It is a beautiful country and obviously filled with good talented people. Thanks for showing this!

  7. I had a co-worker from Pakistan years ago and I know you from blogging, so two for two, people I know from Pakistan are very fine people.

  8. What pictures I have seen of your country show it to be scenic and idyllic. No country is without problems of course. My country is also having serious problems right now. I hope for good things for both. And happy birthday to Pakistan.

  9. May Pakistan celebrate many more happy years, baili!
    Have a great weekend

  10. Belated birthday greetings to your country, Baili. You are a proud and always hopeful citizen of which any country could be proud of.

  11. Happy Birthday to such a beautiful country! I wish the world leaders could bring peace and prosperity.

  12. It looks like a beautiful country Baili. Politics...yeah, I'm not a big fan. As you know, I live in a beautiful setting as well, but the politics here sour me against staying. Quebec is mostly french and the french hate the English and pretty much everything about Canada in general. They've had three elections so far to try to separate from Canada and in the end people are too scared to do it. The french hatred for the English has made hundreds of thousands of people move away, and next year Alex and I will be part of that number. It's a shame. I had hope, but I guess, sadly, I've given up hope for Quebec. I think it's time for us to move to a better area where we are more welcome!! Happy Birthday to your homeland!!!

    1. Thank you dear Rain for sharing your thoughts and heart
      i am sorry that you feel not well come where you live

      this is so sad that people have such narrow hearts even in such educated era

      if learning cannot uplift our thoughts for better what is it for then ?

  13. So nice to see the pictures on your post.
    Happy Birthday, Pakistan.

    All the best Jan

  14. Happy birthday, Pakistan. Beautiful place.

  15. Happy belated Birthday Pakistan!!
    That must have been such a proud day for you, dearest Baili...oh how I wish I could have been there with you to celebrate!!
    And thank you so much for sharing these stunning a breathtakingly beautiful country!
    Yes, unfortunately, it is most often the corruption that spoils a nation or community.
    It is happening here too, with increasing frequency. Our local shops are being robbed blatantly, even the staff being assaulted and threatend with knives. And the police refuse to attend. I can sort of understand why. They, too, are being murdered on the streets.
    Sometimes, I find the future too uncertain to even contemplate.😕
    I think it is time all the decent people in the world stood together and repelled this evil that seems to be growing daily.
    My beautiful friend, you see it...I see it...why, oh why can't these gangs understand what they're inflicting upon others...and stop, before it's too late?

    Thank you so much for another thought provoking post, dear friend...this really needed to be said!

    Have a wonderful day...and here's hoping both of our countries grow more and more positive!😊😊

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. dearest Friend Ygraine how can i thank you for such beautiful comment !

      i live in part that is called "third world" and believe it or not to keep it that way makes the modern world what it is today ,i know it is bitter truth but it is and we cannot do anything about it except Pray that may be someday GENUINELY GOOD PEOPLE TAKE OVER THIS PLANET AND MAKE IT A PEACEFUL INHABITATE FOR ALL EQUALLY

      it is SHOCKING to hear that you people are facing such terrible problems also

      police and army are made to guard the sate but how unfortunate that both of these departments are on top of corruption and taking part in creating civil wars and robbery of their own nations
      they are sold and work for enemies of states
      hope is must to save or FAITH IN OUR LORD indeed

  16. This is a beautiful, sad, and hopeful post. Happy birthday to your country.
    I worked at the phone company here in the US and one of the men on our team was from Pakistan.
    We talked many time about your country.
    The pictures are lovely.

  17. Hope and emphasis on the positive continues to be the best way.

  18. Happy birthday to Pakistan and blessings to you Baili and all who populate your beautiful country. I have been watching a UK tv program called Beecham House, it's your standard tv drama, but touches on the time of Partition, when India and Pakistan became two countries and the impact it had on families who had to choose which country they would call their own, sometimes dividing communities, friends and families. I hope one day visiting your country will become safe and affordable to us in the West as there is so much to learn and explore that we would love to experience. Blogging is like opening a window into another world, it takes us to places we could never otherwise explore :)

    1. I really appreciate your kind visit and words my friend

      history reveals that partitions of any state were not done to please people but to SECURE BENEFITS OF POLITICIANS OF THAT TIME

      since always such steps have been taken because few people wanted to rule the world and to calm their lust of power they named it variously ,religion .civilization or freedom

      to satisfy their own lust such selfish people provoked common men and forced them to sacrifice their lives and honor

      their greed took countless innocent lives always but they loose nothing ever because they only had to pull strings of people whom dependency made them puppet before them

      actually things are not as bad as are told to you my friend

      many visitors visit our country and have uploaded their pleasant experiences on you Tube

      our country is safe for travels since many years and you are most well come to check natural beauty or historic sights here

  19. Muitos parabéns para o Paquistão! As fotografias revelam imagens muito belas. Obrigada.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  20. A very nice day of celebration, Baili. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos of Pakistan.


  21. Thank you for sharing photographs of your magnificent country, Baili, especially its beautiful children. And you are so right: Money is not a condition for happiness.


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