Friday, August 9, 2019

Air ,Breeze, Wind (poem)

Do   you   know  me ,  i  am  air

Have   no   body  but   only   Dare 

Since    ages  , roaming   on  the  earth 

I  have   seen   ,  how    glob   took  curves 

How    water   replaced   the   land  

How    oceans    had  left   the   sand 

Lonely   world   needed  a  glee 

I  had    helped   " Water  To  Be" 

Then   we   both  embrace   sunlight 

And   this   way ,  Created   we  Life !

I  have   seen ,   life 's      growth  

Mighty   man  from   tiny   moth 

Never   ending    his   fatal    greed  

Selfishly    swallowing   his   own  breed 

Makes   me   sad  ,  makes   cry  

Cannot   stop  though   how  hard  try 

Insanely    ,  i  run   around  

As   i  got    deepest    wound 

Fussing     with,   things   on  way 

I   blow,      sand   on   bay  

Mess   with    clouds  ,push   the   waves 

Through   the   skies   echo   my  raves 

Thrusting    doors   breaking   glass 

Which    direction   i  want   to  pass ?

Making   trees   mourn   and   fall 

Blowing   leaves  ,shaking   the   wall 

I   don't   know   what  makes   me  cool 

Or    eventually     i  think   of  me     "fool"

Twirling   sometimes   in   hot   plains  

Contemplating   upon  "loss and  gains"

Fear  ,prophecy   all  my   thoughts  

I    write   my   diary   in  desert's  heart 

Forbade   rain   to    spoil   it     so  

Once   in   while   she   has   to   though 

When  i  am   happy  ,i  cherish   souls 

They   feel   joyous  , i   bring  them  close

Gladden    their  world  with   soothing   breeze 

I   feel  "praised "  by   birds  on   trees 

Gardens   filled    with  fragrant   lights  

With   my   presence    everything   highlight

Playing   with   hair   of   beautiful  girl 

Makes   me   stuck   in  poetic   curl 

When   lake   looks   so   sad   and   still 

I  Spray    some dry   leaves   to   give   her   thrill 

Serene    mornings    or    quiet   dusk  

Deficient   without   my   touch 

I     open     windows   to   unseen   worlds 

Where    soul  flies   like   happy   birds  

Imagination   has  wings   so   high  

Logic   or   reason    unable  to   try  

If     you   inhale    me   i  m   peace   

But    with  all   the  gratitude   please  !




  1. Dearest Baili, what a beautiful and deeply moving poem...that speaks directly to the Spirit!
    Oh WOW, this truly brought tears to my eyes...I'm not sure why...probably because my Soul understands...😊😊

    I hope you are having a wonderful day, my lovely Friend!

    With all my love and hugs, always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. We are deeply cared for here in this world.

    "...his own breed "

    Mankind against mankind. It is so wrong.

  3. You have captured the many personalities of air. Well done.

  4. I really enjoyed reading that, especially
    "When lake looks so sad and still
    I Spray some dry leaves to give her thrill"
    SO creative!!! :)

  5. Excellent verse. You paint very vivid pictures that help me “see” what you are describing.

    Have a great day!

  6. Gratitude! All of this is in your wisdom!

  7. Love your poem, Baili.

    Love the line, “Imagination has wings so high”

  8. A beautiful poem, Bsili.

    Have great weekend!

  9. You've described very well the many faces of the wind. What wonderful images you have created, baili. I enjoy gentle breezes all the way to a good strong wind, but draw the line at hurricane weather!

  10. I did enjoy reading your words here :)

    All the best Jan

  11. Beautiful lines, piercing the mind, occupy a seat there,

  12. You have a poet spirit.
    Have a great week!

  13. Such a lovely poem! Hugs, RO

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  15. Gostei desta "onda poética" sobre o vento e, ao mesmo tempo com preocupações sobre o planeta que habitamos.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  16. Your poems are always such a wonderful treat to read, Baili. You create such imagery that never fails to stir up images in one's mind. Thank you for sharing your words with all of us. Also thanks for all your wonderful comments on my own posts, I always enjoy reading what others have think of them. My own posts tend to be much more about describing places and things. I have never tried to include poetry or thoughts and you do this so well.

  17. Lovely poem, Baili! Your words make me feel and hear that breeze blowing by and see what it touches wherever it goes.


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