Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Journey Of Will ! (poem)

  Sitting  in  the  room,   with  darkened   silence  

  Protecting   herself,   from   outer  violence  

                                                   Image by google 

  She  was   shivering,   with   lack  of  hope 

  As  about  to  slip,  in  the  well  of  dope

  Threaten   by ,   each  tiny   move 

   Broken   by , numerous   groove  

   Very   smoothly ,  driving  her  nuts 

   Dancing   around   her  "ifs"  and  "buts"

   "If  i  will   open,  window  or  door "

   "Wild  weather ,   will   crush   my  core "

    Rain   stopped  and   sun   came  out  

   Time  to  cheer,  and  wander  about 

   Opened  window,   and  peeked   through 

   Sense   of  joy ,     must  be  grow  

   Oh  my  ,it's ,   windy   and  cold  

    I   can't    fit,  in    this     mould 

  Day   got   warm , chilled  and  breezy 

   Under   blue,   walking  was  easy  

   Now  she   was,  upset    by  noise  

  Bunch   of   crows  making  it  rise 

   "Oh  they  will  scratch   my   nerves"

    "Can't  be   focus  to  see  or  observe "

  Closed   the  window   and  hold   the  book 

  But  inside  ,something  still  so   crook 

 Banging   head  like   ruthless  hammer  

 From   the  tap, it  was  dropping   water 

 Left   the  book   and  hold   her   head 

 Injured  her , hit   of   drops    so  bad

  Laid   down,  with   withered  breath 


  Pillow   drank,    her    flowing    tears

   Dipped   in,  despair   and    fears  


   Then   she  felt   pain   in    chest  

    Death  howled ,  upon  the  heart's  nest

   Once   it  seemed   that   she  was  sunken

    From   the    nest   bird  was    taken  

    But  it  was ,     just   a   gust  

    Within    which ,   wish  of   Life    busted 

     After   hours , when  got   to   sense  

    Pearls   of   peace,,  shine   immense 

   Opened    eyes,  and   looked   around  

   Everything,     Freshening     sound

   Took   a   Deep,  and   Serene   breath!

    Got   up ,  with    Peace  so...    deep!

    Felt  new ,  Strength   in  her   Being!


    On  the  lips  ,slight   smile  playing :)

   As   "Life "  for  her   was  Calling !

  As   she   was  ready   for   walking!

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  Since   then   she   is   Sage !

   Freed   herself   from  every   Cage!

   Nothing   bothers ,  her    anymore   

   She  has  Opened  Soul's  Door !

   Towards   Heaven,   of   Positive   thoughts !

   Blown  away,   all   negative  knots

     Singing   now   a  Happy  Song !!!

    She   enjoys   whatever   come  along!

My   Precious  friends   hope  you  liked  this  poem  above !

Please  take  great  care  ,stay  strong  and   blessed  with  positive  attitude!

God  bless you all!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you dear friend!
      Yes this is writin by me.

      Once in a while i share my poetry though English is not my native language

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with us, dear Baili. I'm so glad that she found her way from despair to hope.

  3. A very moving poem Baili. I'm so glad you shared it. Have a wonderful day :)

  4. "Freed herself from every Cage" -- a beautiful line and a beautiful wish for all!

  5. That is a lovely poem and suggests to me the idea of conquering feelings and fears in order to go out and enjoy life. Thank you for posting it!

  6. I really like your poem as you catch a very important part of life that people have to go through.

  7. The awakening of a soul is magnificent.

  8. A very nice poem.
    Thank you for sharing it with your blogging friends.

    All the best Jan

  9. Lovely poem! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  10. It's absolutely divine!
    Have a great weekend

  11. You have such a broad English vocabulary that enriches your poetry and all your writing, baili. You create such clear images for the reader. I have wished more than once that I could read the poetry that you write in your own language where you are undoubtedly even more adept. Thank you for sharing what you write.

    1. You are so sweet my precious friend Jenny!

      i felt my eyes teary with your kind response!

      I am just struggler in field of poetry specially in english language which beautiful and vast as my own language Urdu .
      I am glad you liked my spontaneous effort my friend

  12. Just beautiful, Baili. I may not understand all of it-language barrier perhaps, but I so love your heart felt words. Keep writing!

    Jane x

  13. a very moving poem, Baili. It brought tears in my eyes

  14. Baili, I do love your poems, my friend. Pearls of peace, shine immense.....what a wonderful sentence. So much negativity in the world today, and I just got a comment that didn't sound too sincere. But I won't let people's frustration in life tamper with the joy that I feel at Christmas, and I can see that you won't either.

    Let's celebrate this wondrous season together, shall we?

    love, ~Sheri

    ps.....I have had this picture in my files of the girl in yellow for a long time. Just waiting for the right moment to use it. Isn't it beautiful?

    1. Thank you dear friend!

      I am so happy that you liked my simple words!

      I am proud of your adoration for your self and effort to push away all negativity that comes to you by some sick mind

  15. Gostei imenso do poema. Cheio de conteúdo e emocionalmente muito forte.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  16. A hopeful attitude is so important even though it can be difficult sometimes.

  17. Beautiful words, Baili! You hold such power in your words!
    be blessed, dear one....<3

  18. glad this all ended with a positive theme, it is so sad when people are in deep stress and depression, it is sometimes hard to see past pain!

  19. Beautiful poem!! Alot of touching words and thoughts! Big Hugs!

  20. A beautiful portrayal of moving from despair to hope, Baili!


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