Friday, November 24, 2017

Birds Of Pakistan !

 Hello  Dear  Friends!

  Hope  and  pray  that  in  the  endless  sky  of  life   you  are   flying   sublimely  and  gracefully ! Each    gust  of  wind  that   push  you   down   ,makes   your   flight    more   focused  and   high. 

Yes   it   came   to  you   just   to  tell  you  that   how   better   and   special   your   flight  can  be!

Today   i  am  sharing   with   you   some   birds   of  my   homeland  .Most    of   them   i  used   to   see  often   in  my   native   village  .Some  of  them  i  still   find  here  in  small  city  of  Khairpur .

Many   visit  without  concern   of  any   particular   weather   though  some  make  seasonal   visits . I  took  lots  of  help    from  google  to   give  you   name  and  photo  of  birds which   beauty  the  sky   and  surrounding  of  my  country Thank  to  google  and  wikipedia.
Hope  you  will  enjoy  the  look ,

                                                         Blue capped redstart

                                                       white cheeked bushit

                                                              Himalayan   monal

                                                                 Brown rock

                                                           Chestnut thrush 

                                                           Large spotted nut cracker

                                                                    Grey  Treepie
                                                     Streaked laughing thrush

                                    white eared bulbul 

                                 Slaty headed parakeet

                                      western  tragopan

                                                                      Yellow bitten

                                           Bank myna  

                                 Ultramarine flycatcher 

                                                      Brown  fronted woodpecker

                                                               Kashmir nuthatch

there  are  many  many  more  to  share but i think  for  next  time  as  kids  are   about  to  get  back home  and  i  have  to  peel   and  cut   apple  for  them  and  then  finalize  the   lunch  ,chicken with  spinach  along with traditional bread and white rice .

Hope  you  find   these flying beauties  familiar   friends  as  birds  still stay   free from  the  boundaries  made by  men  on  ground  so  they  fly   FREELY  and  can  go  where ever  they  want  to  go .

Take  great   Care   ,stay  positive  and  enjoy  the  each  breath  as  you  can't  say  that  it  is  not  the  last one!

God  Bless  You  All!


  1. Love them all and very lovely photo's ,but mine special is the Blue Capped Redstart! greetings,Joan

  2. This is another wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. I am not a formal bird watcher, but as I walk a lot I do observe and identify birds. In fact, I will probably be taking a long walk later today. Your post will likely prompt me to pay special attention to the birds. Your local birds are not the same species that we see in the United States. I would love to visit Pakistan and and view these unfamiliar birds in the wild!

  3. So lovely birds !!!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  4. So beautiful, colourful and different than the birds we have here!

  5. What lovely birds, Baili. Thank you for sharing. I noticed many similarities between birds of your area and ours here such as your Chestnut Thrush is like our Eastern Bluebird; your Western Tragopan like our Guinea Hen, your Brown Footed Woodpecker like our Downy Woodpecker and your Kashmir Nuthatch like our Nuthatch. I do like that Spotted Nut Cracker which resembles our Crows and Ravens only with those white spots. I enjoy watching and photographing the birds that visit our yard and surrounding area. Their songs and call can be so interesting too. What a fun post you have shared with us today. Thanks so much. Have a blessed day, dear friend.

  6. We have a few that re quite similar, but none of the really colorful birds.

  7. What beautiful birds, in general they are more colourful than the ones we get in more drab Northern places. How I would love to see those rainbow colours flying freely in the sky above me.

  8. I love birds, Baili. I have time now to watch them since I retired. These are unusual to me! Love this post!

  9. So colorful, birds are a true blessing.

  10. oh my gosh, such beautiful birds, the colors and variety are amazing! Thank you so much for showing us this today,

  11. There are some really pretty ones. You have many birds that we do not have.

  12. gosh they are beautiful birds, thanks for sharing...and you are a good mom!

  13. I'm a birder so I liked this post. You didn't name the chukar. They have been introduced here but they struggle to survive in this area.

    1. Oh i didn't?

      i am less in my senses now days Red sorry for this mistake .
      ye we also call this gorgeous bird Chukar here with little change pronunciation like" Chakor",thank you for reminding me

  14. It is so interesting to see these birds as we do not have a single one of them (although as Carol Blackburn said above, we have a few that remind me of some of yours). So many of yours have brilliant colours. The Himalayan monal is amazing! Thank you for sharing these; I loved seeing your feathered friends.

  15. All the birds are Are so colorful. They must bring great joy to all who see them.

  16. Such beautiful birds you have shared with us Baili.
    I LOVED the colours of the Himalayan monal!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  17. The birds of your homeland are beautiful, Baili. We get very ordinary birds here, but the Blue Jay is a pretty blue, and the Robin's belly is a striking orange. My most beloved bird is the Hummingbird.

    Wow, the Himalayan Monal is gorgeous. It reminds me of our Peacock, but this one has more bright colors. I think my favorite one on here is the Blue capped redstart. Love his aqua feathers. The Ultramarine flycatcher is precious too. When I saw your bird post on my side bar, Baili, I rushed right over, as the birds are so special to me. They bring us peace and joy. Thank you for sharing the birds from your homeland. It was amazing to see them all.


  18. Beautiful photos Baili...I just filled up the bird feeder with some leftover stale bread. They need some food in this cold!! :) Watching and listening to birds is one of my many pleasures in life, the cats and dogs love it too! :)

  19. Beautiful pictures Baili, I had to actually bring Cindy in to look also, we both enjoyed them very much.

  20. So many beautiful birds all very colourful.

  21. All my sWEET friends ,thank you SO MUCH for encouraging words .actually my half sleep brain (medication effect ,remember!) could not find anything else to share though i have so many things to share yet after the medicines posting them without much mistake sound impossible so i am being careful (atleast i think:) here .
    thank you so much for showing such warmth and acceptance MEANS LOT TO ME!!!

  22. The birds in your area are so colorful and beautiful!!

    Sending warn, well wishes to you!!!!

  23. Beautiful birds and amazing shots of them!

  24. These are such beautiful birds. The Blue capped redstart is my favourite!

  25. A pair of bulbul made their nest in my balcony.
    They used one of the plants and made the nest there.
    The babies were born, we wewre all very happy and excited, but the next day the babies an the parents dissapeared.
    We all know what happened...
    Have a great week

  26. Beautiful birds and parrots - thanks for sharing them.

  27. Baili I so enjoyed your post, i love seeing birds and yours are beautiful and new to me, we dont have any like these in the UK apart from the first one being similar to our kingfisher perhaps. The Himalayan monal is spectacular.

  28. So lovely to see your colourful birds.
    Nature provides us with so many wonderful colours, their feathers and plumage are just brilliant.

    All the best Jan

  29. Wow, I love them all!! So different from what we have! Big Hugs!

  30. I love the birds you shared, Baili! Researching and collecting photos from the internet takes time and effort. Thank you for putting this post together!


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