Friday, November 17, 2017

It's Cold Now ,and Medications Effect! And an old poem

    Hey   dear  fellows  

 Hope  and   Pray    that   stream     of    life  is  flowing   smoothly   in   the   swift    flow   of  time  while     touching   both   banks    with   elegance   and  strength  !

Each   bank  has   unique   flavour   to   create   more   beauty   and  to   enhance   more   meanings   to   it   so   you   can   live   with    much   awareness   and   more   wisdom  .Yas   talking  about   the  bank    of    joys   laying   on   one   side   and  bank   of  sorrows   on   other :)

Hope   weather   is    being  cooperative   to   enjoy   your   indoors   and   outdoor   adventure    as   here   November   is   getting   pretty   cold  ,Northern   areas   are  having   snow    and  windy   rains  .

Here   in  southern   part   either   is   also   having  slight    rains   with  air   which   is   little   new  as  here   winters   mostly   stay   airless   which   make   them   mild   but   this   time   this  is  quite   airy   which   is   increasing   the   cold   to   quite   an  extent.

For   the   first   time   of   my   life   i   am   feeling   less    cold   as  normally   i   always    used   to   be   very   first   who   wear   the   sweater   and     pair  of   socks   and   declare  in   the   house       that  "it  is  cold  now  "  

But   this   time   while   taking   multiple   vitamins   through   medicines    described   by   doctor   for   joints   pain   i   am   the  one   in  house   who  is   feeling   less   cold , Hubby   seems    not   happy   with   my   new    low   look   as   he   often   peek   into  my   eyes  and   asks   with    worry " are   okay"   and   i   reply   with    effortful     smile  "yes  it's  just   medicine  effect   may   be"

As   medicines   are   making    me   feel   very   heavy   and   sleepy   so  i   reduced   the  doze    as  i   told   already   doctor  (previous  experience)   that   it  will   may   cause   much   dullness   so   i   will  be   taking   them   with   gape  ,so    consequences    are   better .My   joint   pain   seems   to    loosing  it's   grip   gradually    and  i   am  quite    grateful    for  this   as  movement   is    becoming   easy   and  painfree    so    sounds  like   new    birth   with   new   vision   of  life!

Dear   friends   want   to   share   with   you   one  of   my   old   poem    which   is  from  my  early   posts    hope   you   will    like  it . Instead  of  giving  link  i  copied  and  pasted  it  for   you !

Take  great  care  lovelies !
have  blessed  ,happy  life  ahead!

God  bless  you  all!      enjoy  the  poem  below!



she was a princess
pretty and graceful

living in a castle along her joyful world
playing with happiness all the time

swinging the swing of peace and love ,
laughter of her's spreading all around

she was in castle ,like a heart in rock,
castle kept her like pearl in a clam,
no harm was allowed to touch her ever ,

life seemed fully in her favor ,
when ever she looked through the windows of castle ,
spring was always dancing in her gardens ,

but once she found ,that all windows were painted spring by some clever,

she cut the painting and got out of the castle,
suddenly she met the other colors of life,
which were completely stranger to her eyes,

she saw the bare trees looking so sad ,
she saw yellow leaves ruined on the ground ,
and a bird hanging on the branch stuck with some thing ,
she pull a thorn from feather released it from the pain,

she saw it flying away and felt some thing  crawling

on her pinkish cheeks
she tasted it , it was the tear
for the very first time in her eyes
she could not get them , but a feel of real joy bloomed her soul so high.
The joy that she never had before in her life.


  1. Good to read that your medications are helping you, sorry though that you feel so tired and heavy, hope,this will,soon pass.

  2. I hope that you will soon feel better!

  3. Oh! this is entrancing. Love the idea of the painted windows, very clever!

  4. I hope you feel a lot better soon, Baili.

  5. The side effects of medications can make us feel different too. It’s a fine balance between the original symptoms and the effects of the meds. Hope you feel like yourself again soon, Baili.

  6. Dear Baili - Sorry to hear about the uncomfortable side effect of medication but nice to know your moving has become easier. Hope your health condition becomes much better in the good balance of medication and physical problems. The poem is so moving. If we don’t know the negative side of life, we won’t be pleased with pleasures from the bottom of our heart.


  7. I like your poem! Glad your joints are starting to feel better!

  8. sweet poem, thanks for sharing. Glad the medicine is helping and you got the right dose now.

  9. I really like your introductory paragraph with it's metaphor for life.

  10. I hope you continue to feel better and that the cold temperatures do not get too cold. I enjoyed your poem, life is beautiful but you have to see some of the sadder things in life for you to fully enjoy the real beauty of life, that was my takeaway...

  11. I really like your poem Baili.

    I am sorry that the medication is making you sleepy but I am glad that you are feeling better in other ways.

    I am in New York State and it is starting to get cold here too. I love all the seasons but as I am getting little bit older I find that I like the warmer weather best.

    Have a great week!

  12. The poem is moving. It shows that in order to really experience the beauty of the world we must know the truth of the world. I am feeling your words in my heart. Wow.

  13. Baili, your poem is lovely. Thank you for sharing it. I am glad to hear that your medication is helping. Yes, they can make you drowsy so be careful in getting up from the chair, walking and using kitchen utensils as many accidents happen that way. Stay safe. It is wonderful your husband is looking out for you, too.

  14. I guess I'd rather be tired from the medicine than suffer joint pain...feel better.

  15. I hope you feel better soon. Listen to your hubby too, he knows you better than your doctors do xx

  16. I'm sorry you are having joint pain, Baili. I do hope the medicine makes you feel better. This is a delightful poem. "Swinging the swing of peace and love".....that sounds wonderful. : )


  17. What really struck me is the loving concern of your husband! I'm glad that you are feeling somewhat better, Baili! Take care of yourself, dear friend! I loved your poem. No one wants to be a bird in a gilded cage! Real feeling and freedom means so much! Sending you a big hug!

  18. Glad you a feeling a bit better, that's always a good thing. Yes it's getting quite cold here in the UK too.

  19. The cold is always bad for joint pain hope you are feeling better soon.

  20. Very sweet poem Baili :) I'm really glad your joint pain is getting better. My exercise and stretching is helping but I am still not sure I need medical help or not...I'm hoping NOT!!! I hope you get used to the meds soon, I personally hate that dopey feeling and I tend to give up too soon. It's snowy here now, winter has set in our Laurentian mountains, it's very pretty...but ask me again in April and I may not have the same opinion! :)

  21. A well-written poem. Thank you.

  22. I hope you feel better soon. I would be grateful if sometime I could just put on a sweater when things got cold. Here it would only be the first layer.

  23. That is a lovely poem, Baili. Thank you for sharing it. I'm very happy to hear that your joint pain is getting better. I hope as you get used to the medications that you feel less tired. It can take quite some time to feel normal again.

  24. nice post.thanks for sharing it.

  25. Here in my place in India, its cloudy and raining too... Poem is so lovely...

  26. What a wonderful poem Baili!
    Keep taking the pills and have a truly wonderful week :)

  27. Em primeiro lugar desejo as suas melhoras e não abuse da medicação...
    Quanto ao poema, achei-o muito belo e com sentimentos de esperança "but a feel of real joy bloomed her soul so high.
    The joy that she never had before in her life.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  28. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with us, dearest Baili!
    I hope your health conditions will become better. Try to rest and take a good care of yourself! ♥

  29. Your poem is lovely, Baili, and maybe true for everyone - we cannot be protected like a princess from the truth of this world, for good and for bad. I do hope that you find a happy balance with your medications and continue to be free of pain. We are getting cold the fire every evening now. Wishing you a lovely week. Hugs and blessings xo Karen

  30. Baili, I thought your poem was lovely, thank you so much for sharing it.

    I am pleased that your medication is helping. I have heard many people say that it can make you drowsy ... so do take care and I hope as the weeks progress you will feel much better.

    Sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  31. I am glad your joint pain is being somewhat relieved by the medication, baili. I hope you can gradually adjust the amount of medication so that you have a good balance of pain control and alertness. The cold makes pain seem so much worse, doesn't it?

    I love your poem - and, as always with your writing, you have found the nugget of truth and explained it very well . . . we may be safe when we are protected, but we don't fully experience beauty until we also experience pain!

  32. Please take care of yourself! Your health is important! Beautiful, touching poem! Big Hugs!

  33. Must have missed this post from you somehow.
    Do hope you feel much improved soon.

  34. Baili, this is a sweet poem... it's true, we do enjoy the happy times even more when we have difficult times xox ...

    I too used to be the one who put a sweater on all time, now I rarely even wear a jacket when I go out and it is early December (No snow yet but quite chilly for others)... I think I am just going to buy a hoodie and use that for my coat this year as I don't have to go out in it often and I just can't handle being overtly hot xox I hope you feel well soon xox

  35. I hope that you are continuing to feel warm, Baili, but I also hope that you are feeling better all around. I always enjoy your poems. This one speaks to me of longing for freedom. I would never want to be a pampered, protected princess ~ Give me the real world with all its challenges. I particularly loved these lines: "she was in castle ,like a heart in rock, castle kept her like pearl in a clam." What a powerful expression of being cut off from life and the real world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poems. They have a real impact on me! The baby pictures of your sons are so cute!


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