Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A sweater knitted by Mom, An art by my younger son and some talk

Hello  Dear  Friends!

Hope   and  pray  that   all  of  you  are  experiencing   a   wonderful   life   with   accessible   ups  and  downs  that come  to  us   just  to  "check  our  faith  and  strength"

Thank  you   sooo  much  for   sweet   and  kind  words   for  my  health  ,they  always  help  me to  feel  better  and  are  treasure  from  friends  to  my  soul!

Winter  has   spread  her  cold   wings  quite   wide   upon  our  part  of  land  .After  quite   a  many  previous   winters   i   am   feeling  that 

"  now   i  can enjoy  the  cold  weather"  because  of  my  current  medicines  for  joints  pain    i  am  feeling  less  cold   and  it  is  so  exciting  for  me :)

All  the   warm  clothing  and  blankets  are  out  of  the  box  ,washed  (again)  and  under   the  use  now . Though  here  in  southern  area  of  the  country  winter  last   for  hardly  for  two  months   unlike  my  native  northern  village  where  it   lasts   for  almost  four  months  with  windy   rains  and  higher  parts  get  lots  of  snow  as  they  having  right  now .

People  from  southern  area  rush  to  the  northern  part  to  enjoy  the  snowing  and  cold   temps. Either  we   used  to  do  so  but  when   life  was  not  as  stuck  in  crazy   business. I  really  miss  my  village   more   with   each   curve  of  weather   .I  miss  the  lashing  beauty   and  serenity   of  that  elegant  valley .Birds   beaded   in  bare  branches   and  gloomy   whispers   winds  which   sound   groaning   over  the  loss  of   woods.

Caw  of    crows  which  pierce  the   thick   layer of   silence  make  the  view  more  visible  before  eyes  again  when  i   flew  away  with  my  imagination   towards   the  world  visible   in  my  insidious   universe   or  may   be   somewhere   else  too .

I   believe  that  everything   that  comes  to   our  imagination  is   truly  exist   somewhere  or  happened  somewhere  or  will   in  future  because  imagination  seems  to  belong  to  our  SIXTH  SENSE   though   has   more  delicacy  and   magic   in it    than  identifying    the  possibilities  only .

Few  weeks  back  when   i  was   taking   sweaters  and  jackets  out   i   saw  an  old  sweater  knitted   by  my   dear   mom   when  i   was  in    grade  9  ,it  opened   the  window  of  so  many   precious  memories   when   my  parents  were  alive  and  we  lived  together    in   my  native  village  .

Mom   was    super    woman  kind   of  lady   for  me .She   was   greatly   in  love  with  life   and  may   be  i  got   that   instinct   from  her  in  my  nature .But  what   she  could  not  put  into  was  her  passions  for  knitting  ,crocheting  , experimental   cookings ,sewing  ,needle  work   and  gardening .

Except  gardening   i  was  away   of  everything   that   she  wanted  me  to learn  as  it  was  tradition   and  custom  that  girls   start  to  make  their  own  dowry   in  early  age  and  learn   all  kind  of  home  making  works  and  arts   to keep   house  most   beautiful  and  comfortable  place  for  their  future  family .

I   was   out   of   her  hands  ,totally   boyish  and  carefree  ,reading   lots  of   digests   ,magazines    ,books  ,playing   badminton ,tennis  and running  in   huge  yard   like   mad  as   i  will  break  the  walls  and  get   away  with   all  my  excitement  and  craziness .

I  used  to  practice  telepathic  tricks  lol  as  i  was  reading  a   novel  (which  later  was  counted  among  world's  some  longest   novel  which  used  to  get   publish  in  episodes   in  digest   then)  .

The  main  character   fo   story  was   Farhaad  Ali  Tamur    who   had  special   ability   to   get   in  other's  mind  ,read  and  control  them .

It  was  so  fascinating  for  me   than :)  i  used  to  stare   at   lightened   candle  and  try  to  focus  and  all the  other  silly  tricks  that  were  narrated  in   story .

Now  i  think  it  was   so  funny to  do   so  .Though  human   psychology   is   most  appealing  subject   for  me  but   making  way  to   the   other's  privacy   (thoughts)  does  not   sound  a   decent  idea   to  me . God  did   not  let   his  men  do  this  because  mostly   people  will  use  this  in  negative  way  to  harm   other  ,to  control  and  use  other  for  selfish   aims.  

Slipping  out  of  track   again  ,when   sat   for  the   post  i  thought  i  will  only share   some  pics   but  me  and  my loose  talk. i  have  to  rename  my  post   again.

This  is  sweater   Knitted  by  my   dear  mom ,wearing it   now  when  i  am  fat  made  it  loose ,but  once  in  while  wearing  it  makes  me  feel  close  to  her !!!

On  left  my  mom ,on  right me ,my  aunt  (father;s sister) is  peeking  from  behind  mom , spontaneous shot  taken  by  my  sister  who  suddenly   asked  my  mom  to  get  ready  and  just  clicked  while  mom  was  washing  utensils   in  front  yard  of  our  native  house  in  village   ,  (1991)  one  day  after  marriage  i  was  insisting  mom  to  come  with  me  for  city  of  my  husband  where  i  had  to  go  with   him  and  his  family  then.

My  younger  son  made  this  holder   after  learning  it  about  one  and  half  month  age  ,i  though  it  won't  be  as  useful  and  stable but,

                                    It   is  still  doing  great!

 Fall   is  changing   the  colors  of  my  little  garden  slowly ,last  month  pic,new  plantation  is  due   and  expected  little  late  this  year ,probably next  month

 Rose plants   in  north  fad  in  extreme  winter  but  here  in  south  they  feel  refreshed!

 Old  leaves  of  rose  are  sad  because  of  time  to  say goodbye! 

But  i  am  sure  after  departing  from plant  these  leaves  will find  new   aim  and  meaning  to  life   as  life  never  ends  ,it  just  changes  it's  shapes!

Stay   POSITIVE  and  Happy   friends  as  life    is  too  short  to  be  sad  and  dull .
God  bless  you  all!


  1. What wonderful memories of your Mother nade even more special by the beautiful cardigan knitted by her for you her precious daughter. Loved the photo of her with you!
    Have a lovely week :)

  2. Keep warm but I presume your winter is warmer than the winter here in Tasmania, that is why we travel north to a warmer winter if we can go.
    I crochet too and have done so for years.
    Sometimes somethings we keep because someone special make it/them :)

  3. Wonderful post.

    It is also getting cold where I live. It was very warm for a long time then it got cold quickly. I also enjoyed winter more when life was less hectic. Perhaps I will again if I ever slow down.

    I have a few pieces of clothing that relatives have knit for me. They really are nice things to have.

    When I was young I also tried to use telepathy. To my disappointment, it never worked :)

    Have a great week!

  4. love all seasons so also when the garden changed..

  5. Hello dear Baili, such a lovely blog post. So good to have fond memories of your Mother. I like the little pink buttons she used, go nice for a little girl. We sound much alike at times when you are writing. We have similar interests in the mind and spirit. Your openness is wonderful. I wish you a beautiful week filled with peace and joy.

  6. I like the sweater, Baili. It looks very comfortable!

    There’s a hilarious movie called What Women Want where Mel Gibson can suddenly hear what other people are thinking. He’s not happy!

    1. I have watched this movie dear Sandi!

      Finally he felt rlived when he lost that ability.
      Things against Nature 's law create disturbance in life indeed

  7. There is nothing better than being able to cloak ourselves in something that exudes a mother's love. A friend made me a quilt out of my mother's dresses and it is a quilt of comfort.

  8. Your Mom's sweater, your son's pen holder -- creative talent runs in your family!

  9. I love hearing about your marvelous memories, and even though it's getting a little colder here in NC, we don't ever experience really brutal cold like in North Dakota or other places. The pics are are also fabulous, and glad you're feeling better! Hugs...

  10. such a beautiful post, the sweater is lovely and it makes me smile to think of you being close to your mum when you wear it,, have a wonderful day and I'm glad your pains are less.

  11. Such lovely memories of your dear mother. That is such a pretty sweater. It not only keeps you physically warm, but it also warms your heart with the memories it stirs.

  12. The sweater that your mom made looks very nice, she was a very talented woman. I love handmade items like the holder your son made, so much love is in these items because part of that person comes out within each one.

  13. Those garments knitted by mom are special...I have a blanket that keeps me warm just looking at it.

  14. Baili, this is a nice sweater that your mom knitted for you, and special memories that go along with it. I love this picture of you and your mom and the sisters in the background. It shows the women in your family. You should frame that, Baili. What a cute pencil holder your son made and a treasure for you.

    It is our Thanksgiving on Thursday, and I wanted to tell you that I'm thankful for your sweet friendship here in this blog land.


    1. Either i am sooooo.....GRATEFUL to have friends like you ,like all of you as friend my precious friend!!!
      Thank you so much for sharing your heart dear!

  15. Check my blogpost Knitting Connections. You will see a sweater that my mother knit for me in the early 1960's

  16. The sweater is still beautiful. As is the container your son made. Your mother is an attractive woman.

  17. Nothing better than being wrapped in something made by your mom.

  18. Thanks for sharing this beautiful treasured sweater with us. The holder is nice and your garden still looks good!

  19. Memories can be so special and these you shared of your dear mother are.
    I like your sweater and I loved seeing the photograph.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  20. Beautiful memories, dear Baili, and your hand-knit sweater made by your dear Mother keeps you warm inside and out. So nice to have the lovely photo of you together - a small moment in time captured to remind you of precious love that remains. It's always nice to have hand-made gifts with so much patience and love put into them, and especially from our loved ones. I do trust my sixth sense, as it has saved me several times. I agree that it is not something God will give to anyone who abuses the gift. Lovely to see the garden and dream with you about the life you left behind. Sending hugs xo Karen

  21. I had some members of my family that used to knitt swaeaters for me.
    All of them already passed away.

  22. As you get to your cooler weather, we are entering our hot season.

  23. The cycle of life with humans and plants is never ending it seems. It is all those little things that were special to us that keep us humble and in awe of life. A special sweater or a leaf on a rosebush. They are unique among all that there is.

  24. A lovely post, baili - I enjoyed seeing all the photos, especially of your mother and you!

  25. Hello dearest Baili, the cardigan knitted by your mother is really beautiful.
    Your posts are always interesting, but this one is especially fascinating, with your lovely description of nature's beauty and some mysteries of life.
    "Life never ends, it just changes it's shapes"... Yes. I loved this post, from the beginning to the end. Thank you!
    Stay healthy! Big hugs! ♥

  26. An awesome post my dear. Lovely photos.

  27. You're not fat! You are beautiful! I love the sweater! Gorgeous photo of you and your mom! I love the holder your son made! Beautiful garden photos! Big Hugs! Keep being you!

  28. I think it is such a nice feeling to find something that was special and being reminded about those great memories ... also, you are not fat... and enjoy that cool weather, we are slowly getting it now too xox

  29. What a heart-warming post, Baili. It's full of emotion, spoken and unspoken. I can imagine you wrapping yourself in your beautiful sweater and feeling your mother close by. The photo of you with your mother is evocative with so much beneath the surface as you were facing leaving home. You were beautiful then, and you are beautiful now!


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