Monday, November 6, 2017

Little Shopping For Kitchen and Sweets


Hello   Precious   Fellows !

  Hope  and  Pray   that   all   is   going   smooth   and  nice   in   your   sweet    heavenly   lives!

and  if  the  bitter  almond  comes to  spoil   the  taste of  your  tongue  you  take  it  as  a   great   help   to  reveal  more  of  the   deliciousness  of   next   one .

 Previous   week  had  two  local   holidays   so   due   to  giving  more   time   to   the  family  i   missed   being   close   to  all   of  you !

Day   before   yesterday   we   went  to   market   which  is  almost  half  hour   drive  away   from   us  .We   thought   it   would  be  nice  day   out   with  cilly   shiny weather  .We  intended  to  go  to  park  first   but   hubby  advised  that   days   are   so  short   so   first   we   should   go   for   shopping   and  then  if   we   are   free  before  sunset   we   will  go   to   the  park .

But   kids   were   little  disappointed  when  wandering  and   wondering  in  market  took  more   time  as  unlike   me  hubby   is   quite  expert   in  shopping   and   bargaining  .Specially  he  has  eye  for  right   choice  .I   have  always   been   admirer  of   his  way   of   shopping   even  when  it  comes   to   vegetables   he   always   choose  healthiest   items   and  avoid  the   mumbling   of   shopkeepers  who   always   try   to   take   high  price  and   give  low   quality   with   tricky   hands .


These  are   the  kitchen   pans   trays ,spice  containers  and  food   containers  that   we  use  to  keep   in   fridge or  i   send  daily   dinner  to   my  mother  in  law  who   lives  10  minutes  drive  away   from  us. There  is  rice  strainer  on  right. 

I   confess   that   i  was  never  was  fond  of   shopping  as  i   see    girls   and  women   around   me  who  are   crazy   for  this .

I   use   all   my   stuff    until   it  is   torn  or   broken   or  gets    enough   older   to   look   bad   .And   in  this   stuff   my   clothes  are   also   included . I   buy  new  one  when   seasons   changes   are  yearly   festival  come .or   there  is  some  wedding   ceremony   in   relatives  .

Even  in  youth   i  never  cared   about  dressing   or   fashion (how  boring). But  what   to   do  i  am  made  this  way  or   you  can  call  it  another  manufacturing   fault  (have many though).


This   packet   of   sweets  came   from  one   of  hubby's   student   who   got   the   job   recently  and  shared  his  happiness with   his   teacher .

I   wanted  to  eat    all   the  sweets  as  i  unlike  my   youth   now  am   huge   sweet   fan   but   how   bad   that   forbidden   by   doctor! (he  is  my  biggest enemy).

This   11 : 30am,  Breezy   beautiful   weather ! 29c  :) Feeling  little   low  may   be  due  to  lots  of  laundry   yesterday! 
Let  me  Peek  now   in  your  lovely  places  as  time  is  running  super   fast!

Hope  to   see   you   soon   my   dear   friends!

Stay   wonderfully   sweet   and  adorably   loveable!!!

God   Bless   You   All!!!


  1. Looks sweet that sweets ......mine husband mag nor eati g sweets anymore so we stop both but this looks so Nice I want to taste iT

    iT .

  2. Those sweets look so good! I generally love food including most things relating to dessert. Like yourself I also must be careful as to how much I eat. One must indulge in small amounts however :)

  3. I cannot resist sweets. Hope all is going well in your life.

  4. I would have loved to wander your market with you. I enjoy shopping and getting a bargain. Your sweets look so delicious.

  5. I am not a lover of shopping now either, Baili.

    The sweets look delicious.

  6. You make dinner for your mother-in-law every day? How nice!!


    The sweets look very enticing!

  7. I too (like Kathy) would love to wander your market with you. Not so much to get a bargain but because I like to watch the goings on and snap photos for future paintings. I have a painting I probably should start someday about a Grandmother taking a little child to an outdoor market. It stems from a poem I wrote many years ago. But, I seem to be stuck with my creativity at this time. And, the painting I have in mind is very complicated and I am under too much stress from outside influences at this time to even think straight. All I want to do is sit alone in peace. But then again, a painting would be good to keep my mind off of problems I have no control over. I hope you are having a beautiful day.

  8. I do not like to shop at all. I go with a list and get things done. I do, however, like sweets and your sweets look wonderful. Sounds like a very nice day.

  9. I hate food shopping at times but it is a necessity.
    Your sweets look super delicious and I'm sure you can enjoy a little nibble without feeling too guilty.
    Have a wonderful week :)

  10. Sounds like you had a brilliant day...and those little sweet treats look so delicious!
    Really wish I could try one...;))

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  11. I'm always surprised about the love of sweets your people have. Here, in Indian restaurants there's an amazing variety of fancy sweets. And yes, I do eat in Indian restaurants from time to time.

  12. Sounds like you had a good day, the sweets do look tempting ... I like a square of dark chocolate, the 70% or more, every now and again.

    All the best Jan

  13. Glad you enjoyed your holidays! The sweets looks good!

  14. Like you I hate to shop. The only time I really enjoy shopping is buying Christmas gifts for my family. Otherwise it is a chore.

  15. I am not a lover of shopping either.

  16. Oh, those sweet treats! They look very tempting.

    I have to confess that I quite enjoy buying something for the house or for clothing when it is necessary to do so. But it is rarely necessary! Like you, I use things until they can't be used anymore. It is good that your husband is a smart shopper and able to get quality products at a fair price.

    You are a helpful daughter-in-law to bring food to your husband's mother every day. I imagine she appreciates that very much.

  17. Those sweets look delicious! And such nice colours. I'm not a fan of shopping for shoes and clothes. I find it very tiring and only do that shopping when it's absolutely necessary!

  18. Sweets for you sweets.
    Very good idea.

  19. Pleasing to read you enjoyed your holiday.
    Those cakes and sweets look lovely do hope you enjoyed.
    Always in this house we dispose of chipped china as it harbours so many bacteria.
    We do like grocery shopping.

  20. "I use all my stuff until it is torn or broken or gets enough older to look bad " I am with you there..unless it's books. Those, I am willing to spend more.

  21. Your storage containers are pretty, dear Baili! So nice to have some time with your family to shop, even if it is not the favorite thing to do. It is a tiring chore, but I try to reward myself with a small treat for my efforts - a little candy or maybe a new magazine. The sweets gifted to your husband look too pretty to eat! Sending blessings to you xo Karen

  22. Hello, dearest Baili! The items you use in the kitchen are really pretty. I love colours and it's lovely to see that you use beautiful colours in clothing, kitchen tools etc.
    I enjoy almost everything and also shopping, occasionally. The good thing in becoming older is that one learns to appreciate the quality more and more. You need less, you buy less, you take care of the things you have and so on. This old computer I use is almost a friend... :)
    Thank you for your always kind comments. The comments like yours give meaning to blogging. I'm sorry that recently I visit so seldom. I hope to have more time when the winter comes and you can't really work outside any more.
    Take care of yourself. Blessings and hugs! ♥

  23. OOOH I want those sweets!!!!!!!!!! :) You are so funny Baili, your doctor is your biggest enemy!! Mine is too lol...We are alike, I never saw any "fun" in shopping...any kind of shopping! The only shopping I really enjoy is online shopping for gifts for Alex at Christmas and his birthday! Otherwise, I don't enjoy it at all, I find it stressful. And I'll use something up until it falls apart lol! :) Your hubby has a good skill, I am NO GOOD at bargaining for items at markets...and you're right, you always have to keep an eye on what you're buying to make sure you get what you pay for!!

  24. I marvel at all the things you do, Bali. How gracious that you send daily dinner to your mother in law. I like your array of food containers.
    That is an impressive box of sweets, Temptation galore.
    How nice that your husband is a smart shopper. Shop keepers with "tricky hands" would make me weary.
    I remember your talking about launday and it is an ordeal.

  25. Baili, Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm sorry for my 'color scheme'....I do like color but I will try and make it easier for you to read. I love your blog and your attitude about life....I think we are kindred souls. I too dislike shopping and I am not a 'clothes horse' as we say here in the U.S. I have never been too interested in clothes as I garden and paint and cook and make messes of my clothes! LOL! I will be back to visit and I will put you on my sidebar as you are just the kind of friend I value! We need more like you in our world!

  26. I wait until my clothes are too warn out to worn out before I shop, just not interested.
    I love desserts and sweets though.

  27. I'll have some sweets please! Yummy!
    If I shop for clothes, I like different things! I don't like dressing like everyone else! Big Hugs!

  28. Those sweets look excellent.
    I don't like shopping either (except for books and plants).

  29. Like you, Baili, I am also not fond of shopping especially for clothes and this is why I have my older favorites. My husband and I do the weekly grocery shopping together most weeks. It's very nice that your husband is good shopper too as many men let their wife do those chores.

  30. Your post made me smile, Baili; because like you, I am not fond of shopping ~ Unless it is a book store. I don't care about fashion. Most of it is silliness and an inducement to make one buy things one doesn't need. I tend to hang on to favorite pieces of clothing forever. I have a love of sweets, too, but try not to indulge in cakes and cookies and candy too often. Some days I am more successful than others ~ LOL I'm so glad that I live in a place where I don't have to bargain when I shop! I am terrible at bargaining! Sending you love and hugs!

  31. So happy to visit with you today and hear about your life and cheery outlook on how things are. The desserts your student brought to your husband look amazing, but most of them I don't recognize! Sweets are so hard to resist as we get older, and that makes it hard! It is wonderful that your husband is such a good bargain hunter, how nice it is for him to go with you! I assume you didn't get to go to the park, and that is sad, but understandable. Happy hugs to you today dear friend!

  32. Look at all these Yummy goodies, Baili. I wish I had one to go with my tea right now. I liked seeing the different pans for the kitchen you use also. You know, I've always had a sweet tooth, and could eat several of those desserts if I could haha.

    Have a peaceful weekend, dear Baili.


  33. While I was reading your post, I often felt like I was reading about myself. :-)

  34. I am not a big shopper myself... I just want to get in, find what I want and buy it... wondering around is boring and tiring... xox... Have a great week Baili xox


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