Monday, October 16, 2017

Story Behind My Previous Post

    Dear  Friends!


   Hope  and  pray   that   you   are  dealing  with   brilliant   people  around  you  appropriately   and       
coping  with   various   situations     wonderfully . 

  Most    of  us  don't  want  to  indulge   in   serious   type   of   discussions   and  try   to   write   light  aspects  of  our  life  and  to  give   quick   ,polite   and   and  precise    comment   on   the  posts   of  friend   bloggers   which  is   great   and   correct   way   to  avoid  complex    topics   and  long   conversations .

By   doing   so  One  can  save  time  and  energy  and  visit   more  friends  in  less  time ,either   i  try  this  but   still  due   to   my   weak   command   on  my   sense  of  curiosity  i    some  time   feel   compelled  to  ask   questions   with   whom  i  grew   up   but  still  could   not  find  satisfactory   answer .

I  am   not  active  on  any   other  source  of  social   media  (because  i  don't  find  it  much  interesting  than  blogging)   so  blogging   is  my   only  way   to  share  my  hearts  with  friends!

I  appreciate  from  the  depth   of  my  heart  for  replying  my  question  in  previous  post  and  now  i  am  quite  clear   that  diplomacy  is  not  a  bad  thing  and  how  it  differ   with   hypocrisy.

Many  years  ago  (26 almost) ,When   after   my  matriculation   i  was  waiting  for  result   my  mom  had  to  be hospitalized   for   her  gall  bladder   surgery . I   was  never   in  islamabad   all  by  my  own  but  i  had  no  option  as   that  time   i  was  only   one      to  stay   with  her  in   hospital   for  atleast  one   week  .

I  was  almost  20   but   very   shy   and  reserve  for  strangers   in  hospital.  Surgery  of  gall  bladder   than  totally  different  than  i  had  few  months  back  as  there  were  almost  18  stitches  on   mom's  tummy!

I  had  some  money  in  my  hand  bag   (small that  we  carry  in  hands)   with  me  and  bag  of   necessary  accessories  including  clothes  as  village  was   only  one  hour  away   yet  travelling  alone  was  huge  mission  for  me  so   i   left  my   younger  sister  in  my  aunt's  home    with  my  two   cousins  and  asked  father   to   bring   to  hospital  when ever  he  himself  visit.

Father's  small watch  repairing  shop  was  in Rawalpindi  which  is  joint  big  city  to  Islamabad  and   he  had  to  stick  with  work   so  expenses  could  be  fulfilled  smoothly .Meanwhile  my  elder  brother  was   in  Iran  to  earn.

In  hospital   surgery  was  done  second   day  of  admission  and  mom  was  out  of  senses  . i   was  sitting   near  her  on  desk   and    feeling   so  lonely   and  sad   for  her   and  tears   from  my  eyes  were  dropping  non  stop.     

It   was   joint   ward   of   female  patients   and   Each  was  allowed  to  have  only  one   family   member  to  look   after  ,though  doctors  visited  thrice  a  day  and nurses  many  times  . There   were   25   beds   with  appropriate  distance  and  and  partition  of  curtains  was  allowed  when  male  visitors  came  to  visit  their  patients  so  other  ladies can  use  the  curtain  if  wanted   to.

An   old   lady   ( fifty  plus)    who  was  next   to   mom's  bed   got   on  good  terms  with   me  and  often  when  i   tried  to  give  away   the  meal  that  was given  by  management   to  us  she   would  come  close  and   console  my   sadness .

Because  of  her  kind  behaviour  i   stepped   out  of  my  fear   for  strangers   and   looked  at   the  people  around  me  with   observing   eye. I  realized   that   there  was  so  much  pain  there  . Young   girls  hardly   18   extremely  beautiful   was  there  since  2   and  half  years  .

her  cancer  was   increasing  inside  and  now  she  was   balled  ,her  more  than  four  feet  long  hair  were  in  plastic   bag  ,she  was  ready  to  last   surgery  though   there  was  no  hope .

See  i  am  loosing  my  track  again  .I  will  share  the  ward's  world  in  my  any  other  post .

Let  me  tell  you  about  the  friendly   lady   to  whom  i  was  trusting  now  .She   was  here   since   one    year   with  her  divorced   daughter  who  was  suffer   with   kidney   failure  . She   was  old   but  very   active   and  clever   as   she  helped  me  lot   while  wandering   in   hospital in  search  of  various  sections  where  i  had  to  go  such  as  medicines  ,tests  result   collections  and  many  other .

It   was  last  day  in  hospital  and  i   was   standing  in  queue  to  receive  mom's  medicines  for  week   as  we   were   leaving  after  it  .Three  ladies  were  dealing  from  behind  the  glass   wall    through  three   holes    from  where  we  can  give  money  and  collect  medicines . queue  was  long   and  straight   and  i  had   my  hand  bag  in  my  hand  .

While  lady  who  was  behind  the  glass  got  paper  from  me  with  described  medicines  and  moved  to  the  rack  where  the  all  racks   of  medicines   were  placed  ,  i  put   my   hand  bag  on  the  marble   seat   before  the  hole  and   tried  to   correct   my  scarf   on   my   head  ,while  doing  this  just   for   moment  i  looked  at   the  child   the  lady  in  next   queue  was  holding  near  me  .i  smiled  at  the  child  who  was  so  adorable  and  may  be  6   month  old.  All  this  took  hardly  5   seconds  .

When   after  correcting  the  scarf   i   looked  at  the   marble   seat  and   was   shocked  that   my   hand   bag   was  gone .  I   instantly   looked   behind   me   and  the  same   lady   was   standing   there . In  a  second    through   the  slight   hesitation   in  her  eyes  (  which  she  overcame   later immediately )  i   realized   that   she   has   stolen  my   bag  . But   i   could   not   say   this   to   her .

I  left   the   queue  without   wasting   time   and  told  her  that   i   just  lost  my  bag   she   was  exceptional   in  her   performance  she  fornt  of  me   asked  other  ladies  who  were  near   and  meanwhile  i  was  staring   at   her  huge  bag   hanging  on  her  shoulder   imagining  my  hand  bag  inside  it   . Which   had   money   that   my  father  gave  me   previous   day  for   medicine  ,travel  expenses  and  for  the  whole week  house   expenses  .I  realized   i  was   pale  and  shaken .

I  did   not   say   word   to   her  ,i  could  not ,  believe  me  i   was  not  coward   but   only   one   thing   was  stopping  me   to  tell  her   that  "you  did   this"    because   i   did   not   wanted   make   her  embarrassed  front  of  me  .This   was  weird  for  me  . May   be  today    i  can  do   this  but  than  i  could  not  do   this .

I  did  not  go  to   ward  as  mom  could   realized  the  situation   through  my  expressions.  While   sitting   on   bench   when  my  tears  dropped  on  my  hands  in  my  lap  i  noticed   the  watch   on  my  wrist . I  pulled  it  off  immediately  and  asked  ladies  if  they  can  give  me  some  money  behalf  of  my  watch .But  no  one  was  interested  may  be  everybody  was  with   only  money  enough  to  their  basic  needs  there .

Then  i  went   to  the  girl   who   was  in  O.P.D  and  was  quite   rude  and  reserved  though   but  i  had  no  option  .inevitably   i  went   near   her  and   itold  her  my  story  and  asked  her  to  have  my  watch  and  lend  me  some  money  until  my  next  visit  so  i   will  give  her  money  back  and  take  my watch  from  her . By   the  grace   of  God  her  heart  softened  for  me  and  she  gave  me  500  rupees  for  my  1100 rupees  watch .And  that   time i  realized  the  true  value  of  money  over  that  watch.

Later  after  week   when  we   visited  to   hospital  we   exchanged  our   stuff  but  i  thanked  her  so  many  time  for  being  kind  to  me    on  time  when  i  needed  the  kindness  most!

It's   been   looong   time   but   that  old  lady   still  exists  in  my  mind   ,

i  think  what  was   she  ?

Did   she   got   close   to  me  just  because   she    looking   for  chance ?

Had   not   she  thought   for  a  second  while  stealing  my  bag  that   what   will  i  do?

My   precious   fellows   this  was  main  reason  for  asking  this  question  in  my  previous   post.

It  is  almost  1  pm  here  ,post  got  quite  long  sorry  for  that.

i  should  go  hurry  and  finalize  my  lunch  as  kids  will  come  back  from  school  within   hour .

Take  care  dears !

Be    kind   but  don't  let  anybody   hurt  you !

God   bless   You  All!!!


  1. In short, what I know for a long time, baili - be kind but don't be a fool.

  2. Memórias que não se apagam porque são intensamente vividas. As boas e as más... Gostei do seu relato. Há sempre quem se aproveite da ingenuidade dos outros. É triste, mas é assim...
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  3. You reap what you sow. That poor lady tore holes in her own pocket. I hope you can forgive her. Here you are and God sent someone to help you.

    I had a roomate in college who once saw a man drop money accidentally. She picked it up and kept it. Later, she was at a concert with a new friend. Guess what? She somehow accidentally dropped all of her money and could not find it. She had to ask her new friend to borrow money. She was very embarrassed.

    It’s not a thing to play around with! As the old saying goes, theft is the road to poverty.

    1. Sandi once a shopkeeper returned more cash ad my eldest son gave him 500 but shopkeeper returned the change of 10,00 as my be he misunderstood under the pressure of rush hours .

      My son did not paid attention and put money in his pocket. When he got home and counted while giving me he realised and told me about it but before i should say something to him he said mom i am going to give him his money back and i felt tears of gratitude in my eyes .i always pray that may my children be good human first than anything else. Because i deeply believe that our actions follow us until we see their results with our eyes

    2. Oh, Baili! That is powerful. I am so glad there are people like your son in the world!

  4. Baili thanks for sharing this painful story, I am glad you successfully coped with this incident. We all grow and learn from these life lessons, we never forget.

  5. Oh. My! To have purse a hospital .

  6. At that age, I imagine I would have been the same. Now, it wouldn't happen. We learn so much when we age. :-)

  7. How disappointing that a person who befriended you would then steal from you. It does shake a person's faith in their fellow man (or woman). You were very quick-thinking to exchange your watch for a cash loan. I don't think I would have had that good idea! Yes, that woman was a hypocrite. And a thief. And I see no way that diplomacy would have gotten back your money! Someone more clever than I might be able to do it, but I would have done just what you did - nothing!

    1. This was too shocking though Jenny but it never shaken my faith in God and in goodness

  8. Hi Baili :) That's a hard story. More than just the panic of losing what I needed, I would have had such anger at feeling violated and betrayed by this woman. I personally would have said something definitely, even if it embarrassed her. I think diplomacy is needed when you have something negative to say but don't want to hurt the feelings of that person because you care about them, so I can see why you were confused at feeling diplomatic. That was her way of manipulating you I suppose, these people know what they are doing. But I do strongly believe that what goes around comes around.

    1. Dear Rain ,that time the environment and stranger people made me enough shy or kind of nervous to say something inspite of knowing the fact .

      According to my village customs elders deserved respect and i could not resist the difference of her age she was older as my mom.

      in my village (32 houses only then ) i was well known for my love and respect and special affection for elderly people .
      even when i was not allowed to play out in my early teens i took special permission to drop filled water pots and serve food to the old women who were mistreated by their daughters in laws and always came to me to share their heart as if i were their age .because i used to hear them with love and affection i don't know why but i did.

      Since very beginning i was told by mom that never ever do something which makes your conscience scold you for, because you will pay for it sooner or later as though you think no one is watching you while doing this but believe me still God is watching you ,he is inside you ,he knows what you even think.
      i followed these rules all over my life and saw that each bit of mom said was true

  9. Often it is difficult to know "the good guys" from "the bad guys". I am sorry you had such a bad experience. Like you I was raised in an area where everyone knew everyone else. We trusted all our neighbors. Then I moved to the big city where people were so jaded. No one trusted anyone else. It is a hard transition to make. I am happy to be back where I belong now.

    1. You are right Emma, it is hard sometimes to differ between good and bad people .

      i Think bad people become more dangerous when they treat you hypocritically ,to recognize the actual face behind mask is quite tough job for me and that is why i am introvert i know i am not smart enough to find out the true ones so to avoid from being hurt with any kind of betrayal i like to live in isolation. because i don't want any complications to my simple life

  10. That is terrible, Baili. That woman was a hypocrite who took advantage of your innocence. How sad. I'm glad you were able to find a way to raise money. It must have been a painful and frightening experience for you.

    1. Yes it was so painful but as i mentioned many times that when ever i was put in misery by others , each time i was helped miraculously by God ,i have few more experiences which i will share with you my friend and you will stir by the result for sure and will know that why my faith in God is so strong.

      Whenever someone try to hurt me now it does not worry me instead i start feel pity for who does this this because i from my previous experiences know that God will help me so i don't response i just keep silence ,my Creator does all behalf of me .

  11. I echo Christine's comment, dear Baili. I cannot stand it when people take advantage of others.

  12. Thank you for sharing yet another personal experience, Baili. Like you, I also do not use any other form of social media other than blogging. I feel that blogging offers an entirely new experience as far as getting to know people through their experiences. It was indeed an unfortunate experience you had, but apparently it did not shake your belief in people's basic goodness. I have also heard that "what goes around comes around" and never personally believed it. But years ago my then-husband told me he wanted out of our marriage and I later learned he had been cheating for quite some time, yet I was unaware of this but knew there was a problem. I had told him that infidelity was the one thing I would never accept in a marriage and so I was the one who divorced him. He did marry the girlfriend, but years after he was involved in an industrial accident through carelessness, he and another man were severely burned and both later died. Later on someone reminded me of that saying, but it was not something I would have wished on anyone, even a cheating spouse. I can see that my life turned out much better than if we had stayed together.
    And, your life Baili, has also been much better and you are stronger perhaps because of this incident you wrote about and others.

    1. Thank you too for reading my words as lovingly dear friend!

      your story is far painful than mine ,it shakened my heart!

      world is like field to man ,we have to reap what we have sown ,

      Time proved on you that whatever happened ,was for your best .He did not deserved you and still cheated on you ,his acts followed led him to his end .

      i too believe that that women must had have pay for her crime sooner or later.
      God gave me direction through stimulation of idea to sell the watch other wise i was not that clever to think about this .

      yes this incident made me strong and confident and after that i trusted others but to a limit

  13. Thank you for sharing this story, Baili. Unfortunately thieves exist in all over the world. It was very bad that they stole you in the hospital. I understand how badbly you felt that you could not pay for medicine, travel expenses, etc. But as I see, you estimated the money they gave you for your watch then. Maybe this experience made you stronger and more careful with the money and the people. Have a great day, my friend.

    1. Thank you dear Mia!

      i cannot tell you excatly how shocked and worried i have become when i lost my purse that day

      That watch was gift from one of my father's friend from city Rawalpindi and was with me for more than four years of school life and even after that . But that day i realized it's real purpose for being with me .
      because my older watch was given by my father and quite cheap (250) ,i kept older in closet when got new one.

      Yes one thing that striked in my mind was the value of money special on times when you need it BADLY!!!

  14. I am sorry this woman took advantage of you by befriending you and then stealing your money, that was very wrong of her and simply makes it harder for you to trust strangers. Most strangers are simply friends that we have not met, and once we meet them everything is great, others are like this woman who are only there to get from you what they can. How do we tell the difference? I don't have the answer for that but I do know that we have to continue trusting people and being cautious at the same time, because there are people just like you out there who only want to meet a friend.

    I hope your Mom is doing well.

  15. So sorry to read that this lady took advantage of you and ended up stealing your money. It is life experiences that make our lives what they are. You did seem to cope with the situation.

    Sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  16. I'm so sorry for that. People can do very bad. But i'm glad for the kind girl that helped you...

  17. Baili, thank you for sharing your story.
    Unfortunately the world is full of people who try to take advantage of others.
    It must have been very difficult for you, fortunately there was still someone who helped you.
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I'll start digging around here.
    Maria de
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  18. There are bad people everywhere. Whenever there is a slightest opportunities, they will strike. So sad that the one whom you grew to trust, betrayed you. We have to be very careful with the people around you especially in public places. Take you, Baili!

  19. Another great post Baili. I tend to dig like to dig into serious issues myself on my blog :)

    As your story illustrates, there are people who will take advantage of you and who will hurt you. There are also kind people out there. The trick is to stay away from the bad ones and surround yourself with the good ones.

  20. I understand your story so much! My purse was taken from me at work, by a co-worker! I've also had people take advantage of me, from my kindness. It truly hurts your soul! Big Hugs!

  21. You were very quick-thinking to exchange your watch for a cash loan. I don't think I would have had that good idea! Yes, that woman was a hypocrite. And a thief.


  22. It's unbelievably sad that someone would be so heartless as to steal another's purse... I believe in karma and you get what you give out. I am happy the other lady loaned you the money for your watch... it worked out for you, thankfully xox

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