Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Son Shared Some Photos From Munich (Germany) and Sharing My Morning Routine


        Hey   Precious   Friends!

   Hope    and   pray   that    everything    around   you   and   inside   you   is   standing    on   the   peak   of    it's   true   meaning   of   existence.

It   is    10:40 am  here ,i  just   had   the   tea  ,  my   second   cup   of   tea   actually . My   both  younger   sons   leave   for   school   at  7:45 am   and   to    make   it   right   on   time   i   have   to   wake  up   6:45 am . 

 Hubby   drops   them   to   school    and   then   come   back  ,we   both   take   our   breakfast   while   chatting   and   exchanging   views   over   different  topics   related   to   domestic  ,social,   political, weather  ,our  Creator   and  his  countless   blessings  and  sometime   personal   issues.

 Then   around   9:15 am  he  leaves  for  office   which  is  luckily   on   walking   distance  though  but   as  he  also   has  to   go  to   pick  up   kids   from   school   he   takes  his   favorite   motorbike   along.

In  my   breakfast   i   take   three   pieces   of  bread   slices  and  one  cup   of   tea ( which work until lunchtime 3pm) (though  before  lunch  when  kids  come  we  all  sit  and  eat  seasonal  fruit  together  now  days  apples  ,grapes  and  bananas  are  much) .

He   take  traditional   bread  with   yogurt  and   then   after  half   hour  a  cup   of   tea . After   he   leaves  i   recite   for  almost  45   minutes   and   pray   for   the   wellbeing  of  my   family  and  whole  humanity  on  this   earth.   Then   i   make   some   preparations   for   lunch   and  leave   them   for  later. (I cook  it  around 12 :30  or  little  later   sometimes )

Almost   around   11am  i   come  to  do  some   blogging     with   another   cup  of   tea   if   i  don't  have  to  do  any   laundry  or  ironing  etc  .I do  half  of  my   cleaning  mostly  when  hubby  goes   to  drop  kids   in  morning.  


Time  runs  after   me  like   worse   enemy  during  working  on  computer   as  i   know   when  the  kids  will   be   back   i   will  not  have  time  for  this . Because    after   the   lunch    younger  one  plays  game   on  laptop  and   youngest   one   uses   my   phone  to  for  same  reason .

 They   Sit   for   studies  under   my "  care  " on  4pm  and  then   i   sometimes   find  time   for   blogging (in case)  if   there  is  no   guest,   if  we   don't  have  to  visit  some   relative   and  if  hubby  is  taking  nap  or  not  home .If   he  is   home   we   most  of  the  times  give   company  to   each   other   but  if   he   too   is   busy   than  i   choose   to   sit   with  laptop .

It  is   just   undescribed   care   for   each other  's   emotions . But   meanwhile  i  cannot   read   (one  of  my  book  is  waiting  to  be  finished  since  months,can  go  year)  and  i HATE  such  way  of  reading  , I   am  too  sensitive  for  reading  .

Once  a  book   is   in   my  hand  it  is   not   easy   to   put  it  away   for  me  and  i   know    it  is  not  possible  until   kids   grow   enough   to   deal   with   their  studies   themselves  ,specially   the   youngest   one  (12). I  have  to   stay   attentive   to  help   the  youngest  in  studies .

This   time  of   morning   temperature  is  28 c  which   we   count   pleasant   here . I   am   still   under   little   weakness caused  by  Gall Bladder  surgery  in  June. Though   i   am   fine   and  fit   specially  since  month   i   started   my  half  hour   walk (quick one)  in   evening  time . Walk   is  helping  me  to   feel   active,  energetic  and   fresh  mentally. I   take   this   walk   before  my   evening  prayer .

Days   are  getting   shorter  but   winters   are   quite   slow. I miss  magical  views  of  fall  which   i  used  to  witness  back   in   village .Gloomy  yet  so  romantic   environments ,enchanting    surroundings ,changing   colors   of  the  laces  of  trees   below  the   hills .Soothing   flow  of  stream   and   sad   songs   of   birds  which  seemed   to   cry   for   dying  leaves .

Ah...Village  is  beautiful   place   to  live.Hope  in  some   next   years   we  will  be  able   to   buy   a   house   in   islamabad   which  is  near   to   my  home town   and  i  will  be  able  to   visit  there more often.

My  eldest   Son's   class   have  begun   in  Munich .On   my   insistence ( he  is  not  happy  with  the  result  of his  smart  phone's camera   actually)  he   sent  me  some   pics  of  his  way  to  his  campus  and  few  glimpse   of  inside too. I   am   sharing   these  photos  with   you   dear   friends  ,hope   you   will   like   them.

                                                  Where   he   lives,foundation  hostel

                                       University of technology  campus Munich  Germany

                            Quite   huge  ,as to reach another  section  people  use  vehicle 


                 blurred as i think he took quick shots

                 Students  walking  to   chase  their  dreams!

  Part   of  me!  my  son !!! my  baby  bird 's  flight  to  explore  his  destiny  and  destination!

                       I  think  university;s  side ways 

                            Fall  has  stepped  in  to  the  Germany 

                         While  crossing  small  bridge 

                     signs  to  guide  towards desired directions        

  Flowing   water ,like  life   is  travelling  to  it's  next   destination ,may  be    not  the  final one 

Hope  to  see  you  soon   my  dear   fellows !

Please   take   good   care   of   yourself   and   your   beautiful   dreams .

Before  reaching  to  the  end  we  still   have  time to  breath ,let  us  make  it   delightfully  easy  for  us  for  others around  us to   make   our  existence  SUCCESSFUL!

God   Bless  You   All!


  1. I've been in Munich a couple of years ago.
    Very beautiful city, very good tandard of living.

  2. Time is also something that I struggle with. There is never enough time. I agree that time spent on the computer runs by so fast. Reading is important to me however and I try to always make some time.

    It looks as if your son is thriving in Germany. Munich seems like a very nice place.

  3. You have a very handsome boy! I hope he´s having a good time in Germany. Autumn in Germany looks like in Finland but last night we got snow. I hope you have everything fine and get well!

  4. Thank you for sharing those great pictures.

  5. Thanks for the pictures. Your eldest son is quite a good looking fellow. The campus there seems all ultra modern, I guess I just used to most of the old architectural buildings at the big colleges here. Autumn does appear to have taken over, it looks chilly. Have a lovely evening!

  6. Your son is a handsome lad!

    We can use a lot of prayers for humanity on this earth.

  7. Thank you Baili, It was very interesting to read about your day and to have a look into your life, it seems you are very happy and have a really nice life with your family.

    Your son took some really nice pictures they came out really good, he is a very nice looking young man a young man I know that you are proud of.

  8. I enjoyed hearing about your day and seeing your son's pictures. You've raised a smart and handsome son. I wish him and you all success in pursuit of your dreams.

  9. Dear Baili - I think I know how the photos from your son pleased you so much while your doing home routine. His selfie image shows how handsome he is. Hope he’s doing well in fit. In 2000, I travelled to southern Germany and Austria at this time of year. It was a little cold but autumn foliage was beautiful including fallen leaves, though there were only shades of yellow or gold, no red leaves. I really liked its landscape and people. If circumstances allow, my computer time is about an hour in the afternoon or a few hours before bed like now. Take good care of yourself, too.


  10. I think the small blessings of time with our family are the most valuable. I love the selfie. You have a handsome bird and he must love his mom quite a bit! When my son traveled to Sierra Leon, all I asked for was a selfie and he did it, but I know he wasn't excited about it. But good boys do nice things for their moms.

  11. Nice looking campus in Munich! Your son is certainly a handsome young man. I hope his studies go well for him!

  12. Interesting description of your daily life. You live in a beautiful modern city.

  13. Your son's school looks so barren. Perhaps it is better in person. At least there is some nice scenery so he can go out to relax and get a break from his studies. I am happy he is enjoying his time there.

  14. Oh, wow! I bet he is homesick. :(

  15. Dear Baili, how wonderful for your son to send you some photos. Some young people have no time to share with their elders whether through photos or talking. You are blessed.

  16. You have a busy life, hope your son does well at the university, pity he has to be so far from home.

  17. Thank you for praying for humanity, Baili! It certainly needs all the help it can get.

    How wonderful that your son sent you those photos. I bet that brings you a lot of joy. It looks like a really nice area he's in. And I hope he's enjoying the time there.

    Your day sounds very busy, very much like mine, although my kids are living on their own now. There are many times when I miss having them here.

  18. Beautiful photos, Baili. Your son is a beautiful young man. I love the photos he sent you. Kisses, my friend.

  19. I think it's such a good idea to enjoy a walk if you can, I too find it helps you to feel active and more energised. It is the Autumn here in the UK and the colours are just wonderful, I so enjoy seeing them when I'm out walking.

    The photo's your son have sent, and you have shared, are so good and lovely to see. I'm sure he will enjoy his time there.

    Take Care, sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  20. I am glad you are able to take a walk every evening... walking is so good for you... It is quite warm there, we are into our fall here with the winter on it's way xox

    It's nice your son is sending pictures to you so you can see where he attending school and how he is doing xox

    Have a great rest of the week xox

  21. Thanks for sharing his photos, how you must miss him!

  22. Baili, I enjoyed hearing what you do in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. It's nice that you always make time for prayer in the evening. Your village sounds like a nice one. Oh, I'm sure your son is learning so much in Germany. Thanks for sharing some of his pictures. My daughter visited Germany years ago, and she said the people were really nice.

    I bet you were so happy to see a picture of your son. I hope he has a safe and happy journey there.


  23. Find it interesting how you use your day with what you do.
    Photos are lovely to see of where your son is, and a reminder that children leave home to fulfil their dream too, and sometimes return.

  24. You must miss your son very much. He will do well, I am sure. You must be very proud of him!
    Be well!

  25. Interesting photos from Germany, but perhaps it was even more interesting to hear about your day! Your evening walk sounds lovely. I hope you will be able to visit your home town more often in the future and enjoy the views and forests and the fresh air.
    Take care!

  26. Love the architecture of this city..thanks for sharing!

  27. Great photos. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  28. Wonderful to see the views of your son's campus in Germany. It must be so exciting for him, but maybe he is a little home-sick, too. No matter how old and 'grown-up' our son's are, they always love the home comforts given by dear Mom. Love hearing about your daily routine, too, dear Baili. I think it is the same for wives and Mother's around the world. Our lives revolve around the schedule of our loved ones, always making time to encourage and support them as they go out into the busy world. We must take care to look after ourselves so we can accomplish all the little things that make up running a home and family. Maybe these things don't get noticed all the time, but they are deeply cherished as memories and comforts while they deal with the harsher realities of life. We are their soft places to fall. Sending blessings and hugs for your weekend xo Karen

  29. It's nice to read about your day Baili :) Mine is similar. I have my routines and I feel good about them, but lately I've lacked a bit of energy. That usually happens when the seasons change for me, my mind and body haven't had a chance to catch up yet!! :)

  30. Thank you so much for sharing your day and your thoughts with us, Baili. It almost felt like I was there with you, exchanging experiences over a cup of tea! (oh that would be so nice!)
    Those photos of your son's campus are wonderful...but you must be really missing him. But I know you are so proud of him!

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

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  32. Thank you so for your dear comment my precious friend! I just had to hop on over to your blog... and what do I see/read? Your son is not far from where I love in Germany! What a wonderful coincidence. I live near Lake Ammer ( Ammersee ).
    Hope you are feeling better now, after that Gall Bladder operation from June.
    Blessings to you and your loved ones
    xo Michelle

  33. Baili, it was so refreshing to hear how you spend your day and give of yourself so lovingly to your husband and children! Truly the Lord blesses you as you spend that time in prayer with Him! And how sweet that your son is sending you pictures from Germany, what amazing shots, and it is hard to believe how big the campus is that they need vehicles to get around! I pray the Lord blesses his studies! Hugs to you today :)

  34. Thank you for sharing your days and the photos from your son. It is a really nice photograph of him.

  35. Please take care of yourself! Wishing your son all the best! Love his pictures! Big Hugs!

  36. I loved this little glimpse into your days, dear Baili. :) Your son sent beautiful photos to you.
    Have a happy Sunday and a wonderful week, my friend! Hugs!

  37. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing


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