Sunday, October 29, 2017

Do You Believe In Conscience ?

   Hello    Precious   Friends!

   Hope   and   pray   that  everything   you  are  doing   is   following   your   basic   sense  of  

morality   and   if  accidentally   you   do   something   wrong   the   "alarm "  fixed  inside  your   brain  

known   as  CONSCIENCE     starts   banging  in   your   head    and   you   fix   your   mistake  

sometimes  inevitably .

Though   i  know   that  definition  of  RIGHT   and  WRONG  

 differs   for   different   people  .But   i   obtained   it   from  

 universal    laws  of    nature  .I  feel   easy   and   safe    within   this   circle  .

If  by   chance   i   step   out   of   it   my   conscience   yell  at   me  until  i   correct   my   mistake . I  

know  it   sounds  pathetic   but   what   to   do  i  am   according   to   few  of  my   friends   and  


Totally  SPICELESS , because  they  think   i   am   so   afraid  

of   loosing  this    circle  and    make   my   Creator   annoyed . 

My   whole   life   revolves   around   the   fact   that    My  

 creator    gave   me   more   than   i  deserved   or   even  

 asked   for   and   my   sticking    with   righteousness    and    

gratitude    are   the   only   way   to   prove   my  love   and   graciousness   for   him.

I  don't   know   what   science   has   to   say   about   this ,   

 but  i   believe   that   people   who   live   more   by   spirits   than  

 just   physic   they   have   ability   to   listen   this   Alarm  

 clearly  ,though   they   are   capable   of   following   it   or  

 not   that   is  another   thing  .

Biggest   benefit   that   i   feel   to   hear   it  is  that    it  

 leaves  no   burdens   or   regrets   on   soul. 

 Do   You   Also   Believe   In   Conscience ?

                  Can   you   hear   it ?

                 What    and    why    do  you   think   it  is  ?  (if it is)

Sun  seems   in   extremely   hurry   now   days . But   i  like  his  gentle   friendly   mood . Temp  is  34   with   soft   breeze    and    beautiful   sounds   of   birds  .

It  is  5 :15  evening . Since  half   hour   i  am   sitting  here  with   my  laptop   but   my   eyes   tongue    are  consistently  busy   with   my   youngest   son   who   his  preparing  for   his   midterm   exams. Tomorrow  will  be  his  sixth   paper  of   local   language . Hubby  is  taking  nap  and  now   starts   my   walking   time . 

Signing  off   for  now  my   dears ,please  take   Great   care  ,Stay   Strong   and  Positive   to  be   Happy    in  odds  too .Believe  in  miracles  if   you  believe  in  power   of   Faith.

God   Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Conscience, I think everyone has one to keep them on the right path. So many people don't listen to that inner voice though. You have illustrated the idea pretty well with the devil and angel on that fellow's shoulders. I doubt there are actual beings making up your consciousness, haha. I think it could also be akin to common sense. I imagine I'm not making any sense this morning, I just woke up. :-)

  2. Thats different by person I think..Somethimes people do wrong but they find they do nothing wrong and have no conscience at all...You have no translation on your blog so is bit difficult what you saying- But I hope I understand it wel.

  3. I believe that ethics, reason and empathy are key parts of a meaningful life. Conscience is an important in all these things. Reason and helps me decide what my conscience should be focused on. My conscience helps me to act in an ethical way that reflects empathy.

  4. When getting something you think you want by means you know will hurt another person makes you stop. That is what I call conscience. I'm not sure if it is born in us, or it is learned through experience of getting something that later gives no satisfaction.

    1. I like how you said it, Joeh. Do no harm. That’s conscience.

  5. “ sounds pathetic”

    It’s not pathetic, Baili. It’s good.

  6. Too many people do not have a conscience or at least do nothing to listen to it. And, you my dear, are certainly NOT the most boring person on the planet. You are a very good woman, of which there are too few. Celebrate your wonderful spirit.

  7. I do believe in conscience, right and wrong. I try to do the right thing, not always an easy decision.

  8. Baili, I absolutely agree to Christine. I believe in conscience. I know what is right and what wrong. I try to do the right things, but this is not always easy. Kisses, my friend.

  9. For me a Conscience is that feeling that I have hurt someone or a situation by my actions. I like to feel good so I try not to do anything that causes my Conscience to tell me to feel bad. I also love that good feeling I get when I can make someone else happy.

  10. I believe conscience is God speaking to me and guiding me if I wander off the path he has planned for me.

  11. I believe conscience is God speaking to me and guiding me if I wander off the path he has planned for me.

  12. I believe in conscience. It is a guide for good in our lives.

  13. Yes, I believe conscience is a gift we have. It seems that some have an awareness of conscience more than others. And it is truly special that you live a life of pleasing God. He gives us so many blessings.

    Wishing you all the goodness in life, Baili.


  14. Yes, I absolutely believe in conscience. I have a very strong one. If I feel I've hurt someone, it really upsets me. I try very hard to do the right thing and treat people the way I want them to treat me.

  15. I believe in conscience also. And I agree with you, following our conscience allows us to have no regrets or burdens on our mind. Very well said, baili!

  16. Definitely believe in "Conscience" a person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one's behaviour.

  17. Yes, I do believe in it, and like you, I prefer not to cross that line.

  18. Hi Baili :)) I am an extremely sensitive person, sometimes it's overwhelming. I feel my inner voice telling me what is right and wrong, but I don't observe it so much as know it's there. But my overly-sensitive soul often sees things as wrong when others don't even bother thinking twice. It affects my emotions a lot. If I am close to someone who is feeling negative, I FEEL that negativity and it sometimes transfers to me if I'm not careful. It causes a lot of doubt and worry in me as sometimes I don't know why I'm feeling bad. But...on the other hand, my sensitivity makes me feel great love and like you so much gratitude for what I've been given in life. I also believe, personally speaking, that living by spirit over science makes me feel more fulfilled and happy.

  19. Sadly much of our younger generation seems to have been born without a conscience.

  20. Sim, eu acredito na consciência. E ela me diz o que está certo e o que está errado. Tento sempre segui-la e espero não me enganar...
    Gostei do seu texto.
    Que tenha uma boa semana.
    Um beijo

  21. I think we all have that conscience... I do however; believe that we don't all listen to it as well as we should... I wish I could say I was as good at it as you are Baili but I seem to have to take the hard road, which takes me around the longer way, thankfully I get back on the path again... now to listen better :-) xox <3

  22. Yes, I absolutely believe in conscience. But, then some people just do what they want to do! Unfortunately!

  23. I think everyone has a conscience, it helps us to keep on the right path.
    Unfortunately there are some people who just don't listen to that inner voice!

    All the best Jan

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