Thursday, October 12, 2017

Revolutionary Road

          Hello  precious   fellows  

       hope   life  is  going  smoothly   and  giving  you  enough            time  to  indulge  in   your  hobbies!

        Ah...i  am  waiting  for  that  time  .

       I  do  blog  though  but  like  someone  is  after  me  with          holding  gun  in  hands .

      When  i  had  time  some   years  back  i  used  to  see                 some  selected  movies  even  three                         times               and   the  movie  i  am  talking  about  is  one  of  them .

       wont  say  much  ,don't  know  why  i  am  so  missing                 some  fine  movie  of  Kate  ,last  one           that  i         saw          was  " Reader "


I   have    couple  of   questions  for  you  , 






                              They  loved  each  other  so  much 

                  a  husband  who  was not  happy  with  his  job 

    Wife  tried  to  encourage her  husband to quit job  ,go  to  Europe  and live  life  of his  dreams 

         Man  agreed  but then some chance  came up to attract him to quit this idea ,arguments began 

                         And  she  decided  to  punish  herself  for  fault  that  was not  her's.

I  would  love  to  hear  from  you   that  how  do  you  look  at  this  because  i  am  not  at  any  specific  result. 

Please  take  great   care  ,adore  your  strength  and  capacity  to  achieve what  you have  achieved .

Balance  of  life  is  best  policy so  live  both  sides  of  you  existence ,physical   and  spiritual!

God  Bless You  All!!!


  1. I haven't seen this movie but will look out for it, thanks for sharing. Greetings!

  2. I haven’t seen the movie, so I just looked up the synopsis online. So sad. They had a life, but thought life would be better somewhere else, finding their happiness outside instead of inside. Maybe a cautionary tale? Her decision at the end was in desperation and deception. Horrifying. But maybe if I saw the movie it would seem different...

  3. I have not seen this film. I have been aware of it however. It looks very good. I tend to like serious character studies. I will try to catch it soon.

    1. Brain movie is based on an old novel written in 1961 by Richard Yates with same name ,may be you find this novel interesting and let us know more about the story and characters

  4. Sorry to say, I have never seen this film! It's one I wanted to see but never got around to, alas.

  5. Hello, I have not seen this movie. I will love for it! Living one's dreams sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. I haven't seen the moving but I like the story. Thank you for sharing, Baili. I will arrange to see it. It seems very interesting. Kisses, my friend.

  7. It seems to me I saw this at some time in the past. I really don't remember anything except the cool old cars.

  8. I have not seen this movie, but I am going to try and get to see it. Thank you so much for sharing, dear Baili. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, dear friend. :)

  9. Baili have not seen this movie but it sounds very good. Seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done and I love to when end of day comes I often curl up with a good novel. How about you? Hope you have a lovely week-end. Hugs!

  10. I will watch for this movie now, Baili.

  11. Reader sounds very interesting now that I looked it up, more so to me than Revolutionary road, which I haven't seen either. thanks for sharing.

  12. Sorry, I haven't seen the movie.

    Sending my good wishes for a wonderful weekend.

    All the best Jan

  13. I have not seen the movie. I cannot comment on it. In general a husband or wife should feel free to voice opinions. In general they should discuss major decisions and try to agree on the outcome. In general it is the final say of the person that is affected. In general if it is a family decision it can be difficult but the good of the whole family comes first.

  14. Dear Baili, Of all the people who comment on my blog you are one of the kindest and most encouraging. I always look forward to your comments. I hope those around you know how lucky they are to have such a positive person with them. I have not seen the movie you asked about in this post but it looks like one I should watch. I will see about doing that and let you know in a future comment. Also, I see in your previous post these words, “Hope and pray that you are successfully solving all the puzzles that life brings to you time to time.” What a wonderful prayer! I must remember those words as I have no doubt they will be useful in the future. May God bless you Baili. Take good care. John

  15. Thank you John!

    Actually this is the beauty and generosity of your soul that you find my words as fine.

    Life is puzzle itself John and all we do to spend our lives to solve it and i really wish that may we all can solve them in better way whether they belong to our inside world or outside ,so world can be a peaceful place for all who live in it

    God bless you too my fiend!

  16. Baili, I have seen this movie but it was such a long time ago that I don't remember how I felt. I do remember that it had a very tragic ending. And I also remember thinking that couples should work together to find a direction that works for both of them. Many times I ask myself "What can I do today to make my husband happy?" He does the same for me.

  17. Thank you dear Martha!

    I too saw this movie some years back but never could forget the intensity of story and sensitivity of characters.

    I still feel the pain of April who punished herself and her husband for the confusing mentality of her life partner

  18. I haven't seen this movie but Kate Winslet is a wonderful actress so maybe I should!

  19. I seldom see movies.
    But our life is actually a movie itself.

  20. I'm sorry my friend, I haven't seen this movie!

  21. I haven't seen the movie yet, Baili, but now I'm curious. I like Leonardo as an actor, and I thought the movie, The Revenant, was awesome, which he won an award for. He's one of my favorite actors.

    Wishing you sweet October days, Baili.


  22. It seems to me I saw this at some time in the past. I really don't remember anything except the cool old cars.



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