Thursday, October 5, 2017

Desert Life In Pakistan (images source ( Google)

     Dear  Friends   Hope  and  pray   that   all  is   going   fine  and    smooth   in  your   beautiful          lives!

    Today   i  am   sharing  with   you   some  pics   of  the   Beautiful   Deserts  of  our   country !

   Though  i   never   saw   them  personally   but   they   always   keep   fascinating  me  whenever   i

    see  them  in  movies   of  magazines .


     Years   ago   i   used  to   think   about   deserts    that   there   must   be   exist   a   fairyland            which   though   we   cannot   see   by   our   eyes   still   they  feel    to   be   there  .

When   I   looked   at    sky   in   evenings   before   dark   i   see   a   vast   empty   endless   bluish    space   where  i   can   lay    down   my   imaginary   world    full   of   LOVE,  PEACE   and   BEAUTY.

Similarly   i   find   desert    a   vast   endless    Golden   Space   where   invisible   world   of   fairies   and   giants   exists.

I   heard   many    times   a   story    from   grandma   that   once   a   giant   fell   in   love    with   a   fairy   who   lived   in   village   where   was   a   small   lake,   and   asked   her   to   marry  him   or  otherwise   he   will   drink   the   whole   water   of   her   native   land   .lake.

Fairy   whose   heart   was   sad    lonely    in   the   lashing   green   valley   of   giant   refused  and   said   that   she   loves   her   land   and   her   people   so   much  .and   want   to   go   back   to   her   home    no   matter   how   much   cruel   he   be  with   her .

Fairy   returned   to   her   homeland   and  Giant   drank   whole   water   of   her   village   lake . He   also    put   curse   that   it   did   not   rain   there   for   years .All   inhabitants    died   in  misery   and   so   did   the   fairy . To   Reveal   the   lovestory   of   a  Fairy   God   turned   the   land   in  golden    land   as  it  is  saying   here   that   "some   people  have  golden   heart   that  reflects   the   light   of   virtues . Though    i   know   the   real   reason   behind   the   formation   of   desert   now  but   trust   me   that   believing   in   fairytales   keeps   awaken   the   spiritual   side   of   my   life !

                            A  unique  but  marvelous  part   of  land  where  nothing  can   hide  

Beautiful   string    roofs   and   clay   houses , My  soul  longs  for  this  natural   habitat! 

Desert  ladies  pulling  out  the  water  from  well ,God  gives  them  water  in  the  driest  part  of   land  and   how   lOVELY  that   they   lOVE   THEIR   HOMELAND inspite  of  all  odds!

Ladies  Some  particular    tribes  in  desert  wear   this  strange  looking  bangles  on  whole   arms 

While   walking   towards  houses  they  talk   about   their   days  and  chores  , Long   distance   squeeze   with   loving   friendship!

These   ladies  are  equally   strong   and   confident  to  woman  of  any  other   part  of  land

Sun   while   setting   reading  the  lines   writen  on   desert's   heart  by   restless  wind 

Tourists  gather   here  for   visiting  , jeep  rallies   and   cattle   race 

Village   on  the   edge   of   desert  ,reminding  me  glittering  and  singing  stream  of  my  native  village!!!

Rally  in  desert 

You   can   sit   and  have  a  sip  of  tea  while  experiencing   the  golden  serenity of  surroundings!

Adorable   desert  bride  with  glow  of  love  and  peace  on  her   gorgeous   face!

My   country   has  totally  five  deserts  among  them  two  are  very  vast  and  one  we   share   with   India   our  neighboring   country .

This   post  can   be  rich  with  more  informations  but   it  is  8  pm  night   and  i  have  to  finalize  my  dinner  .

Lots  of  love   to  you  precious   friends! 

please  take   care  and  stay  happy  and  positive  so  you  can  be   healthy  mentally  and  physically  as  well!

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Incredible photos! Love the bright colors of the clothes. Also the camels and the palace that looks like a sand castle. Amazing!

    The story...the giant sounds so mean. A little bit of niceness and he could have married the fairy! ;)

  2. What beautiful scenes and the sunset is amazing. Greetings!

  3. I love fairy tales. The old ones don't always have Disney endings. My dad used to tell us stories and now I know those stories were a treasure. They had been passed down through the centuries.

    Beautiful pictures. My favorite is the lovely desert bride. She is so happy. Between us adult women, I can remember how everything looked rosy at that age.

  4. Thank you dear Ann!

    Like other this tale also has a positive end with message of patriotism and contentment of divine souls who don't stop loving their homeland in spite of all odds

  5. Dearest Baili, your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I learn a lot from your posts, my cherished friend. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  6. The deserts have their own unique beauty, don't they? Thank you for another wonderfully informative post, baili!

  7. Baili - absolutely stunning photos. Your desert looks like dreamland from ancient times. So glad you shared. Hope your day is lovely. Hugs!

  8. It's a harsh environment in which to live. But I'd love to visit a desert some day! I would even try to ride a camel.

  9. Dear Baili I loved your post. Thank you for sharing the wonderful Fairytale even though it was very sad :(
    Your photos are stunning and the lady in blue has the most gorgeous eyes!!!
    Have a truly beautiful weekend :)

  10. Baili, I love the colourful clothing of the women and the desert photos. Such a beautiful country!

  11. Thanks for sharing these beautiful desert photos, I hope you get there one day to see for yourself!

  12. Desserts are such wondrous and interesting places. Thanks for sharing the pictures as well as information about the related culture.

    The story of Fairy is so very interesting.

  13. I find deserts so beautiful and fascinating! I'd love to see one up close.

  14. This is so beautiful and so fascinating!! Truly love this post! Big Hugs My friend!

  15. When I think of a desert I think of desolation and sorrow. You have changed my mind. Now I will think of the beauty and serenity.

  16. I visited the desert between Dubai and Abu Dahbi.
    Beautiful place.
    Have a great weekend

  17. Gorgeous pictures of the desert... I think seeing it at sunset would be so amazing... I love all the rich colors. Wow, those women being able to carry pots on their heads, I am not that co-coordinated... they are amazing xox

  18. I love the photos and the romantic fairy-tale. The desert has a majestic kind of beauty but I still prefer rain :-)

  19. Incredible photos. I hope you live your dream to visit the deserts!

    Jane x

  20. What a fantastic post, my dear friend! Wonderful collection of pictures, and the story about the giant and the fairy is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I love tales and legends like this. :-) And I love to imagine fairies all around. :-)
    Have a lovely weekend! Lots of hugs!

  21. What beautiful photos of the desert and its peoples and such a lovely legend of the fairy and the giant. I lived in the American desert as a young bride and I fell in love with it - there is so much beauty in the vastness and the light. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your homeland, dear Baili! Hugs and blessings for your weekend. xx Karen

  22. Wow, I've never seen the deserts of your country, they are incredible. I love the picture of the tea. That would be so peaceful to sip a cup of tea with that scenery in the distance. The picture of the bride adorned with all the lovely accessories was interesting. You have such colorful outfits where you live. Thank you for sharing some of these deserts with us, dear Baili.


  23. I enjoyed your nice selection of photos of desert life.

  24. You've used some amazing images here, thank you.

    All the best Jan


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