Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's Not That Bad Actually! (image source google)

      Hello   Dear   Friends .

Hope   and   pray   that   you  are   successfully   solving  all  

 the   puzzles  that   life   brings   to   you  time    to   time.  

What   would   be    the   life   without   these   puzzles   if  it  

doesn't   bring  them   to   us  ?

How   will   we   Pass   our   life   times   and   How   will  we  

 be   able   to   know   that   how   smart   we   are.


I   am   not   smart   enough   to   clarify   my   point   of   view  in   previous   post   which   was   about   a   walk   that   i  

 took   along   my   hubby   23   Years  Ago.   I   also   expressed   my   desperation    for   being   out   doors   as  

 teenager   when   My   Mother ,  like   all   other   mothers   of  

 small   villages   stopped   me   to   be  outside  by   my   own .

That   obviously   she   did  with  good   intention  for   the  sake   of  my  safety    though   it   does   not   mean   that   if   i  

would   have   gone  outdoors    than   certainly   something   bad   was  going   to  be  happen   with   me  . No ,  it   was  

 just   a  Caution    that   mothers   of   our   society   took   that   times .

  And   in  villages   and    small   cities   such    attitude  

 still   exist     which   i   think   is   not   totally   wrong   if   we  

 look   at   the   ignorance   of   men   of  those   areas .

Ignorance    has   nothing   to   do  with   bookish   and   academic   studies  ,It   is   about 

                      THE   WAY   OF    UP   BRINGING!

   In    our   society  (like  all   other   societies  ,no  matter  how  advance  they  look)    Men   took   advantage   of  

 religious    teachings     according    to   which  




 Men   as  religious   leaders   spread   this   message   by  

 magnifying   it   for   their  personal   pleasures  . Common   men   who   were   not   or  less  educated   bound   the  

 women   into   houses   and   if   some   liberal    minded  

 support   their   women   for   outside   activities   and   jobs  ,Ignorant   men    harassed    them   .Though 

we   all   know   that  harassment   is  in  all  over  the  world  .

BUT   IT   Is  20  ,30   years   old   way  of   thinking    and   in   small  villages   or   rural   areas  only .


Women   completely  free      to   make   choices  ,make   decisions    and   choose  careers.  In   big   cities   life  is  

quite   modern   and   women   is  taking  part  in  each    part  

 of   life   outdoors   equally   as   men   and   sometimes  even  better   than  men.   Young   girls  travel   alone   they   go   for  

outing  with   their  girlfriends   without  any  menly  company .They   drive   cars   ,some   drive  bikes  too  but  in  big  

 cities  only .They   wear   fashionable  dresses  and   very  

 strong  confident  in  their   presence   and   opinions 

What   i   wanted   to   say   was  that   here   is  still   a  limit  

 and  shyness  in  exposure   of   men   and  women  

 relationship .  They   are   not   open   in   their   personal  

loving   expressions   even   men   avoid   to   hold  hand  of  

his   own  wife   front  of  his  family   so  his   unmarried  

 sisters   may   feel   uncomfortable   .

Youngsters   fall   in   love   but   do   not   expose   their   physical  expressions   front   of   others  like  hug   or   kiss .

The   shyness   is   decreasing   gradually   but   still    may  

 can   take      century   to   break   that   barrier    of   balanced    lifestyle   and  to   be   much   open .

  Media   has  played   great   part   in  telling   women   their  

 rights  .In  our   national   media   programs   , dramas  

 and  movies   are   taking   women   as  their   main   source   of   inspiration  . 

We   live  in  small  city   so   unlike  Islamabad  we  both  

can't  go  for   walk   TOGETHER  everyday    .So  hubby   takes  his   walks  outside   and  i  take in  my  yard .

In  future  near   we  are  planning   to   buy  a  house  in   Islamabad   so   we   can  spend   our   tough  summer   times  there  as  summers  are   mild   and  rainy   there .

Then   we  can   live  better  life  and  take  lots   of  walk   together  there . I  am   eagerly   waiting   for  that   time .

Hope  in   this  post   i   was  able   to  convey   what   i   wanted   to  say  !

My   precious   fellows   forgive   your   less  smart   friend  who  hopefully  did  not  bore  you  with  this  post.

Kindly  let  me  know  what  you  got  out   of  it !

Leaving  you    with    some   photos of   the   women  of my country  today!

                     while      doing one wheeling 


                     Exploring  the hidden  parts   of earth 

     Breaking  the  record  in taking round of country 

            Having fun while fulfilling responsibilities (northern areas) 

              Beauty  and  grace with  talent  within  limits(model ,actor)

                     having  the honour of duty in air force 

                   Girls  rally  for fun in summer vacations 

  Pakistani  national  cricket team ,step to growth as  gender as human !

Take   Lots  of  crae  my   friends <

God  Bless You  All!!!


  1. Wonderful thoughts and lovely photos of your country men and women doing their thing. Greetings to you.

  2. Dear Baili, I wish you a beautiful day. I always find your posts so very interesting and educational as well. You express your thoughts only as you can and they are full of interesting colorful explanations and facts that only you would know. Your willingness to share is a blessing. Enough people do not share their special thoughts and feelings as you do. I am so pleased to know you.

  3. Women are making progress around the world, Baili. We still have a long way to go I fear. I especially like the photos of women in Pakistani society.

  4. Occasionally, I'll write a post and nobody gets what I'm talking about too.

    I hope you are able to make your move to the city! I remember how nice it was to walk with my husband in the evening. Sometimes we walked the dog, later we were pushing the baby in the stroller. We really communicated better on our walks.

    It seems to me there is always some prominent old man in the news for taking advantage of a young woman. They think they can get away with it because they have money, power, or the fact they are men. Disgusting!

    Nice pictures of lovely people! Have a pleasant evening!

  5. I hit the glass ceiling for women and it was painful after 32 years in the corporate world. However I am proud of what little bit I was able to do to help make a place for women all over the world. It is so nice to see the giant steps but still sad at all that is left to do.

    1. Either i am proud of you for your sense of pride for what you were able to do in world of corporate my friend!

      It is just beginning for sure

  6. You have so beautiful women in your country and so brave! We here in Finland are also very proud about our women. Our country was the first country to give the right to vote for women. We had also a woman, Tarja Helonen as president. It is great to see that it is going better all over teh world.
    Thank yoy Baili for your lovely comment - I hope you can follow my stories!

    1. Thank you dear friend!

      It is actually Great to see women are doing AMAZING throughout the world.

      I will definitely would love to explore your lovely blog more

  7. Such a lovely post, Baili, and how amazing your photos are! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  8. This is such an important and thoughtful post. I am sorry to hear of one of the things that you have to deal with where you live.

    The oppression is women is one of the great wrongs, maybe the greatest wrong, in human history. So many injustices, such as the harassment that you talk about is unconscionable. Things are getting better but there is a long way to go. I am glad to hear that things have changed in the cities of Pakistan.

    Take care and have a great week.

    1. brin oppression is something which existed since man and woman are born on this earth .

      We except or deny but it will not change the fact that harassment is everywhere .

      I will say simply that western world has developed and crossed all such ignorant eras centuries ago..but eastern world is still under the struggle .

      these images are proving that women of our country is not scared of any men any more .

      they are facing everything bravely and stepping forward boldly

  9. Baili, this probably isn’t the comment you’ll expect from an American woman...but...I have had a lot of freedom all my life and can do anything. I have been all over the world. Some places are better than others. I have not been to India, but I imagine there is a huge difference in taking a walk there vs. here. But there is something to be said for being protected. I didn’t always feel that in my younger years. If I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her to just go and do anything. I’d worry. Unless she was with that cricket those all women? They look tougher than any man I have ever met!

    (I worry about my sons too...)


    1. Dear Sandi i will certainly except all kinds of views you have in your mind about my sharing.

      believe me it is IMPORTANT for me my friend that things that are blurred must be clarified by some efforts .We are friends here and can differ in our opinions.

      i would love to hear such issues whenever you want to ask ,i have all the answers i am perfectly sure about it . i will never give to try to make you understand if you want to my friend!

      If you will run back to time when in 14th and before it Religious hold was so tight on the nerve of common men.

      Religion was center and men were to obey it ,all this was created by religious leaders. i will not go in detail i posted it in some of my recent post.

      In those times either WOMEN of ENGLAND and EUROPE were bound and were living miserably by the fake God created by religious leaders .

      Than renaissance era came and man was declared as center of eart and life , by the gradual improvements since long you are finally reaching in the times when women are at least declared Equal to men .

      MY POINT IS THAT no one born with same high standards of life .on this earth some nations developed before some other nations which are still crawling towards the destination


    2. I said India but you live in Pakistan! Sorry about that.

    3. I had a friend many years ago who grew up in Islamabad. He said she was one of the first women to drive there (his Dad allowed it) and people would get upset at her for it. It would be hard to imagine how she would see today’s world, here or there. It’s hard for me to imagine hers. I supposed when I say “protected” I mean in a good way, like cherished, not in a bad way like chains.

    4. Oops...that comment came out funny. His mom was one of the first women to drive there.

    5. Thank you dear Sandi!

      I think gradual changes are leading our society towards better life for women either as in west it did for english and european women

  10. Your previous post told me that while customs in your area kept you from being as free as you would have liked to be, your husband was man enough to see what you desired and take you on a lovely and loving outing. All the restrictions you mentioned there were a way of explaining why that walk was so important to you.
    Today you are explaining what I thought was obvious before. As a way to protect females they were kept away from perceived dangers outside of the home. Today women are more than something to be protected. In most cases they can protect themselves. Because of custom males were not bound by the same ethics as females and were to be feared. In varying degrees this has been true all over the world. It will be wonderful when this way of thinking is completely in the past for all.

    1. I totally agree what you said Emma .

      now things are getting better slower still better ,people are refusing to follow the falsehood created by religious leaders .

      Media is changing the perspective of people and light has paved it's way to minds

  11. It is so good to see those pictures of beautiful and confident young women. It is hard for me to understand what is not-religious about husbands and wives enjoying each others' company... this is so strange to me. But I am very glad that it is changing and I think it will be great when you move to Islamabad!

    1. World was just wild before Jenny

      man has his way from caves to glass houses .

      some nations reached much closer to be there where they should be or may it is just beginning beyond our imagination.

      some under development places in the world are still finding their way towards it , so simple if one want to understand

  12. It's always a pleasure to see your way of life in your country, Baili. These women are confident, smart, lovely, and that model/actor is a beauty. I love the picture of the women exploring the hidden parts of the earth. That's something I've always been interested in. I hope you get to buy a house in Islamabad someday. I was wondering why you and your husband can't take a walk together in your small city?

    I always learn something when I visit with you, Baili. Thank you for that.


  13. Beautiful photos! I respect your culture and it's differences.

    1. Either i respect your culture my dear friend christin!

      and this is the way to understand each other for better

  14. The photographs you've used are so good.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan!

      i tried to share the image of women of my homeland who is on her way to grow for better ,she is on the edge of exploring both her inner and external world

  15. You have it right. Males have to learn and behave so that girls and women can be safe and achieve what they want and are very able to do.

    1. absolutely true Red!

      and this is possible when the bASE of EACH CHILD ,HIS HOME ,his LEARNINGS from his home will be good and modest

  16. Thank you for sharing this, Baili. Women are making progress all over the world. I think the most important thing is for mothers to raise their sons to behave responsibly and respect women.

    1. Thank you dear Martha!

      what you said here is most important thing for raising a "hEALTHY" society .

      It is a saying here that "you give me GOOD MOTHERS and i will give you a GOOD NATION"

      Child's first school is the lap of his mother and words and sentences that parents pour in his ears ,the way they treat to each other and what are their attitude towards life .

      all matters for the upbringing of a kid.


  17. Thank you Baili for this follow-up post. I did not see any problems before and understood what you were saying, but it does seem unfortunate that men and women who are husband and wife cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of walking together more often. Your husband seems like a wise and loving man and it is obvious that he puts your happiness on a high level. Thank you for sharing all the images of such confident and strong women. I agree that the world is changing in many places.

    1. Thank you my friend!

      yes it is little disappointing for the wives and husbands but pleasant part is that growth and betterment is on to it's way .
      So though it will take bit time but things will get better for women of my homeland too as they di for English and European women of few centuries

  18. Equal rights and duties for men and women.
    As simple as that.
    Have a nice weekend

    1. I am happy you said this Pedro and i am sure you believe what you said my friend

  19. Women did not get the right to vote in the United States until 1917. We have experienced a lot of positive change for women in the United States and I am glad to hear it is true for Pakistan too. Being a woman, I can understand restrictions. It is still a man's world in the United States. Women have a lot of freedom; but, culturally not all those freedoms are really there. Women can be as bad as men putting those limitations out which I am sure you have in Pakistan. Take care.

  20. Thank you dear Ann!

    What you just said is what i am trying to say here.

    No nation has born with all the high standards of life . They suffered with IGNORANCE AND TRIVIALITIES IN ITS WAY OF LIVING.

    Gradually they realized their weaknesses and slowly put them away as you said that in United States of America women were looked as down that they were not considered appropriate to cost the vote .

    But today the difference is obvious and logically correct.

    Pakistan is gradually liberating his women to participate in each step of development of the country and to build a strong basic unit of society "family "

  21. I actually did not realize that women in Pakistan have many more freedoms today, so I am glad you clarified! Also, it is often true in any country that in large centers the changes come earlier and in smaller more rural areas the changes may be harder to achieve. The women in your pictures are beautiful and strong, good examples for young girls. Thank you for adding this information to what you wrote before.

  22. Less smart?? Never! You are a beautiful, intelligent woman!
    Thank you for this wonderful post!
    Big Hugs!

  23. Such a lovely post, Baili, and how amazing your photos are! Thank you so much for sharing.


  24. Baili, times are so different from when I was younger... I had so much freedom to just go anywhere I wanted... I had no fear when I a little healthy fear is good... I try to give my daughter a little leeway because I feel if I don't she will be resentful, I just hope that what I have taught her about being aware of her surroundings gets through to her...

    I also think that where you live and the customs you grow up with definitely defines if you have freedom are protected more. I love hearing about different cultures... I learn a great deal xox

  25. Thank you for sharing this, Baili. Women are making progress all over the world. I think the most important thing is for mothers to raise their sons to behave responsibly and respect women.



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