Monday, June 29, 2020

Scholarship Hunt ,Urdu Blog Update And Answer To Sandi And Sheri

 Hello  Beautiful Hearts

First  of all thank you so much for sweet words and best wishes for my  other Urdu blog . Your kindness is always uplifting for me believe me :)

I  was busy with some chores related to my younger son's admission in university since two days . Actually i was trying if he can get scholarship  as his percentage is good 70 % in matriculation (10th grade) and  66% in first year in high school. 
We haven't received result of second year due to covid thing.Though universities are allowing  entry in trail test on the base of  first year's  result slip. All scholarship that we tried during both days were so many but all demanded same at the end. Two type of student can have this facility. One who have gained  any of  early three position in class. Second who are  very poor. We could not fit in both category unfortunately . My husband's salary is quite good but still fees are universities are too high .It is hard for us to manage such heavy fee along with other house expenses .
Actually another type of student can also take advantage of these scholarship .Firstly they have to pay off the whole semester fee to get admission and then show good performance and achieve high credits so they can get scholarship . I found this weird .If someone is able to pay why would he ask for scholarship  anyway ?  My eldest son could get scholarship because then hubby's salary was quite less than now .
We have applied in few national universities with fogy mind.Lets see what happens next .

Now about new blog . I have created  another blog to save my poetry indeed but i haven't posted anything due to lack of time. Nor i ave shared links of both blogs to each other .I will hopefully from tomorrow.

Now  answer to dear Sandi  who asked if i speak Urdu ?

Yes my national language is Urdu dear Sandi and it was so  lovely  to hear an Urdu sentence from you :)))

Dear  Sheri form Red rose alley  just like you i am not good at technical stuff . When it comes to learn how to deal with blogger or exchange links i am horrible 
 for blogging my all thanks goes to my precious eldest son who always encourages me to have blog and write regularly .He has been supporting me with my poetry since he was in school and one he found out that i write one.
We share same hearts so  i find him not just one of the most precious gift of my lord but a kind friend too !!!

Thank you once again for all the goodness you shower upon me friends!
stay blessed with faith hope and true happiness !
Take care!


  1. The blogging community is filled with some wonderful you! xo

  2. good luck with the education search and the new blog

  3. The search for a school and the money to pay for it is so hard. I wish you and your son much luck.

  4. Sending you big hugs, wishing you happy blogging and good luck with organising your son's studies. 🌺

  5. Isn’t it wonderful when your child reaches an age when s/he becomes a friend!

  6. You have such good children, good luck to the younger one with University applications.

  7. Baili, it's so nice that you are keeping your poetry, and that your son encourages you along the way. I have written two poems for my daughters, and I still have to write one for my son. I better do that soon before I stop being creative with my writing haha. Thank you for mentioning my name here, I appreciate that so much. You are a special blog friend to me. And keep sharing your poetry with us. They are delightful to hear. ; )


  8. I hope your son gets a scholarship! That would be great!

  9. A new challenge to your son, baili.
    As proud parents we help them, you teach them to fly.
    And then have to let them fly on their own.

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  11. Education is so expensive and paying for it is a problem everywhere. My grandchildren will graduate from college owing a lot of money and I worry so about that. I so hope that your son gets that scholarship.

    I love that your son encourages you in your poetry. You have raised a wonderful boy with a kind heart who adores his mom.

  12. So good to read that your eldest son is your friend, it made me smile you are certainly blessed.
    Hoping your middle son (I presume) is able to get his scholarship.
    Take care.

  13. I sure hope your son can get that scholarship. We had the same problem before we retired. We made too much to get help but not enough to pay exorbitant fees. But all them now are doing well - some with college and some with skills and craftsmanship.

  14. I hope your son can qualify for a scholarship. Yes, the rules don't seem to make sense and they would give me a foggy brain also :)

    I am SO happy your son was successful in convincing you to blog, and that now you are planning another blog for your Urdu poetry. I wish I could read your language! You do so well in English but I think your Urdu writing would be even more nuanced and enjoyable.

    Hope you are finally feeling better after your recent illness, and that you and your family stay safe from COVID-19. Hugs, my dear friend.

  15. You must be so proud of your boys, both for their accomplishments and for their good hearts. I hope your son gets his scholarship!

  16. Hello, it would be wonderful if they offered free college education for all. I think some countries are offering, tuition free education. Good luck to your son. Take care and stay well. Enjoy your and the rest of the week!

  17. Like many others, Baili, I also hope that your diligence in helping your son apply to university and perhaps get some scholarship money will be successful. Education is so very costly these days no matter where people live. Also, good luck with your new blog.

  18. How wonderful that you are going to share your poetry with the world, I hope you are able to do this! Technical things are difficult to get through. I hope that the university application goes well for you too... I remember those days, helping my children. Praying that it all turns out well! Many blessings to you sweet friend!

  19. Sending good luck wishes as you sort out your son's studies …

    All the best Jan

  20. Good luck to your son. I hope his university days are productive, enjoyable and lead to success in life.

  21. Here in the UK students have loans from the government - that they start to pay back when they are earning above a certain sum. It is horrid to begin life with a big debt though. I hope you find the right university for your son.

  22. Hi, Baili!
    Life goes on, virus or not, doesn't it? I am horribly behind in everything, especially blogging, so it meant the world that you visited me today. I have actually sat down and started writing you several times in the past few weeks, gotten interrupted, and given up. I went through a period where I was listless and struggling mentally, but now I'm back to myself again.

    I am excited for your next son who is getting ready to go to university. Something will work out! University costs are a real pressure when you're caught between having too much for a scholarship but not enough to pay the fees. 🤞🍀🤞 Wishing you luck, fingers crossed!

    Of course I have to work backwards and find out about your Urdu blog, but I am excited that you want to share your poetry with the world. You are truly talented, my friend. The poetry you write in English is amazing. I can only imagine the level of your creativity in your native language.

    I admire your oldest son for helping you reach your dreams. Lord knows, I would love a computer wiz to help me navigate ever changing technology. I often think of your oldest son studying in Germany, and I send a little prayer for his success and safety.

    Just because I haven't been in touch doesn't mean I haven't thought about you. I think of you and your family all the time. You are the face of Pakistan to me, and it means a lot to me to have such a wonderful connection. Please stay safe. Sending you love and hugs! 🥰

  23. Best of luck to you with your new blog. I hope it goes well for you. It is so nice that your son is supportive and helpful with your creativity.


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